Feel Fab Fest 2018 at Suntec City


Sure, you told friends you’d hit the gym last week. But you couldn’t miss out on drinks with ex-colleagues, had to bring your dog out for a walk, or just conveniently forgot to bring your workout clothes.

But throw your readily prepared excuses out of the window. On 21 and 22 July, the Feel Fab Fest – a.k.a. F3 – is happening at Suntec Convention Centre Halls 405 & 406 with free classes to get you on the narrow path to healthy living, stat.

Here’s what you can do at this extensive festival:


1. Dance at a silent disco and win prizes


win headphones in silent disco challengeImage credit: Feel Fab Fest Facebook

When it comes to exercise, you’d think gym garb and endless running on a treadmill. But picture this: a sea of people dancing to tunes that only they can hear, while burning countless calories almost effortlessly.

Saturday night just got a lot more happening with The Fab 80s & 90s Silent Boogie, a silent disco helmed by ONE FM’s Radio DJ Shaun Tupaz. As he spins up those retro beats, bust out your best moves – the most creative dancers stand to win up to $1,000 worth of prizes from Beyerdynamic who are known for their sleek earphones.

Well, that’s a definite upgrade from the silent disco ones.

The Fab 80s & 90s Silent Boogie

Date:21 July 2018



2. Work up a sweat at FREE Calisthenics and Red-X classes


If you wanna get in shape pronto for that beach day or school reunion your ex will be at, get started on these free Calisthenics classes by Core Collective or Red-X classes by Superfit.

circuit training with red-xGet introduced to Calisthenics. Image credit: @startstationsg

Don’t be intimidated by these newfangled workout names. Perfect that squat in Calisthenics or challenge yourself with the intense circuit training of runs, push-ups and the like in Red-X. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be working every muscle in your body.

Note: Register on the spot at the event itself.

Introduction to Calisthenics

Date:21 July 2018


Red-X Functional Fitness

Date: 21 July 2018



3. Channel your World Cup fever into football challenges


If you’ve been yelling at your fave World Cup team to just score already – it’s time to walk the talk.

Slip on your jerseys and grab the fam for the Fab 4 Football Challenge, where you’ll be playing alongside radio stars like ONE FM 91.3’s Glenn Ong, The Flying Dutchmen and Lim Tong Hai, one of Singapore’s most accomplished football captains.

football challenge with one fm djsImage credit: @feelfabfest

Over 15 teams will be channeling their inner Messi – so it’ll be a definite spectacle. And the top 3 teams with the highest number of goals get up to $1,500 worth of shopping vouchers and of course, glory.

Fab 4 Football Challenge

Date:21 July 2018 (Semi-finals), 22 July 2018 (Finals)

Time:Semis 4.15PM-7.15PM, Finals 11.30AM-1.30PM

Registration is open till next Tuesday here.


4. Grow your own greens at urban farming workshops


learn how to farm your own gardenImage credit: @feelfabfest

After driving up your heart rate with all that activity, slow down with a spot of gardening. There’ll be free urban farming workshops where you’ll learn how to cultivate your own edible garden at home.

Find out how to propagate plant cuttings and give your greens the TLC they need – soon, you’ll be seasoning your dishes with herbs right from your own backyard.

Urban Farming Workshop

Date: 22 July 2018



5. Enjoy live music sessions with Aarika Lee, Jack & Rai


Aarika Lee, Jack and RaiImage adapted from Aarikalee and Timbre Group

It isn’t really a festival without music performances to liven things up. So, get groovin’ to tunes by Aarika Lee. This soulful lady’s a regular on the music circuit – you might spot her with her band The Next Movement at The Mad Men Attic Bar and The Black Swan Patio.

Hero - Jack & Rai (Official Lyric Video)
play button
Hero - Jack & Rai (Official Lyric Video)

As for Jack & Rai, let’s just say this dynamic duo are probably no strangers to you. After all, they are one of the most well known live acts in Singapore and are the guys behind many a local TV show soundtracks.

Live sessions with Aarika Lee & The Next Movement

Date:21 July 2018

Time:1PM-1.30PM, 4-4.30PM

Live sessions with Jack & Rai

Date:22 July 2018

Time:1PM-1.30PM, 4-4.30PM


6. Let your kid train their masterchef skills with the Fab Junior Chef competition


let your kids compete in junior chef competitionImage credit: @feelfabfest

At the Fab Junior Chef Competition, it’ll be the little ones helming the kitchen. Who knows, you might spot a lil’ Gordon Ramsay in the making as the kiddos use their unbridled creativity to zhng up plain bread.

ONE FM’s Andre Hoeden and his kids will also be there to join in the fun *cough, competitors*. No wonder, as winners can score up to $1,400 worth of prizes from Tecno. Like appliances, for more cooking shenanigans 😉

Fab Junior Chef Competition

Date:21 July 2018


This competition is presented by Tecno Cooking Appliances and sponsored by Corelle.


Get fit and fabulous at the F3 festival in July


After sweatin’ it out, pop by over 50 booths that feature health, lifestyle and food products and services – grab a cold pressed juice from HIC Juice or snacks from YOLO Food. Or consider a long term fitness programme with Core Collective, a co-working space for fitness enthusiasts.

hic cold pressed juiceImage from: @hicjuicesg

Get an even fuller picture of what it means to be healthy at expert talks moderated by The Straits Times correspondents. Learn a thing or two about the developmental stages of your child’s brain with doctors from renowned hospitals, how to cope with that stressful 9-5, or gain a deeper understanding of conditions like diabetes.

Bonus: Singapore’s fastest marathoner, Mok Ying Ren, will also be there to share how to get fit through running!

With so many things in store, this two-day festival held in partnership with Sport Singapore. might well be the push you need to get you on the right track to being fit and fab!

Feel Fab Fest 2018

Date: 21-22 July 2018

Time: 10AM-8PM

Venue: Suntec Singapore (Halls 405 – 406)

Find out the full programme for Feel Fab Fest 2018 here

This post was brought to you by Feel Fab Fest, an SPH event.