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15 Flower Delivery Services In Singapore With Affordable Bouquets From $25

Affordable flower delivery in Singapore

Whether it’s for birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day, or a convocation, you’ll never fall short of reasons to get flowers for your friends or a significant other. But bouquets can be pricey, especially since the blooms often have to be imported. 

Thankfully for us, there are florists in Singapore who create beautiful flowers and gift hampers for everyday occasions, and also provide delivery at reasonable fees or even FOC. Engage these florists to get affordable flower delivery in Singapore from $25.

Most of them even offer same-day delivery without any minimum spend. This is great for folks who tend to leave surprises to the last minute, as you won’t have to worry about missing the big day.

What to know about flower delivery in Singapore

There are plenty of choices when it comes to flower delivery in Singapore. With many displaying their catalogues of flower bouquets and arrangements on their websites, you can easily add them to your cart, make payment, and then have them delivered to your doorstep.

The amount you spend will depend on the bouquet you choose. Bouquets with more complex designs, rarer flowers, and more volume will naturally cost more. The average cost of flower bouquets in Singapore is about $40-100. However, you can find budget-friendly bouquets from as low as $25.

Many florists with flower delivery also offer free delivery which may come with a minimum spend. You can also easily find many florists with same-day delivery for last-minute purchases. Here’s a breakdown of the best affordable flower delivery services in Singapore:

Place Price Delivery Information
Flower Chimp From $37.90 Free delivery on all orders. Same-day delivery for orders placed before 5pm daily.
FARM Florist From $25 Free same-day flower delivery, or $10 for 1-hour delivery.
Little Flower Hut From $35 Free same-day delivery for orders made before 4pm. 24/7 & express delivery from $30.
Fav Florist From $28.90 Free standard delivery. 1-hour Express Delivery available at $20 from 10am-5.30pm daily.
The Daily Blooms From $35 Free delivery with each bloom box purchased. Same-day delivery for orders placed before 4.30pm on weekdays.
Floristique From $38.04 Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on weekends.
Floral Garage From $45 (discounted) Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery in three time slots: 10am-12pm, 1.30pm-5pm, and 5pm-10pm.
The Bloom Box From $39 Free same-day delivery for orders placed before 4.30pm.
Flowers And Kisses From $54 Free same-day delivery for orders submitted before 4pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.
Floracent From $52 Free delivery for orders above $50. $12 delivery fee for orders below $50.
Urban Meadow From $44.90 Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery for orders before 11.30am on weekdays and 6am on weekends.
The Bud Box From $42 Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery for orders made before 5pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.
The Wallflower Bud From $48 Complimentary delivery except during peak season. Available from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am-6pm.
The Enchanted Tree From $35 Free delivery between 10am-6pm. Same-day delivery for orders made before 12pm on weekdays. No delivery on Sundays.
Windflower Florist From $38 Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery for orders placed before 3.30pm on weekdays, 12.30pm on Saturdays.

1. Flower Chimp

Classy bouquets & chocolate for all occasions

Image credit: @flowerchimp via Instagram

We all know that price often directly correlates to quality, but over at Flower Chimp, you’ll get both price savings and unique bouquets to boot.

They team up with specially selected florists to produce top-quality, sophisticated floral arrangements for any occasion, be it an anniversary, a birthday, or graduation. And if you’re in search of something with a little more romantic flair, then their Trinity Boxes will be the ace hidden up your sleeve. 

Image credit: @flowerchimp via Instagram

Diamond-encrusted premium roses and chocolates are all carefully packed into a picture-perfect box to give you a gift that will seriously impress your loved ones. There are also bouquets starting from just $37.90, within a whole section of bouquets below $50. Plus, you can add balloons and even teddy bears if you like.

Flower Chimp has flowers and other gifts for various occasions as well. For school graduations, they specialise in congratulation flowers, and for events such as shop openings, you can get congratulatory flower stands or grand opening flower stands, along with other gifts such as fruit baskets and fruit hampers which can be sent with a same-day delivery time.

Besides happy occasions, Flower Chimp also caters to solemn occasions. Be it condolence wreaths, condolence flowers, sympathy flowers, or funeral flowers, Flower Chimp offers both bouquets and condolence flower stands for the occasion.

Delivery options: Free delivery on all orders, same-day flower delivery for orders placed before 5pm daily.
Contact: Flower Chimp website

2. FARM Florist

Bouquets from $25 with free delivery within 1 hour

Image credit: FARM Florist

Taking speedy service to the next level, FARM Florist has implemented a system that enables them to deliver any bouquet within 60 minutes. This is also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your orders will arrive on the dot. Perfect for well-meaning but absent-minded folks in desperate need of a last-minute solution for forgotten anniversaries.

Image credit: FARM Florist

Bouquets are priced from $25 with free delivery, and the affordable price tag doesn’t equate to shoddy quality whatsoever. Sift through the extensive FARM Florist catalogue and you’ll see that their offerings are brimming with different colours, textures, and species, intricately wrapped up in a gorgeous bundle.

Besides bouquets, you can also gift your boo flowers in beautiful portable bloom boxes ($35). 

FARM Florist also specialises in birthday flowers and birthday cake bundles, graduation bouquets, anniversary flowers, and also flowers for specific occasions such as Teachers’ Day and Women’s Day.

Delivery options: Free same day flower delivery, or $10 for 1 hour delivery.
Contact: FARM Florist website

3. Little Flower Hut

24/7 flower delivery within 1 hour

Image credit: Little Flower Hut

If you’d like to surprise your SO at the stroke of midnight or bring a smile to his or her face early in the morning with a lovely bouquet of flowers, Little Flower Hut provides 24/7 delivery to meet these requests. 

Besides free same-day delivery on orders made before 4pm, they have a Super Express delivery to have it delivered within just 1 hour – any longer than that and your flowers will be free!

They have giant bouquets (from $299.90) available for extra special occasions.
Image credit: Little Flower Hut 

They have flower arrangements ranging from bouquets (from $35) to table centerpieces (from $39.90) and wreaths (from $60). Needless to say, you’ll be well-covered for any occasion, be it weddings, birthdays, baby showers or graduations. 

Delivery options: Free same-day delivery for orders made before 4pm. 24/7 & express delivery from $30. Delivery T&Cs apply.
Contact: Little Flower Hut website

4. Fav Florist

Marble envelope boxes & handmade mini bouquets

Mini Surprise Bloom Bouquets at $2
Image credit: @favflorist via Instagram

Look to Fav Florist for the cheap, fresh flower bouquets. Starting at only $28.90, their Mini Bouquet series and Surprise Weekly Blooms are perfect for celebrations where you want to be just as romantic, but a little more lowkey. 

These come decorated with roses, carnations and gerberas air-flown from farms daily to ensure plump petals and that fresh flower fragrance. Our favourite here is their rose bouquets. Do also check out their balloon bouquets and flower stands for the various occasions you have in mind.

Envelope boxes starting from $46.90.
Image credit: @favflorist via Instagram

For a little more pizzazz, go for Fav Florist’s aesthetic, marble envelope boxes (from $46.90) – these will give your next gifted bouquet that punch of novelty. 

And for celebrations that call for both flowers and a cake, you can look to their product bundles (from $72.90) which will let you pair balloons in various designs and sizes with your choice of envelope or flower box.

Delivery options: Free standard delivery. 1-hour Express Delivery available at $20 from 10am-5.30pm daily.
Contact: Fav Florist website

5. The Daily Blooms

Different box designs every week

Image credit: @thedailybloomssg via Instagram

For a refreshing spin on the traditional flower bouquet, consider picking up the specially-curated bloom boxes ($35) from The Daily Blooms instead. 

With fresh designs released every Saturday, you can send them over to boo and keep them eagerly anticipating a new arrangement every week. To take the box to the next level, you can also add on a music box ($14.90), with song choices including whimsical classics like Beauty and The Beast and Over the Rainbow. 

Delivery options: Free delivery with each bloom box purchased. Same-day delivery for orders placed before 4.30pm on weekdays and 12.30pm on weekends.
Contact: The Daily Blooms website

6. Floristique

Flowers in a bag for $38.04

Image adapted from: Floristique

If you’re planning a date night out and need a floral arrangement that’s easy to carry to the restaurant, check out the floral bag series from Floristique. No matter what combination of flowers you choose, the price is $38.04 per bag. 

With over 45 options, there’ll definitely be something that your SO would appreciate. Roses, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, baby’s breath in rainbow colours – they’ve got it all. And if you’re in the mood to splurge a little, they also have heart-shaped bouquets for $130.

Delivery options: Free standard delivery. Same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on Saturdays & Sundays.

Contact: Floristique website 

7. Floral Garage

Rose baskets at 25% discount this V’Day

Image adapted from: Floral Garage

While most florists are jacking up their prices during Valentine’s Day, Floral Garage is offering a 25% discount on their Roses in Box ($45, U.P. $59.90). What you see is what you’re going to get – a bed of red roses in a basket with a lid, surrounded by lush greens and dainty florals.

Apart from this hot seller, Floral Garage also has a section for budget-conscious folks with bouquets under $50. But just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they stinge on using popular flowers like sunflowers, roses, and peonies.

Delivery options: Free standard delivery. There are 3 same-day delivery time slots: 10am-12pm, 1.30pm-5pm, and 5pm-10pm.

Contact: Floral Garage Singapore website 

8. The Bloom Box

Handy flower boxes for $39

Image credit: @thebloomboxsg via Instagram

The Bloom Box does things a little differently – instead of the usual tissue paper-wrapped bouquets, their flower bunches are conveniently packed in flower basket carriers with attached handles. This makes them extremely easy to carry around on dates. Plus, your partner doesn’t have to find a vase to set them down as it takes up less space than a bouquet, making them a nice display on a dining table or dresser.

Image credit: The Bloom Box

Each Bloom Box ($39) comes with an assortment of fresh florals, from dyed roses to chrysanthemums and posies. The designs for each box change daily, so each purchase will bring you something different. Plus, if you want to jazz up your box, you can add on balloons ($20) and snacks (from $4.50) in your bloom box.

In this festive season, check out their CNY and Valentine’s Day gift hampers with seasonal flowers and wreaths.

Delivery options: Free same-day delivery for orders placed before 4.30pm.
Contact: The Bloom Box website

9. Flowers And Kisses

Customisable bouquets & free delivery

Customised bouquets.
Image credit: Flowers And Kisses

With Flowers And Kisses, you can choose between exercising your creativity to pick and choose all your boo’s fave flowers to create a customised bouquet from $54, or leave it to the in-house experts and select from a list of ready-made designs.

The Caramel Latte and Suntiago.
Image adapted from: Flowers And Kisses

It can be something as simple as the Suntiago ($34) sunflower bouquet for that special someone who brightens up your life, or an elaborate Caramel Latte ($128) bouquet in delicate warm tones which will perk the recipient up as if it were a midday cup of coffee.

Delivery options: Free same-day delivery for orders submitted before 4pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.
Contact: Flowers And Kisses website

10. Floracent

Floral domes with Beauty & the Beast vibes from $52

LED lights add to the whimsical vibes of the floral domes.
Image credit: Floracent

Floracent offers a unique alternative to hand bouquets – they have floral arrangements in bottles and domes for your viewing pleasure. Besides looking pretty, they’re also carefully preserved and set to last for much longer than fresh flowers.

Delivery options: Free delivery for orders above $50. A $12 delivery fee will be charged for orders below $50.
Contact: Floracent Instagram

11. Urban Meadow

Daily freestyle bouquets from $44.90

Medium bouquet.
Image credit: @urbanmeadowflowers via Instagram

Urban Meadow ups the ante with freestyle bouquets, with arrangements that change daily. Any incoming orders for a given day will only be for 1 particular design, available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Their flowers are nicely wrapped and packed in a paper bag, complete with a greeting card.
Image credit: @urbanmeadowflowers via Instagram

Delivery options:  Free standard delivery. Order before 11.30am on weekdays and 6am on weekends for same-day delivery.
Contact: Urban Meadow website

12. The Bud Box

Bouquets made of beer cans

Image credit: @thebudboxsg via Instagram

For a less conventional option, check out the Cheers To Beers Box ($42) from The Bud Box. As the name suggests, your flower box will include beer cans – making it a practical gift for anyone who loves a celebratory drink.

The Bud Box has new designs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and prices start from $29.90/box. Once you’ve chosen your preferred blooms, you can arrange for free same day delivery – this includes orders for public holidays too. 

Delivery options: Free standard delivery. Order before 5pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends for same-day delivery.

Contact: The Bud Box website 

13. The Wallflower Bud

Rustic bouquets from $48

Image credit: The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud is an online floral boutique started up by a pair of young locals. Their bouquets are hand-wrapped with kraft paper and twine for a rustic look.

Their selections include low-maintenance dried flower bouquets which last for a long time. Your girlfriend can pop the bouquet into a vase for display without ever having to water it to keep it looking pretty. No extra time needed for vase arrangements here.

These rustic and preserved blooms can be kept for a really long time.
Image credit: The Wallflower Bud

You can browse The Wallflower Bud’s collection on Instagram and on their official website. Be sure to order at least 2 days in advance if you want to get your order completed in time.

Delivery options: Complimentary delivery for all orders except during peak season. Note that delivery is only available from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am-6pm.

Contact: The Wallflower Bud website

14. The Enchanted Tree

Full-sized bunches from $35

Image credit: The Enchanted Tree

The Enchanted Tree conjures up a different style of arrangement every weekday to keep things fresh. This means that if you’re usually indecisive, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to decide between designs. If you’re looking for both flowers and gifts, the Enchanted Tree is a great pick and they offer flower and gift delivery too.

Delivery options: Free delivery between 10am-6pm. Same-day delivery for orders made before 12pm on weekdays. For deliveries on Saturdays, place your order by 3pm on Friday.
*No deliveries made on Sundays and public holidays, unless stated otherwise.

Contact: The Enchanted Tree website

15. Windflower Florist

Dried arrangements from $38

The Mikoto Rose is a popular choice for Valentine’s Day bouquets.
Image credit: Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist is best known for selling its bouquets through vending machines stationed in different locations around the island, but they also have online flower sales. If your lady prefers simple, single-flower bouquets to lavish arrangements, go for their smaller dried flowers bouquet like the Baby’s Breath (from $38).

If your girlfriend likes a bit of tipple, you can also get flower-alcohol packages like Boîte De Fleur Moscato or Prosecco (from $145.90) to really get the good vibes flowing.

Or if you are thinking of a bouquet to wish someone recovering from illness, a calla lily bouquet will never go wrong.

Delivery options: Free standard delivery. Place orders before 3.30pm on weekdays, 12.30pm on Saturdays, and 10am on Sundays for same-day delivery.

Contact: Windflower Florist website

(Closed) Happy Bunch

Whether your boo just made it through a gruelling exam or had a hard time at work, take the opportunity to delight her with a posy of colourful blooms from Happy Bunch.

Since a special design is crafted every day, you can be sending sweet-smelling pastel roses to perk your lady up one day, or rainbow baby’s breath on another, depending on the arrangement of the day.

Flower delivery in Singapore – Order affordable bouquets for your loved ones

Flowers are one of those gifts which are fit for almost every important occasion, so it’s not surprising if you find yourself having to make multiple orders for bouquets in a year. If splurging on bouquets causes a dent in your wallet, it’ll definitely do you good to hit up these affordable online florists in Singapore. 

For more gift ideas, check out these florists in Singapore with preserved flowers for blooms that’ll never wilt. You can also consider hamper delivery services and balloon delivery services for a more extravagant occassion.

Cover image adapted from: @floracent_sg, @thedailybloomssg & @favflorist via Instagram

This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Originally published on 23rd October 2020. Last updated on 11th April 2024.

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