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10 New Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas If “I’m The Present” Does Not Work For Your BB

Unique Valentine’s Day gift 2021

14th February is a day of romantic dinners, whimsical date ideas and a gazillion floral bouquets. But as we all know, Valentine’s Day also comes with the big question: “what on earth do I get BB this year?”. For those scratching their heads, below are 10 unique gift ideas to consider for every type of partner, from the serial cuddler to the Netflix addict:

1. The long term BF/GF – couple’s 100 question card game

Regardless of whether you’ve been dating for 3 years or married for 30, freshen up your next conversation by giving your other half a couples-themed card game.

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Amazon, Walmart

Much like New York Time’s Famous 36 Questions That Lead To Love, Our Moments – Couples Edition ($4.99) features 100 thought-provoking questions to ask your partner. Keep that relationship spark going with questions that range from the curious PG13s to the wild R21s that you can only ask once the kids have gone to bed.

2. The boo who always misses you – portrait night light

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Brighten up your S/O’s nights literally with a personalised night light. Perfect for the ones who incessantly say “I miss you”, bae will now be able to see your illuminated face every single night before going to bed.

Turn your favourite picture together into a dreamy moon lamp from Carousell ($70) or USB picture lamp from Shopee (from $26).

3. The CBD hustler – bespoke cufflinks

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Gift Less Ordinary

Think thoughtful jewellery and watches and necklaces may come to mind, but what’s often forgotten are cufflinks. For that CBD hustler who dresses up frequently, a bespoke cufflink is a meaningful yet practical gift that’ll have him feeling dapper during important presentations and meetings.

Have his name engraved on the jewellery (from $44.80) or initials embellished in gold monogram ($29). Not just for the men, cufflinks in Singapore are also available in more delicate designs such as cursive rose gold engravings for the ladies out there.

4. The Netflix buff – portable projector from $50

From “The Queen’s Gambit” to “The Platform”, Netflix has been feeding our addictions for movies and dramas. If you’re the couple that breezes through one season within a day, get your other half a portable projector for a gift you can use together. 

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Lay back, relax and be the ultimate potatoes as the pair of you enjoy your favourite shows with your new “home cinema”. Prices for mini-projector start from just $50 for a 1080p projector, but you can refer to our full guide to home projectors to check out the best-rated ones out there.

P.S. To “spoil market”, whisk your babe off her feet with a bottle of themed Peaky Blinders’($68) or Game Of Thrones’ ($43) whiskey to go with your movie night. 

5. The serial cuddler – couple’s arched foam pillow

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For most couples, cuddling is great – until one person ends up with a severe case of pins and needles. Save your big spoon from the nightly shortage of red blood cells in their arm with the couple’s arched foam pillow – a nifty product they’ll thank you for.

You can find one made with comfortable memory foam material from $59.79 on Shopee.

6. The “no, I’m not an alcoholic” – cocktail shaker set

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They say they can’t drink, but you 200% know that ain’t true. For those that appreciate a good tipple, gift a cocktail shaker set so they can train up to be a cocktail connoisseur at home. This is a gift to your loved one, but if you think about it, also a gift to yourself – since you’d be on the receiving end of that margarita once it’s shaken up and ready to go.

Get your stainless steel cocktail shaker bar from Shopee (from $36.63) and while you’re at it, add on a set of cubic stainless steel ice cubes ($14.50) to be extra-fancy.

7. The BB who loves scents – customised perfume

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For the girlfriend who appreciates a good fragrance, bring her to a customisable perfume lab to create her dream scent this Valentine’s Day.

There are several in Singapore you can visit, including Maison 21G and O La Lab, both of which offer customised bottles priced around $100. While you’re there with her, be sure to recommend the floral scent – because “you make my heart go bloom bloom.

8. The one who can’t bake – DIY Belgian chocolate puff kit

The bakes will come out perfectly sweet – just like BB.
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Baking together is an experience that every couple should try – it’s affordable, fun and at the end of the day, you get to eat something delicious that you made on your own. But if the both of you can’t bake to save your lives, skip the supermarketing and surprise your boo with a fancy DIY baking kit

For something Valentine’s Day-appropriate, consider recipes like a rich Belgian Dark Chocolate Cream Puff ($32.95) or classic Tiramisu ($39.95). 

9. The plant parent – edible garden kit

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With the rise of urban farming, many of us know an aspiring “plant parent” or two. Should that be your partner, get him or her an edible garden kit to complete the collection. Superfarmers checks off both the practical and aesthetic boxes with their kang kong, Chinese kale and chye sim kits that you can purchase as a package of three at $45.  

Read our article on plant-grown kits to also find out more about bonsai sets, hydroponics kits and eco cubes.

10. The one with a DSLR – customised “film roll”

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This is for your special one who owns the photographer’s trinity of a film camera, DSLR and subscription to Adobe Lightroom.

If you’re looking for something that falls within their realm of interest, consider a personalised pocket “film roll” (from $19) for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to pre-order it soon, advance notice is needed for preparation and mailing. Though, is there really such a thing as a late gift? Every day can be Valentine’s Day when you’re in love.

Gift a unique present this Valentine’s Day

It’s not that the usual watch, wallet and jewellery aren’t lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day – they absolutely are. But if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, those could likely have been given aeons ago. We hope these unique gift ideas help spark some inspiration for a refreshing gift this year!

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