World of GrabRewards Carnival


Grab pop-up carnival at Ngee Ann City

Most Grab users, myself included, have probably been using the ride-hailing service without realising the mountain of points we’ve racked up. Well, here’s a time-check: most of those points will expire come 30th June 2018.

If you’re looking for a way to spend those points beyond redeeming vouchers, head to the World of GrabRewards Carnivalhappening till 17th June 2018 just outside Ngee Ann City. Each game only requires 50 points to play, making this an event where you don’t have to spend a single cent. You can even collect tokens to exchange them for cool gifts like totes and plushies. 

We’ve compiled a list of everything you can expect at the carnival.




1. Strike It Big


Grab pop-up carnival - bowlingTip: Swing it from the side to build momentum!

Try to knock down as many bowling pins as you can with the hugeee exercise ball. The more pins you knock, the more tokens you’ll receive – so be sure to aim properly to Strike It Big!


2. Hot Shot


grab pop-up carnival - hot shotTip: Aim for the centre hole as it’s the easiest place to score

With the World Cup just around the corner, test out your kicking prowess with Hot Shot where you’ll be given 5 tries to shoot a ball into 5 different holes. Every goal you score wins you tokens!


3. Tee Time


grab pop-up carnival - golf

Bring forth your inner Tiger Woods at Tee Time where you’ll have 5 tries to put balls in holes. Win tokens for every ball you put.

This game is amongst the hardest here but the trick is to not use so much force when you’re putting.


4. Wheel of Rewards


grab pop-up carnival - wheel of rewards

Chances of you walking away a winner are definitely high at the Wheel of Rewards. Spin the wheel and whichever wedge it lands on, that’ll be the amount of tokens you’ve won.

wheel of rewards - star wars tote

There’s even a “Surprise” wedge where you could win a mystery prize, such as a Star Wars tote, passport holder, and plushie.


5. Don’t Stop Till You Pop


Throwing darts at balloons

In this game, you’ll have to throw 3 darts at balloons fixed to the board. For every balloon you pop, you’ll win a token, so Don’t Stop Till You Pop!


6. Play With Your Points


grab pop-up carnival - play with your points

You’re gonna need to call on your precision and strength to ace Play With Your Points. Roll a ball up the table and see which hole it lands in. Each coloured hole your ball lands in, earns you a different amount of tokens!


7. Hit or Miss


grab pop-up carnival - hit or miss ball tossing

To do well at Hit or Miss, being gentle is a must. You’ll have to gingerly toss 6 balls and make sure they land into the coloured holes. Each coloured hole corresponds to a different quantity of prize tokens!


8. Ballers Only


grab pop-up carnival - ball pit

Go balls deep in Ballers Only and what awaits you at the other end is a whole lotta tokens. You’ll have 20 seconds to find as many green balls as you can. The more balls you find, the more tokens you’ll get.

Before digging deep to search for the green balls, be sure to scan the topmost layer first as they’ll usually be quite a few in sight.




9. Make It Rain Rewards


grab pop-up carnival - make it rain rewards booth

For those who’ll be making a playdate at the carnival, be sure to tag #WorldOfGrabRewards when you’re posting your pics and vids online! Each post will fill the balloon at the Make It Rain Rewards booth and once it pops, you’ll be able to reap rewards like free game plays and surprise gifts.


10. Gong Cha


grab carnival - gong cha booth

Playing all those games in succession will prolly raise your thirst levels to unspeakable heights. Thankfully, there’s a Gong Cha booth here selling:

  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea
  • Honey Green Tea

Best part is, you can pay for them with your GrabRewards; just 520 points a drink. That said, fret not if you’ve blown all your points playing the games as cash is also accepted.


11. Redemption


grab carnival - redemption booth

Once you’ve had your fill, exchange your tokens for an assortment of plushies and keychains at the Redemption booth.  The prizes come in different sizes with each size requiring a different number of tokens. The amount of tokens needed changes every day so be sure to ask the staff if you’re gunning for Tier 1 prizes like jumbo plushies.


Games and gifts at the World of GrabRewards Carnival


Ngee Ann City - World of GrabRewards Carnival

This holiday, put your remaining Grab points to good use by going all out at the World of GrabRewards Carnival which is happening till 17th June 2018, outside Ngee Ann City. The event will feature 8 exciting games which you can play for only 50 points!

Be sure to play as much as you can in order to accumulate tokens and exchange them for adorable plushies and keychains.

World of GrabRewards Carnival
Date: 4th – 17th June 2018
Time: 11AM – 9:30PM
Venue: Outdoor Atrium @ Ngee Ann City

Find out more about the World of GrabRewards Carnival here!

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