8 Practical Housewarming Gifts Under $50 That Your Friend Will Actually Enjoy And Not Regift

Housewarming gifts for Singaporeans

We Singaporeans are a practical bunch. When it comes to housewarming gifts, we don’t want to give friends purely decorative items that’ll just collect dust in a corner. Besides, functional items are always more thoughtful than angbaos and supermarket vouchers. Here are 8 practical housewarming gifts under $50 that your friend won’t be re-gifting to someone else this Christmas.

1. Freeze-dried durian gift box – Healthy snacking option ($34.20)

Show your MSW-loving friend how much you know them by busting out a set of Plucked’s freeze-dried durians (from $34.20/box of 9 packets) that they can munch on while enjoying Netflix at home. The crunchy, bite-sized bits are preservative-free and are 100% made with real fruit so even the health conscious don’t have to worry. 

Freeze dried strawberries ($28/set of 9 packets).

The same brand also offers gift sets for freeze-dried strawberries and bananas if your bud’s not a fan of the king of fruits.

Read our review on Plucked’s freezed dried fruits.

2. USB mini-fridge – Keeps drinks either hot or cold ($49.90)

Image credit: hxrmobile via Shopee

When the tropical weather heats up, it pays to have a USB-powered mini-fridge ($45.50) right in your room so you don’t have to get up to rummage around in the kitchen. This one fits 8 330ml cans of drinks, 4 bottles of water.

Image credit: hxrmobile via Shopee

For those who prefer fighting fire with fire, this fridge from Lazada can also keep drinks hot. Just flip a button on the USB cable to change the setting. Beauty junkies can also use this mini-fridge to store moisturisers or a jade facial roller, for the ultimate morning perk-me-up for the skin.

Get a portable mini fridge on Shopee.

3. Aromatherapy diffuser – Doubles as a night light (from $18.90)

Image credit: Kirona Scent

Freshen up any room with the USB-chargeable Blanc Portable Diffuser ($18.90) from Singapore-based aromatherapy store Kirona Scent. Just 9.7cm wide, it offers seven LED light colour settings, allowing it to serve as a night light at the same time. Your friend will also breathe easy with its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

You can add one of their water-based botanical essential oils to your gift for $5.90. Place 5-7 drops on the absorbent pad in the diffuser to get it going. There are 56 fragrances available, from anxiety- and allergy-relieving Chamomile, to decongesting Eucalyptus, and memory-boosting Rosemary.

Image credit: Kirona Scent

For something more understated without the colourful lights, go for the Arctic Mountain USB Diffuser ($19.90) with a marble design that makes it a classy table piece.

Press the button to release 5 hours of misty fragrance with the included bottle of essential oil. The diffuser will turn off automatically once it is done working its magic — perfect for those who need something to help them fall asleep after a long day’s work.

Get the Blanc Portable Diffuser on Kirona Scent’s website.

4. IONA Sandwich & Waffle Maker –  2-in-1 design ($35.80)

Image credit: iona.sg via Shopee

No more sticking to bread + spread for breakfast when you have IONA’s Mini Sandwich & Waffle Maker ($35.80) from Shopee. With this handy appliance, you’ll be able to easily whip up a piping-hot cafe-worthy breakfast every morning, in under 3 minutes. 

The non-stick surface is easy to clean, and the appliance has a safety latch and non-slip rubberised feet for peace of mind.

If your friend has a sweet tooth, you can add an optional plate attachment ($7.80) with taiyaki and doughnut moulds.

Get the IONA Mini Sandwich & Waffle Maker on Shopee.

5. Personalised mugs & cups Customise a name (from $9.90)

Image credit:
Misty Daydream

Marble is making a comeback, especially in white or pastel shades on all sorts of items such as furniture, cutlery and stationery. If your friend is obsessed with the marble trend, they’ll love the Marble Mug ($13.90 each) from Misty Daydream which also comes with a wooden lid and gold spoon.

Image credit:
Misty Daydream

These 350ml mugs are available in pink and grey, each with a unique swirly pattern due to the manufacturing process.

Image credit:
Misty Daydream

For an additional $6, each cup can be personalised with a name in various fonts such as cursive brush strokes or bold capital letters.

Image credit:
Misty Daydream

The same shop also has Crystal Egg Glasses with various shimmery finishes. Pick from glitter gold, glitter rose gold, glitter blue, gold-rimmed or iridescent shades – each is just $9.90 before name or monogram customisation. Perfect for wine or champagne for a home drinking session.

6. Moon-shaped mood lamp – 3D printed according to a NASA photo (from $9.86)

Image credit: Playgame.sg on Shopee

Bring the full moon right into your friend’s home with this moon-shaped mood lamp ( $9.86-$17.05). Mounted on a geometric wooden base, it works as a night light or desk lamp that also doubles as an elegant centrepiece.

Image credit:

3D-printed according to a NASA moon photo, it offers 3 colour settings and is easily charged with a provided USB cable. 

Get a moon-shaped mood lamp on Shopee.

7. T2 Scandinavian teapot – Minimalistic speckled designs (from $15)

Image credit:
@t2tea via Instagram

This stippled stone Scandi Teapot from T2 has a trendy yet timeless aesthetic that’ll match any home, even one that’s not Scandinavian-themed. The muted shades of white, blue and pink will easily blend in with any sort of decor.

Image adapted from

They’re typically priced at $42 each but we spotted them recently going on sale for just $15 a pop. 

8. Bear Electric Lunch Box – For easy one-pot meals ($26.90)

Image credit: Ottostore

Adulting means becoming a master of the kitchen, and even self-proclaimed noobs can whip up a quick meal in one shot with the Bear Electric Lunch Box ($26.90).

Simply dump all your raw ingredients such as rice, vegetables, eggs or chicken into the heat-resistant stainless steel pot and leave them to cook. Once the lunch box vent starts releasing steam in 30 minutes, detach the cover with its handles and dig in. You can also pop in takeaway food for reheating in only 5 minutes.

Image credit: @sum2w via Instagram

Having this “magic pot” on hand means there’s only one device to clean rather than multiple pots and pans, saving on time and hassle. Rest assured that it has been awarded the Singapore SAFETY mark as well.

Get the Bear Electric Lunch Box from Shopee.

Affordable housewarming gifts in Singapore

A utilitarian household gift that also looks easy on the eye will certainly warm the house and hearts of your friends. And perhaps these housewarming gifts will provide some inspiration for your own dream BTO in future.

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Originally published on 21 November 2019. Last updated by Kezia Tan on 4th May 2023.
Cover image adapted from: Playgame.sg on Shopee, iona.sg on Shopee, @t2tea @t2tea via Instagram

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