Fat freezing for men in Singapore

When it comes to fat freezing treatments in Singapore – or even weight loss services in general – you may picture women-centric beauty centres for ladies looking to lose a few extra pounds. For men who are after the same goal, the choices may seem limited to dieting and hitting the gym.

The fact is, fat freezing for men exists, and Perfect Shape is a leading establishment from Hong Kong which specialises in the high-tech procedure. On behalf of the lads out there who might be apprehensive about how the process works, our colleague John was more than happy to volunteer as tribute.

Here’s the story of his journey to fight the flab, and how the fat freezing treatment helped nudge him along the path towards his dream physique once more. Read till the end to snag yourself an attractive promo to try this treatment yourself!

Gaining 15KG over five years & finding difficulty to shed the weight

Aged 31 this year, John remembers 2017 as the year his fitness was in its prime. He was consistently working out two to three times a week, and remembers being super lean and physically fit. 

Ultimate Frisbee Singapore
At its peak, John diligently attended training three times a week.
Image credit: Eric Lim S C

It certainly helped that he attended training for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee on a regular basis, and even went on occasional mountain climbing expeditions abroad.

As with many Singaporeans, John’s fitness slipped into the back-burner when he officially entered the workforce. It’s a struggle that many of us already stressed working adults face: when you feel too fatigued and lazy at the end of your 9-6, exercising just isn’t the number one priority.

TheSmartLocal Singapore Creative Department
John (back row, fourth from left) back in 2017 when he first joined his role as a Creative in TSL
Image credit: John Lim

Add to that a diet that isn’t exactly on the balanced side, and his weight gain started to snowball. In the past five years, John has piled on close to 15KG. 

TheSmartLocal YouTube McDonald's Mukbang
As a video talent, having a mukbang of the entire McDonald’s menu is also part of John’s job.
Image adapted from: TheSmartLocal YouTube

Not for lack of trying, as John has put in numerous attempts to shed some pounds – if not curb his weight from rising further. He’s given intermittent fasting a go, and also tried to kickstart the active workout routine he followed back in his mid-20s. Alas, he confesses that laziness always wins. 

And with that, he jumped at the opportunity to let technology aid in his weight control. Especially when all he had to do was kick back and relax, and be able to wrap up his session in as little as 20 minutes.

Trying a fat freezing treatment for men to get back in shape

Perfect Shape is the largest doctor-founded aesthetic group from Hong Kong. So, rest assured that everything – from the equipment used to the staff attending to you – are of the highest industry standard.

Fat Freezing Men Singapore - Measurements
Measurements before the treatment to record John’s weight loss progress

If you’ve no clue what fat freezing is, you might be picturing your body fat getting frozen solid, and your silhouette magically becoming trim and slim. Rest assured that the process actually works in a high-tech and biologically safe and natural manner. And the best part is, there’s pretty much no pain or discomfort, and zero downtime.

Fat Freezing Men Singapore - Consultation

Their CoolShaping fat freezing process starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your body type, health history, lifestyle, and weight concerns. This also ensures that the aesthetician in charge can advise a tailor-made treatment programme for you. 

Fat Freezing Men Singapore - Cooling Gel Sheets

Now for the fun part: cooling gel sheets are first laid onto your treatment areas to protect your skin from drying out or getting frostbite. After all, extreme temperatures as low as -10°C will be applied to freeze those pesky fat cells of yours.

Fat Freezing Men Singapore - Applicator
FYI: There are different sized applicators based on your frame and area of concern

The applicator acts as a vacuum to “suck” the targeted area for tight and specific spot reduction. Apart from belly fat, the CoolShaping fat freezing treatment can also be used to tackle the thighs, back, buttocks, and even chin. Yep, bye-bye double chin and hello to that chiselled jaw and V-shape look.

Fat Freezing Singapore

Low temperatures are applied to your flab, which will freeze the fat cells and enable your body to eliminate them naturally. That is, through sweat, pee, and going number-two. This gradual process takes time, so don’t expect to walk out of the centre having dropped a couple of kilos immediately.

Fat Freezing Men Singapore - Bruising
Slight bruising is expected, but the aesthetician will massage the area delicately with lotion to promote blood circulation and moisturise the skin. 

The treatment is reportedly able to help you lose fat in your areas of concern – which you can tackle at the same time within a single session –  by up to 27% over time.

It’s suitable for those with busy schedules, as each session takes roughly 20 – 35 minutes. You’ll also be able to head home with no downtime or side effects to plan your schedule around.

Perfect Shape CoolShaping fat freezing treatment review

Clients usually see visible results after two to three weeks. We checked in on John’s progress after a week and a half, and he’s already reported a noticeable reduction in his waistline. While he’s aware that major results don’t come overnight, John shares that with more sessions, he can see how the treatment can help folks achieve their desired physique.

If you’re a fellow bro who’s keen on dropping a few pounds without excessive dieting or slogging it out in the gym, you can consider fat freezing for men. Perfect Shape is offering a trial session of their CoolShaping fat freezing treatment at just $28 for first-time customers, so there’s no better time to give it a try.

Fat Freezing Treatment Singapore

The process is already a hit among the ladies – evident from the centre’s large clientele despite only being a few months old in Singapore – as it allows you to shed some stubborn fat in a safe and comfortable way. All you have to do is lie down and get comfy, and you’re free to play with your phone or even catch a snooze while the applicators do their thing.

Perfect Shape Singapore Wisma Atria

Swing by the centre – conveniently located at Wisma Atria – and take advantage of Perfect Shape’s attractive $28 trial offer. After all, there’s nothing much to lose. Except some fats, of course.

Book a $28 CoolShaping Fat Freezing session at Perfect Shape


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This post was brought to you by Perfect Shape.
Photography by Doreen Fan.
Cover image adapted from: Eric Lim S C

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