Hard work really pays off. 

Today is the day where all the O level students would be collecting their results, and I seemed more excited for them to collect their results than collecting my own higher chinese results. I was on tenterhooks for while the clock ticked closer and closer to 2pm. 

Before we got our higher chinese results, a lot of them were so worried that they would fail the subject. For me I thought they all need not have anything to worry about as I had confidence that we would not fail, and true to my words, they all passed with flying colours. Today marks the day that we would not need to touch that subject ever again, unless we had a passion for language and seeked to further chinese. Most of us were more happy for this fact rather than doing well for the subject. That said, I still feel that chinese is becoming more and more important in Singapore, we do have to have a foundation of chinese to be able to converse with the older folks in future and also to communicate with the people from China for say, business. 

Now, to worry about how the rest of our friends did. A lot of us had a dilemma on how to broach the question to our friends, for fear of hurting them if they didn’t do well. But alas, all of them did really well! I was so proud of them, especially my close friend who had been studying really really hard for the whole year just to get to her dream school Hwa Chong. I can imagine her beaming with pride when she collected her results slip of a stunning 7 point score (which she could further deduct another 4 points) and the exuberating feeling that one would get when they had worked hard and achieved what they had been aiming for. 

This is merely a small step in life in my opinion. There are many more hurdles and challenges to overcome in the course of our lives, maybe even more challenging. This would really serve as a reminder of how not to belittle oneself and work hard towards our goal. Like the saying, success is 99% hard work and 1% talent.