No, it is not a ‘happily ever after’ which results from the confession craze bringing people together(by the way, this in itself is extremely rare). It is in fact the most recent hype, pairing up on Facebook for a lunch date for university students, where you get to socialize with students/ alumni of your local university. Be it for love, like those speed dating events, or just to expand your social circle, lunch dates have become more popular within the university sectors. I just wonder how long it is before junior colleges, polytechnics and the rest start following suit..

Anyways, these events are meant to bring one out of one’s comfort zone, and you do have to have a certain degree of “social butterfly” in you to attend such events. If not, the entire lunch date would be plain awkwardness. 

I guess lunch dates are a pretty good way of meeting new people, yet there’ll always be some riskiness attached. Who knows whether the opposite party just happens to have clashing views as compared to you, leading to much argument, or whether the opposition may be just.. a pedophile. :/ I’d rather have a group lunch date, thank you very much.

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