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GrabFood’s New Subscription Plan Gives 30 Free Deliveries A Month For Just $7.99

GrabFood’s Food Plan

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It’s lunchtime and all you want is bubble tea, but there’s a delivery surcharge of $5, which costs almost twice as much as your favourite daily dose of pick-me-up – the horror. Delivery charges can get expensive, especially during peak periods.

Thankfully, GrabFood has released Food Plans, that’ll help you save by giving you free deliveries just by signing up once, so you won’t have to worry about delivery surcharges anymore.

Save more with the Food Plan

All you have to do is sign up for Food Plan for just $7.99/month to receive 30 free deliveries each month. Your subscription is automatically renewed every month, but don’t fret – you can cancel at any time. Honestly, who could say no to waived delivery charges?

Pro-tip: There’s a special launch promotion, that gives you a one-time $5 and $10 GrabFood voucher. You can redeem them with a minimum order of $10 and $20 respectively, so be sure to sign up ASAP.

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Once you’ve purchased the plan, it’s time to get savin’! If you’re a heavy GrabFood user, you can save up to $107 each month since delivery costs average at $3-$5, and you’re entitled to 30 free deliveries.

But even if you don’t use GrabFood as often, it takes only 3 orders each month to reap the benefits – without the Food Plan, you would’ve spent about $9 on delivery, but instead, you’ve only paid $7.99! It’s a pretty small price to pay to avoid heading out in the scorching heat just to grab a bite.

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You can now order your favourite food and drinks anytime, without worrying about delivery costs – peak hour or not. Just head to “My Rewards” in your GrabFood app to view your vouchers and make use of them. It’s really that simple.

Free delivery means even more reason to order your favourite BBT

Enjoy free food delivery every day

Image credit: Eatbook

Food is a daily expense that we can’t avoid. That said, we can definitely lessen the pinch by signing up for a subscription that’ll help us to save with every purchase, of up to $1080 a year!

It doesn’t matter if you’re quelling your bubble tea cravings during lunch hour, or ordering your guilty pleasure fast food of choice for a supper craving. Whatever your appetite calls for, you can be assured that Grab’s Food Plan will deliver from any of their merchants – free of charge.

Find out more about GrabFood’s subscription plans here

This post was brought to you by Grab.

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