Cabbing is the way to go


Hands up if you cab everywhere you go – even though Singapore’s only 719.7 km² big, your transport fares can still add up to a fair bit.

That’s why all cheapskate thrifty compulsive cabbers eagerly anticipate the promo codes in their inboxes, or use Taxibot to keep updated on the latest discounts. But THIS promo code’s the most worth it of all – and gives you good reason to cab to work AND back on the same day!


The promo code “2RIDE” works on weekends too


Most promo codes come with a bunch of restrictions on when they can be used, but not this one. From now till 12 March 2017, use ‘2RIDE’ for $10 off your 2nd GrabTaxi ride of the day. And that includes the weekend and ratchet late nights!

With a whopping $10 off, it’s practically a buy 1 get 1 free taxi ride. This means that you shouldn’t feel guilty Grab-ing if you’re running late in the morning – just book the cab, knowing you’ll have a discounted ride back after work/school.

*Only applicable to standard taxi bookings on GrabPay


Cab for cheaper all day err day


When it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, frequent cabbing is much more excusable – especially if it gets you to your destination on time. Even bobian public transport takers have an incentive to cab more – save the moolah, and up the travelling convenience! Just remember to grab this promotion while it lasts.

This post was brought to you by Grab.