10 TikTok Challenges For Your Family To Work Out To While Social Distancing

Tiktok challenges

TikTok challenges
Images adapted from: @kozico0914 and @zalfanadhiraa

With the intensifying COVID-19 situation, our lives have been confined to our homes. And when we’re unable to head out as we usually do, we turn to social media as a means to find some entertainment and move about in some way.

These days, Tiktok has all but taken over the world by storm. It’s hard not to scroll through your feed without a dance clip or challenge video making its way onto your screen – and as silly as they may look, it’s also a great way to get off your butts and sweat it out.

If you’re looking for some alternative exercise routines, here are 10 TikTok challenges to get you moving.

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1. #handwashchallenge


Make sure you wash your hands frequently to keep yourself protected #Let's do effective handwash #HandWashChallenge #ad @DETTOL.SG

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The general advice while washing your hands is to sing the happy birthday song. But after countless times, let’s face it – we get bored.

Here’s how to spice it up. As part of Dettol’s #handwashchallenge, all you need to do is dance to the song and match your gestures with the steps shown. Apart from it being just another trendy challenge, you’ll also help to spread awareness on the right way to wash your hands – something we need to be reminded of during this time.

2. #anysongchallenge


#AnysongChallenge#ZICO #지코 #화사 #아무노래 #Anysong#아무노래나틀어주세요#KOZ

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By himself, K-pop star Zico is a king. But doing a TikTok collab with queen Hwasa? It’s powerful.

Ever since their #anysongchallenge went live, millions of people – K-pop stan or not – jumped to join the bandwagon. And today, with more stay-at-home notices going around, here’s something you can do to keep yourself occupied.

While there aren’t any explicit tutorials, you can take a look at the slowed down version and replicate it accordingly: 

3. #100wayschallenge


#100ways 🔥💥🔥💥 #100wayschallenge #JacksonWang #TeamWang #Wang @jacksonwang

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The #100wayschallenge came about as a result of Chinese musician Jackson Wang’s latest single, which saw the man summoning his dead lover with a series of intricate hand gestures.

We’re not as powerful as he is, sure – but by trying this challenge, you’ll learn a series of cool gestures you can whip out to impress your friends with.

Give it a shot with this tutorial: 

4. #dualipachallenge


Which Dua Lipa song can you best dance to?🙊 #dualipachallenge #tiktoksg #fyp

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Dancing may have you feeling all sorts of awkward. But if there’s one thing you can learn from Dua Lipa herself, it’s that you can always own the stage – no matter how clumsy your dance moves are.

And really – there’s no better way to find your inner groove than with the #dualipachallenge. Here’s what you need to perform it flawlessly:

5. #pushupchallenge


Show me better! When wifey and I do the push-up challenge but CJ wants in on the fun👌🏽👀😎 @semoneskosan #pushupchallenge #pushup #fitness #fitfam

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Workouts at home get boring when you’re constantly doing the same ‘ol thing. That’s why you need a little variety to kick things up a notch – which you can do with the #pushupchallenge.

You won’t be doing your normal push-ups here. No – to make things 1000x more difficult, you’ll need to go through the motions following the beat of the song. It’s a tough challenge, but hey – when you’re perpetually stuck at home, you’ll have all the time in the world to work on it. 

6. #canttouchthischallenge


Me VS #donttouchthischallenge

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To the casual viewer, the #canttouchthischallenge may look like a bunch of flailing arms around. But try it out, and you’ll realise that you’ll need a load of control and speed to get it just right. 

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do this, here’s a slowed-down tutorial: 

7. #lalalachallengepart2



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The #lalalachallengepart2 first blew up on TikTok but has since spread to other social media platforms. A quick look through Instagram or Twitter, and you’re bound to find at least one of your pals having a ball with it. 

You’re tasked to replicate the hand sign emojis shown at the top, and seeing how quick the beat is, it’s tough to get it right in one go. But doing it over and over with your family might just be what you need to put some fun into your social distancing routine.

8. #lihoteashake


Shake Shake with @LiHOTEA , video with the most likes and the most creative stand to win tickets to Korea! #lihoteashake #foryou #fyp #tiktoksg

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BBT addicts can bring their addictions to the next level by taking part in the #lihoteashake. Simply film yourself shaking your cup whichever way you like, and you’ll be giving yourself a fun little arm workout along the way.

9. #yummychallenge


#yummy #yummychallenge @Justin Bieber but that trash behind us tho 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ ( with @Vania Elisya Halim and michelle )

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The #yummychallenge is a sensual little routine following the Bieb’s most recent hit – yet another celebrity dance challenge you can vibe to.

Here’s how to do it:


@pynklemmusic @justinbieber #yummy #yummychallenge #foru #fyp #foryoupage #dance

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10. #renegadechallenge


I thought it was easy but hey... after the 62829404th time, here it is! #renegadechallenge #renegade #fyp #foryoupage

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The #renegadechallenge has been around for some time, and it’s a testament to its popularity when you see celebrities by the dozens busting out the moves. It’s a relatively easy routine to pick up, so you can grab your family members to join in on the fun as well.

Try it out with this tutorial:

Tiktok challenges to do at home

We may not be able to head out to the gym these days, but as these Tik Tok challenges show, there’s a whole new avenue to turn to when it comes to getting your daily exercise in.

The great thing is, these challenges won’t require too much out of you. You’re never too old to take part, and you definitely don’t need a whole load of dance skills. All it requires is some enthusiasm and creativity, and voila – you’ve found a fun new way to get your butt moving without even leaving the house.

To keep up with the trend and find more challenges to do, be sure to follow us on our official TikTok channel!

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