Organic food and lifestyle pop-up market


Image credit: Plantui

We all have that one adventurous neighbour who makes the task of growing fruits and vegetables look like child’s play. If you’ve always been curious as to how some of them manage to take things to the next level by making a green room out of their backyards or HDB corridors, here’s one event that will put you on the path to your own home garden project.

All things horticultural await you at the GreenUrbanScape Asia 2017 Marketplace. On top of an organic food and lifestyle market with tons for you to bag home, you’ll also find a whole bunch of engaging activities like free talks and wellness workshops among others! 

Here’s what you can expect to do at this event for gardeners and non-gardeners alike:


1. Stock up on organic food and wellness products


All things honey-related from Go Pure

It’s only natural for most of us to have flashbacks of our mothers perpetually feeding us with Brand’s Essence of Chicken whenever the topic of ‘supplements’ comes about. But Go Pure flips this notion with an old-fashioned remedy that not all of us know, but are bound to love: honey.

With raw organic honey, you can combat almost every illness imaginable from common colds and the flu to more serious ailments like high cholesterol, insomnia and low immunity.

Image credit: @gopure_sg

Not only do they sell organic, raw honey blends like Watercress and Eucalyptus, but they also offer a wide range of cosmetic products from their Manuka’s Cosmet collection. And if you’re prone to sinus infections, you should check out their Propolis Nasal Sprays ($45).

Tip: Mix honey with cold or lukewarm water only, do not use boiling water as the heat will destroy the vitamins and enzymes in the honey.

Go Pure
Booth number: K40

Beansprout husk pillows from Le Husk

Chic Bear Baby Pillow priced at $24

Image credit: Le Husk

Le Husk is notable for their premium quality beansprout husk-filled pillows and bolsters that are famed for their breathable firm support, great for alleviating all sorts of neck, back and head strains. 

And while they’re meant for babies and perfect for gifting it to parents-to-be, go ahead and get one for yourself if you’d like to have a little pillow for some extra support!

Le Husk’s pillows are filled with beansprout husk

Image credit: Le Husk

They also offer refillable beansprout husk fillers too, so you can easily adjust the firmness of your pillow to your liking.

Le Husk
Booth number: K10

Truffle-infused olive oil from Greek Kouzina

Oil infused with white truffle ($36) and oil infused with black truffle ($32)

Image credit: Greek Kouzina

Greeks are best known for their olive oil – and if you’re one to always whip up your meals with olive oil, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can snag some of the finest quality of Greek products here at Greek Kouzina’s booth. 

Not only do they offer extra virgin olive oil, but you can kope their latest product as well, Beeswax Cream ($20), which helps to heal acne and calms eczema!

Greek Kouzina
Booth number: K09


2. Get yourself a home garden starter-kit


Soil-less Smart Gardens with automated watering and lighting

Plantui 6 Smart Garden for $398 – watering and lighting are fully automated 

Image credit: Plantui

If you’ve lost count of the number of plants that have withered under your care, take comfort in the fact that thanks to Plantui Smart Gardens, even those of us who weren’t born with green thumbs can now grow our own tasty and fresh greens in the comfort our own homes – no soil and no gardening skills whatsoever needed.

Plus, they offer a variety of plant seeds ($9) so you can grow your own veggies and herbs like Basil, Kale, and Oregano in just 4 weeks!

Tip: If you aren’t growing the seeds immediately, it’s best to store them in your refrigerator as exposure to humidity will prevent the seeds from germinating.

Plantui Singapore
Booth number: K02

Aquaponics fish tank that lets you grow veggies

This one’s especially great for those who love all things nature! This 2-in-1 aquaponics system is both a fish tank and a smart garden – and you literally only have one job: to feed the fishes, and the fishes will do the rest!

Their Miniponic system is priced at $160

Image credit: Cloud Aquaponics Pte Ltd

Whether you’re an amateur or experienced aquaponic gardener, Cloud Aquaponics has just the system for you. Their 4 aquaponics systems – Octaponics, Rectaponics, Balcoponics and Miniponics – are made to suit different environments with different levels of complexity. So, if you’re still a beginner at aquaponics gardening, we’d suggest going for the Miniponics system first!

They also offer gardening supplies and plant seeds as well, so you can look forward to growing your own chye sim or kang kong. Head down to their booth to find out more about how the aquaponics system works!

Cloud Aquaponics
Booth number: K08


3. Get all your gardening supplies from Far East Flora’s booth


Image credit: Far East Flora

Pop by Far East Flora’s booth to get the start you need as they’ve got everything you’ll ever need for gardening from plant seeds (herbs, fruits, veggies) and tools, to soil and even outdoor furnitures for your garden.

Far East Flora
Booth number: K39


Cultivate your green thumb at GreenUrbanScape Asia 2017 Marketplace


Image credit: GreenUrbanScape Asia

Whether or not you have a knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy, this Marketplace features an array of stalls for you to kickstart your gardening journey. With fully-automated systems that do all the legwork for you, there’s no excuse for us to not try growing our own greens at home today!

Apart from shopping at the Marketplace, budding gardeners can also look forward to attending free talks and getting gardening tips from the pros! There’ll also be complimentary workshops available for Public to attend on Saturday at the Trade Exhibition. No registration required! Find out more here.

Note: The first 100 visitors each day will enjoy freshly brewed organic coffee/tea along with exclusive gardening freebies. What’s more, PAssion card member can enjoy exclusive deals of up to 20% discounts off regular-priced items at the Marketplace as well.

Find out more about GreenUrbanscape Asia here!

Event Date: 9th – 11th November 2017
Time: 10AM-8PM 
Address: Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 3, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150

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