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JARGO Hair Salon – Korean Perm Made For Super-Bleached & Damaged Hair To KIV For CNY Makeovers

Hair Makeover at JARGO


If you’re a hair colour addict like me, you’d know you are helpless against the charms of freshly tinted lilac, ash or even unicorn hair. But, Tumblr-worthy gorgeousness comes at a cost – spoiled, damaged locks after multiple rounds of bleaching. And having had mine gone through the wringer at least 4 times, it was now a dry and tangled mess. A perm was out of the question. 

No sane stylist dared to come near my parched locks with the promise of bouncy curls. But the folks at Korean concept salon JARGO were willing to take up the near-impossible challenge,  armed with a curling technique that promised little to no hair damage.

Here’s how it went! 

P.S. Read to the end for discounts of up to 50% for hair and skin care services! 


The ambience


Tucked away in a hidden wing just off Raffles City Level 3, JARGO wasn’t easy to find. But once I stepped in, I was struck by just how spacious the salon was. It was like a hall of mirrors, and oozed luxury with gold frames and marble textures all ‘round.

JARGO hair salon interiors

Even the details were paid attention to – plugs right beside the salon seat to charge your phone as you get your hair done, and a cushy Yume leather chair that made sitting for hours a much more palatable option.

The posh interiors are complemented with legit credentials, too, so you don’t have to live in fear of getting a disastrous do. The top hair stylist here has worked in top salons such as New York and Taiwan, and the whole team is solid with stylists hailing from Japan, Korea and Singapore. 


The process


Step 1: Washing and blow-drying


JARGO hair salon washing

The wash-and-blow was heavenly: a gentle head massage at a leisurely pace paired with fragrant shampoos. I thought I was in a Bali villa with a personal masseuse at one point.


Step 2: Perm lotion and pre-treatment application 


Two things that make or break a perm: softening and heat control. My hair was given the VVIP treatment, with the high-end Paimore GRATS perm lotion being liberally slathered on hair ends to soften it. I could almost hear my damaged hair sighing in relief. 

JARGO hair salon paimore grats perm lotion

Award for the most nourishing pre-treatment lotion goes to…..

A bit of hair science: Usually perm lotions open up hair cuticles so all that goodness can be absorbed in to break hair bonds, transforming your locks from straight to va-va-voom. 

The downside, though, is that some moisture might escape from open cuticles, leaving your hair as dry as a pile of grass. 

JARGO hair salon paimore smooth hair

But, because Paimore GRATS is a ninja and can transcend the cuticle without opening it, there’s little damage done. Even heavily bleached hair can go for the treatment!   

jargo hair studio hair smooth

“Ooh, my hair is so soft!” Cues obsessive touching


Step 3: Haircut


jargo hair studio hair cut

The snipping was done expertly, with a first cut for achieving even lengths and then some texturising to give the hair a more airy look. 


Step 4: The C-Curl Perm


After all that prep, it was time for a perm-anent transformation. The aim here was subtle curls that frame the face for a slimming effect, otherwise known as C-curls. It’s a look rocked by K-pop starlets like Song Hye Kyo and Yoona.

jargo hair studio hair perm paimore machine

Temperatures are capped at 85 degrees, so the machine won’t get overheated.

I initially expected the usual perm machines with UFO-like heaters hovering over your head, but instead, a Minion-yellow machine was wheeled in. Look beneath the cutesy exterior – these PERM Paimore machines are imported all the way from Japan and are designed to sure your hair doesn’t get fried. 

jargo hair studio hair perm

Hello there, luscious curls!

jargo hair studio hair perm foam gun

To top it off, a foam gun was used to coat my newly wavy locks in heaps of moisture. 


Step 5: Colour Treatment


jargo hair studio colour treatment hair manicure

As a recovering colour addict, I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to zhng up my hair in shades not found in nature. So, in addition to the perm, I went for the Hair Manicure Treatment (starts from $179) to give my hair an extra shot of bright colour. 

jargo hair studio hair colour manicure

This fashion dye will last for about 2-3 weeks

It didn’t take hours, either – the colour was done through a quick conditioning treatment, which has the added bonus of further moisturising my locks. Bright pink hair without the guilt of damaging bleach, that’s the dream.


The verdict



jargo hair studio makeover before


jargo hair studio makeover after

Results: 8/10

As my hair is naturally fine and very resistant to curls – gone after 20 minutes with a curling iron – I was pleasantly surprised with the visible C-curls achieved. It was a relaxed everyday look and thankfully, a far cry from poofy auntie curls. 

Care-for-hair score: 8.5/10

It’s one of the first salons locally to use Paimore GRATS, a gentle perming lotion that can perm or rebond previously bleached hair. Heck, my hair felt even smoother after the perm.

Service: 9.5/10

Senior hair designer Morgan was extremely patient and affable, so much so it kinda reminded me of cooing Taiwanese salespeople and polite Japanese manners.

He patiently explained each step, checked constantly if I needed a blanket, pillow or drinks, and even thoughtfully slotted a break for lunchtime so my stomach wouldn’t growl mid-treatment. 


Bonus: Facials and other beauty services


JARGO is part of the 3-in-1 The Urban Aesthetics beauty emporium, which means you can get your hair and even facials done in a single place. Attain luminous skin at The Urban Clinic (Medical Aesthetics) or treat yo’self to a therapeutic facial at Skin Illustrated (Facial & Spa). 

skin illustrated korean araclar facial

Highlights of the treatment: the use of TUC volcanic mud and an ultrasonic cleanser

For dehydrated and sensitive skin like mine, beauty therapist Eve customised the 5-step Korean Araclar Facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, clay masks and serums.


Get an all-in-one makeover at JARGO 


the urban aesthetics exterior

Image credit: The Urban Aesthetics

Despite the super posh interiors, prices at JARGO are relatively affordable! Though it is a high-end Korean salon, you can get a cut from $69 and their signature perm for around $200. 

Bonus for TSL readers: Just flash this article at the counter and enjoy these discounts: 

30% off + 10% credit* for ALL JARGO hair services 

50% off + 10% credit* for all Skin Illustrated and The Urban Clinic facials 

These credits are part of the loyalty programme, where they can be used at all 3 brands in the beauty emporium. Tip: Enjoy 10-30% more credits upon purchase!

*Applicable for first-time customers only. Offer is valid until 31st Jan 2018.

With so many beauty services available in one stop, plus top-notch service and results, this is just the place to head to if you’re looking for a stunning new look in 2018!

Get 30% off all JARGO hair services!


JARGO at The Urban Aesthetics

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping, #03-27A 

Opening Hours: 10.30AM-8PM, Daily 

Telephone: 6264 9962 / 9338 3356 (for appointments through Whatsapp) 

This post was brought to you by The Urban Aesthetics.