Food scenes in melodramatic Super Slow Motion 


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Whether it’s splitting chopsticks unevenly or tearing xiao long bao when you kiap it – these are food moments that we encounter almost everyday. But even though these scenes can be frustrating, you’ll be able to appreciate them with a totally new perspective if you watch them unfold in Super slow motion. 

Food DISASTERS every Singaporean can relate to

These food fails will trigger any self-respecting Singaporean.

Posted by on Wednesday, May 17, 2017


1. Popiah falling apart


popiah break

The slogan “hang loose” does NOT apply to popiah. Half of a popiah’s merit lies in its ability to keep its filling together. If it crumbles the minute you pick it up, you know it ain’t a good popiah.

 “I don’t care if you have fillings too. Keep your shit together, popiah.”


2. Forgetting that your kopi peng is not in a cup 


kopi food fail

Call it absent-mindedness or stupidity – this whole drinking-coffee-from-a-plastic-bag concept may not be as instinctive to some of us as compared to others. The most embarrassing fail is when you place it on the table thinking it’s a cup and BAM. There goes your coffee – and your reputation.


3. Dipping prata and leaving that curry trail


prata curry drip on table

I, like many other Singaporeans, like my prata DRENCHED in curry. One problem with that though – you can’t have that without leaving a trail of dripping curry on the table. To make things worse, the closest thing you have to tissue would most probably be tissue paper prata. Sian.


4. Xiao long bao skin tearing 


 As you reach for the delicate soup-filled dumplings with an empty stomach and a drooling mouth, things start to get a little steamy. Imagine the tender skin tearing apart to release a gush of soup in your mouth as your chopsticks near the xiao long bao.

xlb skin break

BUT, your chopsticks stab the xiao long bao and the soup is drained out of it as quickly as your soul is drained out of you as you watch this tragic scene unfold. 


5. Breaking chopsticks unequally


wooden chopsticks fail

When you break your chopsticks apart unevenly, you know it’s a sign from heaven that it’s gonna be a bad day. There’s nothing worse than having to finish an entire bowl of what-should-have-been-shiok mee pok with… uneven chopsticks. #TRIGGERED. 


6. Bubble tea filled to the brim 


bubble tea fail

As much as it’s super satisfying to see a bubble tea cup filled to its brim, poking a straw into the cup would also mean breaking open its floodgates.  


7. Feeling cheated by empty durian sections


empty durian fail

Drilling a hole through your heart is probably comparable to opening the subsection of a $60 worth Mao Shan Wang durian only to find… nothing. It stings – or should I say pricks. 


8. That extra crunch in your soft boiled egg  


soft boiled egg fail

You stroll into Killiney Kopitiam and order a set for breakfast wondering what could possibly go wrong with kaya toast, hot coffee and some eggs. You crack your soft boil eggs and BAM – an egg shell decides to fall in, ruining everything you’ve ever wished for in life: a good breakfast. 


9. Dropping that perfectly swirled ice cream


There’s nothing better than licking a basic vanilla cone from McDonald’s in Singapore’s scorching heat. You march out of Macs triumphantly with that guiltless $0.90 treat, thinking to yourself how good life is and… 

ice cream drop

…suddenly some aunty bumps into you and sends your cone (along with your optimism) spiralling through the air. 


Get #triggered watching these moments in Super Slow Motion


Who knew that splashing laksa or falling popiah could look so aesthetic? Hopefully, you’ll have newfound appreciation for these seemingly-frustrating moments after seeing it in Super slow motion. This Super slow motion is so zai that it reveals micro details you’d never be able to pick up with your naked eye. Here’s how we achieved such next level slo-mo to make these scenes look super cool. 


Sony Xperia XZs – Super Slow Motion


sony xperia phone

All of the scenes were shot using Sony’s latest Xperia XZs’ Super Slow Motion technology, which is 4 times slower than your regular slow-motion mobile camera, at 960 fps. (Fun fact: your iPhone’s slo-mo camera shoots at 240 fps). This allows you to achieve videos that look like they’ve been shot using some pro slo-mo DSLR cam, just with your phone.

cat sony

For all you soup-spilling shaky hands people, this phone has Steady Shot™ with Intelligent Active Mode. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about shaky videos anymore because instead of the usual 3-axis stabilisation that your regular mobile camera offers, Sony’s Xperia XZs offers 5-axis stabilisation. I guess you could say, “steady lah”. 




With the best-in-class camera in a smartphone, the Xperia XZs also has a predictive capture function, that’s made possible with it’s super atas 19MP Motion Eye™ camera, which senses motion and captures it before you even click the shutter – perfect for salvaging failed jump shots. 

Don’t think in slo-mo and get your Xperia XZs now. 

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