Donate Your Spare Laptops & PCs To Help Low-Income Families With Their Children’s Home-Based Learning

Help children with home-based learning

Home-based learning with SGBono 

With COVID-19 cases rising, the recent announcement by PM Lee on 3rd April heralded news that either delighted or alarmed parents everywhere: all schools have to do home-based learning.

But what do you need in a learn-from-home starter pack? At the very least, essential equipment such as laptops or computers. And despite many of us taking our 24/7 online lives for granted, there are still underprivileged and low-income households among us in Singapore who don’t enjoy this luxury. 

SGBono helps out with home-based learning

SGBono (Singapore Pro Bono Volunteers) is a volunteer group in Singapore that aims to help this overlooked group of people. With SG schools turning to home-based learning, they are giving out computers and tablets to low income families* who need them – completely FOC. 

The group started this effort on 30th March 2020, but within a few days, demand has outstripped supply with over 200 applications. 

*low-income families that are under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

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How you can help

In this COVID-19 season, it’s more important than ever for Singaporeans to band together and remember to help others in greater need than we are. So, if you have a rando laptop or tablet lying around at home, let it light up the life of an underprivileged child instead of letting it gather dust or fall into a Carousell void. 

Besides individuals, business owners who are updating their hardware or downsizing can also donate their old gadgets to this cause. 

The equipment list includes:

  • All desktop computers, laptops and tablets
  • Smartphones with WiFi and Whatsapp capabilities
  • Network equipment such as routers, switches, cables
  • Printers (with working toners)
  • Keyboards
  • Mouse
  • Speakers

Do take note and only donate functional devices, please! As for looks, the group is not too particular on the #aesthetics of your computer as long as the equipment can be used for home-based learning purposes.

Here’s how you can donate to SGBono

Else, if you would like to do more, find out how else you can help low-income families.

Donate your old laptops and tablets now


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