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10 Home-Based Nail Salons In Singapore With Cheap Gel Manicures From $12

Affordable home-based nail salons in Singapore

Image adapted from: @mynailcottage, @jaezy.nails

“Life is too short to have boring nails” is something we hear often. But getting our nails done can be a hassle when popular nail salons in town are often fully booked, and come with a hefty price tag.

Enter home-based nail salons, which offer affordably priced gel manicures and nail art. Plus, visiting these home salons means you won’t have to travel to town just to dress up your digits. Here are some of the home-based nail businesses in Singapore to check out: 

1. Nail Machine Services – express gelish from $28

Image credit: @nailmachineservices

Nail Machine Services offers Express Gel Manicures at $28, Classic Gel Manicures at $38 and Nail Art from $2/nail. Additionally, get a discount of up to 20% when you purchase their package deals. And if you’re a dog lover, Kimberlyn owns a Pomeranian that you might be able to catch a glimpse of during your appointments.

Image credit: @nailmachineservices

Address: Archipelago Condo
Telephone: 8102 7227
Nearest MRT: Bedok North (10 min walk)

2. The Nails Ink – express gelish from $25

Image credit:

The Nails Ink offers Express Gel Manicures at $25, Classic Gel Manicures at $35 and Express Gel Pedicures at $30. This nail salon has done some gorgeous gradient and watercolour nail art, among others.

Image credit: 

Telephone: 9776 7011
Nearest MRT: Buangkok (7 min walk)

3. Jaezy Nails – classic gelish from $35

Image credit: @jaezy.nails

You can request for your favourite cartoon character to be painted on your nails and Jaezy Nails will skillfully do it for you. Besides cartoon characters, this nail salon also does a myriad of floral nail designs. Here, you’ll be able to get a Classic Gel Manicure at $35 or a Classic Gel Pedicure at $50

Image credit: @jaezy.nails

Address:  Fernvale Lane 
Opening hours: 9:30AM-7PM
Telephone: 9011 4677
Nearest MRT: Thanggam 

4. Tee Dot Nail Bar – express gelish from $12

Image credit: @teedotnailbar

A new kid on the block, Tee Dot Nail Bar offers Express Gel Manicures at $12, a Classic Gel Manicures at $22 and various add-ons like crystals and sequins from $1/nail.

Image credit: @teedotnailbar

Address: 104 Canberra Street
Telephone: 9669 1882
Nearest MRT: Sembawang 

5. Nail Stage – classic gelish from $50

Image credit: @nailstage_

Prices at Nail Stage are on the steeper side, but the owner’s skills and intricate designs more than make up for it. Get a Classic Gel Manicure at $50, or an IBX Treatment for nail strengthening and repair at $20.

Image credit: @nailstage 

Telephone: 9271 8668
Nearest MRT: Layar (4 min walk)

6. Tiny Fingers – express gelish from $25

Image credit: @pang.shujuan

At Tiny Fingers, get an Express Gel Manicure $25, a Classic Gel Manicure at $35 and Nail Art from $2/nail. This nail salon does a repertoire of vivid floral and cartoon character themed nail art, among others.

Image credit: @pang_shujuan

Address: Block 322B Sumang Walk (Punggol Bayview) S822322
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10.30PM 
Telephone: 9380 8401
Nearest MRT: Sumang (7 min walk)

7. Maniqure by Ling – classic gelish from $35

Image credit: @maniqurebyling

Have your digits done in a private nail room over at Maniqure by Ling, which specialises in pretty pastel gel manicures. Get a Classic Gel Manicure at $35 and embellishments like crystals, charms and pearls at $0.50/piece.

Image credit: @maniqurebyling

Opening hours: Weekdays after 7.45PM, Weekends after 10AM
Telephone: 9765 4758
Nearest MRT: Khatib (5 min walk)

8. Sheburon – express gelish from $25

Image credit: @sheburon 

Sheburon offers Express Gel Manicures cost $25, Classic Gel Manicures cost $35 and add-ons like embellishment and stickers start from $1/nail. If you don’t have a nail art design in mind, Sheburon has done some pretty bridal nails and marble nail art that you can check out.  

Image credit: @sheburon

Telephone: 8321 0952
Nearest MRT: Tampines East (5 min walk) 

9. Nail Sapphire – classic gelish from $46

Image credit: @nailsapphire 

The prices at Nail Sapphire are slightly expensive – $46 for a Classic Gel Manicure and $56 for a Classic Gel Pedicure –  but the details that go into their nail arts make the investment worth it. Additionally, return customers receive complimentary nail removal services when you get a new set done.

Image credit: @nailsapphire

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-8PM | Sat-Sun: 8AM-12PM 
Telephone: 8322 2988
Nearest MRT: Punggol (7 mins walk)

10. My Nail Cottage – classic gelish from $25

Image credit: @mynailcottage

My Nail Cottage offers Classic Gel Manicures at just $25. Go all out with an All-In Package at $58, which includes unlimited colours, crystals and designs. My Nail Cottage does holographic, shell and Gucci/Chanel themed nail art, among others.

Gucci Christmas nails
Image credit: @mynailcottage 

Image credit: @mynailcottage

Address: 104 Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 160104
Opening hours:  Mon-Fri: 6.30PM-9.30PM | Sat-Sun: 2PM-9PM
Telephone: 9851 9067
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (10 mins walk)

Neighbourhood nail salons in Singapore

Home based nail salons often offer a more personal service since they tend to lesser clients. Visiting a nail artist’s home also means a more peaceful environment away from the crowds in a mall. Plus, now you can spend less money on transport to town, and more money on pretty add-ons for your nails!

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