Iskarnival Eko in JB

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We love our JB day trips for dirt-cheap food and shopping. But this 30th November – 1st December 2019, you’ll find a better reason to drop by this shopping haven: an eco carnival that’s much like Artbox but with a lot more green initiatives.

The Iskarnival Eko happening at Puteri Harbour will have everything from food trucks and craft stalls to concerts by popular artists and playgrounds for both adults and little kiddos. And the best part, everything’s free! 

Here are the deets for you to plan your next JB adventure:

Indulge in food truck delicacies & thrift shopping at the marketplace

Iskarnival JB 2019
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A carnival isn’t complete without a good range of food options. Over at Iskarnival, you can expect a whole village of food trucks lining up to serve you top-notch delicacies fresh off their stoves.

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: @iskarnival

Once you’ve satiated your hunger, whet your shopper’s appetite at their extensive marketplace. Here you’ll find all sorts of trinkets and things to take home such as local handicrafts, accessories, vintage paraphernalia, kid’s apparel, sustainable eco-friendly home & living products and more!

There’ll be over 60 local vendors peddling their wares on both days of the event, so you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: @hi.x_x

For something artsy to bring home, visit the Eko Conscious Market where local craft stalls will sell eco-friendly goodies to help you kickstart your own green movement.

Bop to live music performances from celebrities like Ramli Sarip, Ella, Zainal Abidin, and K-Clique

Iskarnival JB 2019Image credit: ellasgang

If you have since become a fan of Ramli Sarip after his emotional rendition of our national anthem last August, come by this carnival to watch him perform live alongside other legendary icons of the Malay rock music scene such as Ella and pop artists like Zainal Abidin and Akim & The Majistret

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: @k_clique

For the younger gen who prefer swaggin’ it up with some hard-hitting rap bars, K-Clique will be droppin’ the beat with their hit songs as well. 

These artists along with many other Malaysian celebrities will be sharing the Orkestra RTM: Big GIG Concert stage for 2 days so make sure to mark your calendars ‘cos when else can you get a free performance by all the big names in the industry.

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: @a.bnbreak

Other interesting acts to look out for around the carnival include a roving street circus, vegetable orchestra, Teochew puppetry theatre, contemporary dance and a poetry slam. There’ll even be busker pit stops nestled around the area so give your support for these musicians. It’s quite a diverse setlist so there will be something for everyone here.

Zoom down a mega super-sized wet slide at Slide in The City & Eko Play

Iskarnival 2019
Image credit: Slide The City

Expect some splashin’ fun with your fambam or friends as you speed down the 60M-long 3-lane slide on your colourful donut floats. For a quick adrenaline rush, hop on over to their Pocket Park where activities like wall climbing and flying fox await you.

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: @weareiskandarputeri

Here’s a catch for all these activities: there is no catch – it’s all free so for the adventure seekers or anyone else who would like that bit of thrill, these will be the spots to hit up.

Larger-than-life scrap metal and bamboo installations

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image adapted from: Iskarnival

Seek out the various hidden scrap metal installations around the festival grounds such as the Hornbill at the Marina Clubhouse or the Tapir at The Beach. They’ll momentarily transport you into a Mad Max-esque reality and make perfect backdrops for the gram! 

Iskarnival JB 2019
Image credit: UEM Sunrise

There’s also the Bamboo Playhouse where tradition-meets-modernity in architecture, an elevated bamboo structure that’ll make you feel a tad like you’re one of the participants of the reality TV show, Survivor.

Otherwise, drop by some free green workshops to learn about sustainable living and make your own environmentally-friendly goodies. There’ll be workshops like organic soap making, wax wrap making, basket weaving and balcony farming.

Spend an eco-friendly weekend at JB’s Iskarnival Eko

Iskarnival JB 2019Image credit: Iskarnival

Happening over a span of 2 days only, from 30th November – 1st December 2019, Iskarnival Eko promises to be the talk of the town with big shots like Ramli Sarip and Zainal Abidin gracing the event and a wide array of activities to look forward to – from sliding on floats to making your own organic soaps.

And psst, there’ll also be a musical firework to end the night with a bang. So bring along your kids to Puteri Harbour in JB during these holidays and do your part for the environment but in an exciting way with all the activities and performances that have been lined up for this 2-day event.

Find out more about Iskarnival Eko at JB here

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