Brace yourself for Invisalign



“Say cheese!” A phrase that brings a smile of joy to many can be a nightmare for others. The lucky ones might not know it, but feeling like the awkward kid in the pack – with metal bits stuck in your teeth – can be a nerve-wrecking experience. 

Thankfully it’s 2016 and no one needs to live through that awkwardness any longer. You can avoid fears of looking weird or gritting your teeth in pain with Invisalign®, a revolutionary new age teeth straightening procedure which has been gaining popularity in recent years. Here are 5 reasons why you should get on with the times and try the braces of the future!  


1. Invisalign braces are completely invisible to others


Invisalign braces are invisibleI’ve got braces on me – bet you couldn’t tell!

Opting for Invisalign means you can keep up your Insta game without anyone noticing a change. Besides muffled speech during the adjustment period – which only takes a few days – my friends didn’t even realise that I braced up. 

No more unnecessary worries about looking good, especially for those past the awkward-is-cool stage. You can even attend important functions like weddings, graduations and prom nights without anyone noticing anything different!


2. They are much more comfortable than “normal” braces


Invisalign braces vs traditional braces

Invisalign isn’t just about being invisible. Doing away with physical attachments mean you’ll no longer have wires cutting your lips, creating ulcers on all corners of your mouth. Using SmartTrack™ technology, the aligners are easily fitted into the mouth with a single push. I wear them within a few seconds!

How it works is simple – wear them 24/7, but change to a new set of aligners approximately every fortnight. Gradually, your teeth will straighten! While you may feel a bit of pressure initially, it’s nothing like the pain felt each time typical braces are adjusted. Bid goodbye to sore or swollen mouths made by evil wires.


3. Get a 3D scan of your teeth so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing


Invisalign Itero Digital Intra-Oral Scan

The entire process of getting Invisalign is a breeze. Using the high tech Itero® 3D Digital Intra-Oral Scanner, you can scan your teeth for that perfect alignment within 10 minutes. While your friends gag at dental moulds pressed onto their jaw with brute force, you’ll never have to experience that icky feeling. 

Plus, you get to see results of the 3D virtual scans almost instantaneously!   


4. Get 3D renderings of how your teeth will look after the procedure


Invisalign 3D renderings of results

With powers to bend reality like Doctor Strange, the magic of Invisalign appears after scans are complete. The doctor can move teeth virtually however you wish using the software, and design a full treatment plan in 3D even before the aligners are built! 

Not only will this help to allay fears of how your teeth will look after putting braces, it’s also useful to facilitate discussions and considerations before orthodontic treatment begins. The entire process usually takes a shorter time and lesser visits to the clinic than normal braces.


5. Live life as if nothing’s changed 


invisalign live life as if nothing's changed

What makes Invisalign® stand out is your ability to live life as if nothing’s changed. Those with old-school braces won’t be able to take a bite of an apple for 2 years and waste hours flossing their teeth daily. But with easily removable Invisalign aligners, you can take them off whenever you want to and put them back in mere seconds!


Bonus: It’s cheaper than normal braces at certain clinics


Invisalign aligners

Given all the benefits of Invisalign, you’d think that it’s more expensive than normal braces, but a quick study done shows that there are clinics that perform the procedure for $1,000 to $2000 cheaper, depending on your teeth. To recap: Invisalign is invisible, more comfortable than conventional braces, and you’ll be able to visualise what the end product will be. All these while being more affordable! #technology

Just remember to get them done with authorised orthodontists – dental specialists – as you don’t want complications to arise and money to be thrown down the drain reversing a mistaken tooth extraction!


Learn more from a leading orthodontic expert on 26 November


Invisalign Open Day

There’s no reason to put life on hold whilst you get your teeth straightened. Invisalign will get you sorted out with ease and within even shorter a time than normal braces, although the exact time frame depends on your specific condition. 

Invisalign aligners

If you’re keen to find out more, head over to Camden Medical Centre (beside Tanglin Mall) on 26 November 2016 as there’s going to be an Open Day where you can find out more about Invisalign and other treatments at Dr. Catherine Lee Orthodontics

Hear first-hand from Dr. Catherine Lee, a US-trained specialist in orthodontics, about the entire treatment process, past cases and other important information!  

Date: Saturday, 26 November 2016
Time: 2pm (Registration at 1.45pm)
Venue: 1 Orchard Boulevard, Camden Medical Centre, Level 9, Function Room , Singapore 248649

Find out more about Invisalign Open Day here!

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