Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have noticed Giraffes’ taking over profile pictures of your friends and family over the past week. It was a epidemic that spread throughout my contacts like wild fire and I had no clue what it was all about!



All that was about to change when somebody finally “popped the question”. No rings are involved in this particular one, just a Giraffe.





That was the moment I converted the religion of Giraffe(like important stuff, the first letter should always be CAPS). Then it hit me. My new religion gave me a Zen-moment where I saw my future flash before my eyes and this moment of clarity made me realize my calling in life – to convert more lifeless souls to Giraffe. With my new lease on life filled with purpose and direction, i set forth on my noble journey. I knew the road will be arduous but even if I should die trying, I shall fall as a martyr of Giraffe.


I encountered those who thought they were too smart for Giraffe



those who had lost their faith



and atheists

I was bitterly devastated, although used to setbacks, this was the biggest blow I had ever encountered in my life. All I needed was a sign from Giraffe that I was doing the right thing. Utterly defeated, I made a one final effort and I managed to convert my first Giraffeist aka. a follower of Giraffe.


although I was successful, this Pigist believed in polytheism and tried to convert me to Pig

But alas my first taste of success was met with a bitter aftertaste..


“i dont like giraffe la” 

(and no caps too)

I decided not to be corrupted by non-Giraffeists’ so I deleted them off my contact lists and blocked them. I was a bona fide priest of Giraffe.


“Chickens cannot fly ah?”



And that was how my Giraffe gang grew, and grew, and grew





We have loyal Giraffeists’ everywhere converting the soulless so look out for us!

(p.s For those who still don’t get it – Having a Giraffe)