Jewel Music Box: Non-Lupsup Karaoke Studio With Free-Flow Refreshments At 5 Outlets Around SG

Jewel Music Box karaoke studio

When it comes to karaoke in Singapore, it seems that we have to choose between lavish settings and an equally luxurious price tag, or something that is easy on the wallet but indisputably bare-bones. Cue Best Of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana, ‘cause Jewel Music Box has swanky rooms from just $12/pax for a 3-hour booking.

$4/hour to sing your heart out? That’s cheaper than a fast food meal in this economy. Plus, you’ll get to load up on unlimited snacks and drinks while waiting for your turn at the mic. Read on and make a booking ASAP before all the rooms are snatched up.

Spacious rooms at affordable rates, accommodating up to 16 pax

If drab rooms and cramped spaces kill your vibe as a performer, Jewel Music Box’s cushy settings are where you can unleash the Beyonce within. Think striking wall art and LED lights in every shade of the rainbow.

They have rooms big enough to accommodate up to 16 pax, so you can bring your whole squad down and still have space to bust a move.
Image credit: Jewel Music Box Khatib via Google Maps

Now, now – we know what you’re thinking. The disco lights may be a little reminiscent of KTV studios that are on the seedier end. But we assure you that Jewel Music Box is the furthest thing from lupsup. Want more proof? Most of their outlets are situated within SAFRA and HomeTeamNS clubhouses – so there ya go.

KTV rooms with a little stage and standing mic just hit different. Flanked by 2 concert screens, no less?
Image credit: Jewel Music Box Khatib via Google Maps

Rooms are charged by 3-hour blocks. Sessions during their off-peak timings from 1pm-7pm cost $12/pax on weekdays and $15/pax on weekends and public holidays. Do note that the cut-off timing for off-peak pricing is 5pm.

There’s a minimum of 3 pax per room, so in the event that you’re rocking up solo or in a twosome, you’ll still be charged the 3-pax fee – AKA $36 for 3 hours on weekdays. Still not too shabby, considering how even budget karaoke studios charge around $50 for the same duration in a much tinier room.

There are board games on the tables – like checkers and aeroplane chess – to keep you occupied in between songs.
Image credit: Jennifer Soh via Google Maps

For their peak timing of 7pm to closing – which is 1.30am across all outlets – it’ll be $16/pax on Mondays to Thursdays and $18/pax for Fridays, weekends, and public holidays.

The minimum pax required during peak timing sessions is bumped up to 4. So, some quick math brings the charge to a minimum of $64 for 3 hours. TL;DR – aim to hit the minimum pax number for most value for money.

Unlimited refreshments & up-to-date song catalogue

Image credit: Jewel Music Box Aranda Country Club via Google Maps

We talked about how expensive a karaoke session can be, and that’s even before factoring in the refreshments aspect. It’s not surprising to see marked-up prices at KTV menus, as it’s only natural to work up quite the thirst and appetite after a vigorous song-and-dance marathon. Hence, free-flow snacks and drinks are a big win.

Image credit: Jewel Music Box Khatib via Google Maps

Expect a Saizeriya-esque free-flow beverage bar with a soda machine, as well as tea bags and a hot water dispenser should you need to soothe your throat after all that belting. On the snack front, you can look forward to a variety of crisp n’ cronchy tidbits like nachos, keropok, and tapioca sticks. 

Do all these perks come with the trade-off of shoddy sound systems and a song selection limited to random oldies, you ask?

Image credit: Jewel Music Box Khatib via Google Maps

Jewel Music Box is actually equipped with premium sound systems, for a rich audio quality that’ll do your vocal prowess justice. They also have an impressively up-to-date song catalogue, so you and your KTV kakis can find the latest hits in whichever genre y’all fancy.

SAFRA/HomeTeamNS discounts at Jewel Music Box

We stan geographical inclusivity, and the fact that Jewel Music Box has outlets in all regions of SG means you won’t have to spend a tonne on late-night post-KTV cab rides home. Their branches can be found at Balestier, Jurong, Khatib, Pasir Ris, and Punggol.

For those who love to put on a show, the Pasir Ris branch even has an open lounge.
Image credit: Jewel Music Box Aranda Country Club via Google Maps

Besides the Pasir Ris outlet which is situated within Aranda Country Club, card-holding members will be able to get SAFRA discounts at the Jurong and Punggol outlets, and HomeTeamNS discounts at the Balestier and Khatib ones – located at the respective clubhouses.

Member perks include up to 20% off room bookings and alcohol purchases. Check in with your chosen outlet’s clubhouse either online or over the phone to make sure you secure the deal beforehand. All that’s left to do is to prep those vocal cords and put together a setlist of top karaoke songs.

Find out more about Jewel Music Box

Cover image adapted from: Jewel Music Box Khatib & Jewel Music Box Aranda Country Club via Google Maps

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