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Guinness World Record for “Longest Bar Slide” Broken in Singapore!


February 21st marked the launch of the brand new GUINNESS® Draught in a bottle (GDIB) at an exclusive party held at Timbre @ The Arts House. It was also the day where history was going to be made. To celebrate their launch, a custom made 15m bar top was constructed where they would attempt to break the world record for “The Longest Bar Slide”. They held a facebook contest where 5 lucky winners with the most creative answers were selected and given the chance to break the record. Ivan and I dropped by for a while to check it out and I made a fun video of it. Curious to see how they fared? Please pretend you did not read the title of this article and check out the video!

The Guinness World of Records Adjudicator Richard Stenning was specially flown down to Singapore to officiate the results. There were a few stringent criteria in place including:

  • The bottle had to be opened before the slide!
  • There was to be no spillage allowed!
  • The custom made bar top was just 0.5m wide. And of course the bottle could not fall off it!

Congrats to Jeffrey Ng for breaking the record of 14m and 10.4cm. The Guinness Draught in a Bottle will retail at approx $12 all over Singapore. Read about the event from Ivan’s point of view over here! Also, iff you’re interested in reading more Guinness World Records held by Singapore, check out Ivan’s article of Singaporean Guinness Records.


Guinness Picture Credit: Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
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