About Geylang


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Created and performed by young & W!LD, W!LD RICE’s youth development division, Geylang gives audiences a peek into the lives of those who have lived, loved and lost in Singapore’s infamous red-light district.

When we think of Geylang, the first thoughts that pop into our minds would revolve around prostitution, vice, and all that is shunned and rejected by society. Amidst all this prejudice, there’s an overwhelming sense of intrigue within us about life in this ‘untouchable’ society.

This play weaves 6 original stories that promise to be saucy, controversial, hilarious, heartbreaking and highly entertaining. Allow the cast to take you on a thought-provoking journey as you follow star-crossed lovers defying all odds to be together, mediums and mamasans preying on lost souls, mothers losing their children, landowners trading away their heritage, and gangsters tangled in a web of drugs and violence.

Geylang will challenge preconceived notions of life in one of Singapore’s most colourful districts, seeking to portray the bare truth of its past, present and future. A blend of history and fiction, Geylang promises to knock down all walls of propriety to bring you a powerful piece of art that’ll make you question society’s judgements and stereotypes.


Event Details


Title: Geylang
Venue: 10 Square @ Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #10-01, Singapore 238896
Date & Time: 13-15 May 8pm | 16-17 May 3pm & 8pm
Price: $35

Tickets are available on W!LD RICE’s website, or call +65 6292 2695.
Students, NSF and Senior Citizens aged 55 years and above enjoy a $10 discount.

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