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If you’ve always wanted a pixie face like Keira Knightley, new beauty brand Klarity is here with an enticing claim. This local brand’s series of products will supposedly give you the coveted V-line face shape without any surgery.

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Klarity made its official introduction at a media party hosted by former Miss Universe Singapore finalist Cordelia Tan and Mediacorp actress Julie Tan. Stick with us to read our interview with Julie as she tells us about living her childhood dream. 


Klarity’s products


Researched and developed in Korea, this homegrown beauty brand’s products were crafted with new “Lasertox” technology, touted to enhance absorption of the product into the skin’s dermis layer. 

Lasertox V-line Shape Up



Photo source: Klarity

This intensive one week treatment is supposed to contour your chin by accerating fat burning around the chin and neck. This facial slimming kit even comes with a belt that you must wrap around your head while you wear the mask. 

CC Miracle White Lotion


CC creams with their numerous uses are for the most kiasu of beauty hoarders. This one comes with a grand total of 11 different functions, including whitening and SPH30/PA++ sun protection. It’s the first untinted CC cream in the market – but it still has an instant brightening effect upon application.

It’s also non-greasy, unlike heavier BB creams that don’t hold up in our humid weather. 


Julie Tan on beauty, career and her childhood dream


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Q: Have you used CC creams like Klarity’s Lasertox CC before?

I started using CC creams two years back, when nobody knew about it yet. I like it as the texture is different from BB creams. The weather in Korea is slightly cooler, which explains why BB cream is so popular in Korea. In Singapore, BB creams tend to melt very fast because it’s humid.

Your T-zone will start to get oily especially if you’re outdoors and you’ll need to touch up very often. CC cream is so much lighter in texture. Klarity’s CC cream is not tinted, which I love. There are some days where you just want to look good without too much makeup. I guess Klarity’s CC creams are a great choice for those light make-up days. 

Q: What’s your daily beauty routine?

It’s important to always remove your makeup when you go home. I do double cleansing, oil cleansing first then with facial wash. After that, I use toner, moisturiser, mask and then I go to sleep. In the morning I apply toner moisturiser and sunblock. Depending the condition of my skin, I use different types of serum. 

Q: What’s one makeup product you can’t do without?

Sunblock. It’s a step that a lot of girls miss out. UV protection is so important because prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage your skin and even cause skin cancer. Sun exposure can also cause pigmentation. 

Q: You’re one of local TV’s rising starlets. How do you handle the pressure?

I actually like that kind of pressure. I work better under pressure. I think I’m strong enough to bend and not break. That’s one of my life mottos. If I receive more pressure it means that people are looking at me and that they believe I can do it. If people are looking up to me, I shouldn’t feel like I can’t do it or that I’m scared. Instead of being negative, I choose to be positive. 

Q: You’re very active on social media. Why do you take the time? 

I think social media has become a part of us. Through social media, I get to interact with my fans. I get to know who they are and why they like me. I like interacting with my fans because without them, I’m nothing.  

Q: Heartlanders will probably recognise you as Su Xiao Xiao from Gonna Make It. Which of your roles so far has been the most memorable for you? 

Xiao Xiao would probably be the most memorable. I was at Vivocity a few months back with my mum when I passed by this group of small kids. One of the girls actually screamed across the mall, “Mummy that’s Xiao Xiao!”, and requested to take a photo with me. I think even young children can recognise and identify with that character, which to me is a dream come true. 

Q: What was your childhood dream?

To be an actress! I’ve always wanted to be an actress so I guess you can say I’m living my dream.  

Q: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Audrey Hepburn. I want to know what kind of life she lived as she inspires me a lot. 

Q: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My dog. I can’t imagine going back home and not seeing her. That would be really sad. 

Q: If you were to get someone to play you in a movie who would it be?

I’ll probably want to play myself! Ask me this again when I’m 40, maybe I’ll have written a script about my life by then.

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