School’s Out! 


The December holidays have finally arrived. While some of us choose to fly abroad, leaving the rest of us to stay in Singapore, the month is long and there are plenty of things for us to do. No point sitting around and moping – having fun is part of the agenda for us too! 

To start you off on your December adventures, head over to LEGOLAND. A quick bus ride away, LEGOLAND has much in store for families and friends. From thrilling rides to LEGO structures that screams cool, here’re 10 reasons why you should grab your passport and visit LEGOLAND. 


1. See Asia’s Largest LEGO Christmas Tree



Tis’ the season to be jolly, and there couldn’t be a better time to head over to LEGOLAND. From now till 3rd January 2015, the entire theme park will be transformed into a festive Holiday Extravaganza. Filled with Christmas accents and wonder-filled decors, one thing you can’t miss here is Asia’s largest LEGO Christmas tree. 

Measuring over 9 metres (almost 3 storeys) tall, this tree is made COMPLETELY of LEGO blocks from top to bottom! And if you stick around till nightfall, you’ll even get to see the festive lights illuminate the tree for a majestic view. How’s that for a Christmas treat? 

Fun Fact : this tree has over 400,000 LEGO blocks and took over 6 months to complete!


2. It’s an “overseas” getaway for less than $300


No, we didn’t miss out a 0 when we said $300. Travelling overseas is fun and all, but it comes with a hefty price tag most of the time. If your pockets don’t run deep, LEGOLAND’s perfect. Whether it’s a trip with your family or retreat with your squad, you know you deserve a break – even if it’s only just over the weekend. 

If you travel with as a group of 4, here are the sums you need to know:
Hotel room for 4 pax (2 days): Hotel room for 4 pax (2 days): RM 2350* (~S$783)
2- day Combo Tickets x42-day Combo Tickets x 4 : RM 1120 (~S$373)
Total cost for 4 pax: RM 3470 (~S$1156)
Total cost for 1 pax: RM 867.5 (~S$289)

Food prices in LEGOLAND are pretty affordable too, so get a good exchange rate, and get ready to live the baller life!

Tip: Make the most out of your dollar – check in early and take the entire day to enjoy every attraction. 
Note : Hotel price may vary due to date of booking


3. All your friends and family are free to go with you



December’s the time of the year when everyone is free. The kids are on holidays, and the older kids would just have finished their major exams. Heck, even bosses are encouraging staff to clear their leaves and go for a holiday. Umm, hello? Don’t ignore a golden opportunity to gather your best buds for a fun day out to bond and have fun. 

What’s more, the theme park is designed to suit all ages, so whether it’s going with your fambam or secondary school clique, no worries of running out of things to do there. 


4. Explore Asia’s best attractions – LEGO-fied!


Why travel all around Asia when you can see the iconic landmarks all at LEGOLAND. At Miniland, take a tour through Asian landmarks like Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the Great Wall of China, and our very own Singapore Flyer!

The only time you can travel from Singapore to India in 3 seconds

The pictures don’t do justice to how spectacular these LEGO structures look in real life – you get to see the details and lego bricks in macro view. One of these landmarks can take over 3 years to finish assembling! And yes, the LEGO craftsmen here play with LEGOS for a living. Talk about JEALOUS. 

Fun Fact : Over 30 million LEGO bricks are used to construct these iconic Asian cities! 


5. Weekdays = shorter queues



If you’ve been to any theme parks on a weekend, you would understand the pain of joining queues that last forever. And it doesn’t help that the rides last only for a few minutes, if not seconds. When the holidays come around, the crowd is definitely more spread out and if you head over on a Monday, chances are the crowd would be significantly lesser than regular trip on the weekends. 


6. Catch a free 4D LEGO show


If Naruto or TMNT was a show you couldn’t get enough of when you were younger, you are going to love this one. In the free 20-minute 4D puppet show named ‘Ninjago’, get ready to have your senses come alive. The story follows 2 righteous lego ninjas Kai and Nya who discover a yin yang dragon that will grow to be kind or evil – depending on the environment it grows up in.

Battling an evil warlord, the duo journey through dimensions to find the warlord when the dragon is kidnapped. The innovative use of modern lights and visual effects made the entire production so much more believable, and we were rather surprised by how clean and immersive the experience was. 


7. Have fun both on land and in the water!


When it comes to theme parks, different people have different ideas of what they want to do. At LEGOLAND, you can spend the first half of the day at the theme park, where you’ll see magnificent lego structures and go on rides that’ll get your adrenaline pumping… then go for a quick lunch before changing to your swimming gear for the water park! 


From sliding down 20 crazy swirly rides to cruising down a lazy river with floats you can personalise with their unique lego rafts, end the day with a hearty dinner before heading back to Singapore. Now everyone’s happy.


8. You can do your Christmas shopping here



After you get ample rest after the long day of adventure at LEGOLAND, steal some me-time at any of the 4 shopping malls 15 minutes away from the hotel, including the spanking new KOMTAR JBCC, which is basically the Ion Orchard of JB. Home to brands like Victoria Secrets and Timberland, we heard that the Sephora there sells products at unbelievable prices. 

Reminder: everything there is 3 times cheaper than you would get it in Singapore. #yaas.


9.  Save BIG when buying the  Annual Pass Holiday Gift Pack in December


As big as the size of almost 50 football fields, it’s impossible to finish exploring the theme park in one day. Apart from visiting every attraction, you have to make time for toilet breaks, meals, and for repeat rides on your favourite attractions. There’s no reason to feel rushed and cram everything in one day when you can spread it out and make revisits! 

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or gift for your BFF, you can get the annual pass gift pack that covers both LEGOLAND theme park and the water park for under S$150 – that’s the price of 2 normal entries! Not only that, you’ll get a bunch of dining vouchers and gifts when you buy it now, plus, you can engrave your name on the LEGO brick and all annual passes come with a personalised ID card.


10. Ride LEGOLAND most exhilarating roller coaster


There are a whole lot of rides to go on when you’re at LEGOLAND, but one that absolutely cannot be missed is the Project X over at LEGO-Technic. It encompasses everything we love about roller coasters – steep drops, smooth turns and screaming our hearts out. The only difference is that unlike ‘conventional’ roller coasters, you’re riding in a mini cabin of 4. 

Without a long ass train, every dip and turn will go even faster. What’s not to like about that? 


Get 25% off LEGOLAND’s Tickets


For those still on the fence on whether they should get the annual pass, maybe this will tip the scale. When you buy the LEGOLAND ticket 7 days early or via online, you’ll immediately get a 20% discount. 


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But since you read till the end, here’s the deal made sweeter for you. From now till 24th December, book your LEGOLAND tickets online via this exclusive link and get a 25% discount! Which totals your savings up to S$20 per ticket – you get more money to indulge in great food and LEGO goodies. 

Why are you still relaxing by the screen? Start making your LEGOLAND plans now! 

This post was brought to you by LEGOLAND Malaysia.