6 Laundry Services With Home Delivery & Pickup For Busy Singaporeans With No Time For Chores

Laundry delivery in Singapore

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of clean laundry – but there’s no denying the effort that goes into washing, drying and folding your clothes. On top of other household chores like cleaning, it can get pretty hectic, especially if you have kids.

If you’d like to lessen the load, there are plenty of affordable laundry services that do the job quickly, as well as pick up and deliver your clothes to you to save on travel time.

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Prices stated are for washing and folding laundry, and do not include ironing.

1. Mr Dobi Laundry Services – $4/kg

Image credit: Mr Dobi Laundry Services

Mr Dobi Laundry Services’ wash and fold service costs just $4/kg. There’s a minimum order of $20 or 5kg and to be eligible for free delivery, you’ll need to spend $40.

Bigger families can make use of this service to lighten the load and minimise household chores. If you have a little kiddo, hitting the $40 mark might not even be a problem at the rate that they run around and get their clothes dirty.

Price: $4/kg
Minimum spend: $20 or 5kg
Delivery fee: Depends on load weight.
Minimum spend for pick up and free delivery: $40

2. Piing – $4.50/kg

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Image credit: Piing 

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Expect to pay $4.50/kg for Piing’s wash and fold service, which requires a minimum spend of $22.50 or 5kg. Go straight for this if you need your laundry washed and dried relatively quickly, because Piing picks up your laundry within an hour and delivers it back to you in just 3 days. A minimum spend of $40 is required to enjoy free delivery. They also have an app (AndroidiPhone) that’ll ping you with real-time updates on the progress of your laundry.

While you’re at it, you can send your leather products, ranging from clothes to carpets to be washed from $22 per piece. They also offer shoe polishing and cleaning services, priced from $15 per pair.

Price: $4.50/kg
Minimum spend: $22.50 or 5kg
Delivery fee: From $1.99
Minimum spend for free pick up and delivery: $40

3. Astoria Dry Cleaning Services – $8/kg

Astoria Dry Cleaning Services offers wash and fold services at $8/kg for the first 3kg and $7/kg thereafter. While no minimum spend is required to order, you’ll need to spend $30 to be entitled to free delivery.

This company also offers alteration services, so you can kill two birds with one stone. The price for hemming is $7 per side, and they can also shorten or lengthen your bottoms or do waist resizing.

Price: $8/kg for first 3kg, $7/kg thereafter.
Minimum spend: None
Delivery fee: Depends on load weight.
Minimum spend for free pick up and delivery: $30

4. Knock Knock Laundry Service $4.90/kg

Image credit: Knock Knock Home Services

Wash and fold services at Knock Knock Laundry Services are priced at $4.90/kg, with the minimum order at only $14.70 or 3kgof laundry. A minimum spend of $30 is required to enjoy free delivery. The turnaround time is about 6 working days, depending on your laundry load.

They have an Android and an iPhone app that you can browse through, which will make ordering a breeze. You can also check out the home cleaning services they offer at just $20/hour for a minimum of 4 sessions.

Price: $4.90/kg
Minimum spend: $14.70 or 3kg
Delivery fee: Depends on load weight
Minimum spend for free delivery: $30

5. Sunday Laundry – $5.50/kg

Sunday Laundry’s wash and fold services are priced at $5.50kg – although the price is slightly steeper than the others, the minimum order required is the lowest at $11 or 2kg of laundry. For free delivery, you’ll need to spend $30. The turnaround time for orders is 4 days after collection, but may be longer during peak seasons like Chinese New YEar.

Price: $5.50/kg
Minimum spend: $11 or 2kg
Delivery fee: $8
Minimum spend for free delivery: $30

6. Sendhelper – $3.90/kg

Sendhelper’s wash and fold services cost just $3.90/kg, and their minimum order is $11.70 or 3kg with free delivery. No harmful chemicals are used in the washing process to protect both your clothes and skin. The turnaround time is around 5 working days depending on your load.

You can download their Android or iPhone app here and make your order. You’ll also be able to receive regular updates on the progress of your laundry from pick up to delivery.

Price: $3.90/kg
Minimum spend: $11.70
Minimum spend for free pick up and delivery: $11.70

Clothes washing with delivery in Singapore

Let’s face it, nothing can beat having your chores done for you, especially if you don’t own your own washing machine or dryer. There’s no need to lug your bag of dirty laundry to and fro the laundromat either when you make use of these laundry services with pickup and delivery.

Siti Hawa Samsudin

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