FairPrice Housebrand March deals


All kiasu, deal-hunting Singaporeans know the joy that comes with saving money on everyday purchases. After all, no one likes for their wallet to sustain unnecessary damage.

Calling all thrifty shoppers out there – FairPrice’s “So March More” is bringing you lobang after lobang with deals on their Housebrand products starting now till 21st March 2019! Contrary to popular belief, you can actually eat clean and keep fit without splurging $12 on grain bowls. It all starts with baby steps in your kitchen.

If you’ve been meaning to kickstart your affordable healthy-living lifestyle, now’s the time to do it. Here are 5 FairPrice Housebrand products to keep your eyes peeled for when you go grocery shopping this weekend:

Note: All prices stated are valid till 21st March 2019.


FairPrice 100% Coconut Water (1L)


FairPrice 100% Coconut Water

Coconut water has become really popular lately, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a great thirst quencher after a workout, and it doesn’t hurt that it tastes real good too!

FairPrice 100% Coconut Water has no added sugar and less sodium compared to regular energy drinks, making it a much healthier beverage alternative. Plus, it’s packed full of five essential electrolytes that are great for hydrating our bodies, regulating our blood pressure, and keeping us functioning optimally.

Promo: 2 for $5.15 (U.P. 2 for $6.50)
Discount: $1.35


FairPrice Pasta 500g (Assorted)


FairPrice Whole Wheat Pasta

It’s hard for some of us to say no to pasta – it’s easy to cook, and tastes delicious with a solid sauce. But it’s also full of refined white flour which is known to cause obesity, diabetes and many other health problems.

Well, you’ll have less of that problem with FairPrice Whole Wheat Pasta. It’s higher in whole grains and made with durum wheat which has much more nutrients such as vitamin B, fibre, and potassium as compared to white flour.

Promo: 2 for $2.95 (U.P. 2 for $4.30)
Discount: $1.35


FairPrice High Calcium Adult Milk-Based Powder (1KG)


FairPrice High Calcium Adult Milk-Based Powder

When we think about adult milk powder, perhaps only a few brands come to mind and they can be really expensive. FairPrice High Calcium Adult Milk-Based Powder offers a more affordable alternative, and it’s just as nutritious. It has loads of calcium, protein, and magnesium in it to keep our body tissues regenerating, and our muscles strong and healthy.

P.S. this milk-based powder is recommended for adults above 50 years only!

Promo: $16.95 per pack (U.P. $21.25)
Discount: $4.30


FairPrice Sunflower with Extra Virgin Olive & Mixed Seeds Oil (1L)


FairPrice Sunflower with Extra Virgin Olive & Mixed Seeds Oil

We always hear people raving about olive oil, and about how extra virgin is the way to go. But extra virgin olive oil has a low burning point and can be rather pricey, so not everyone can afford to use it generously.

FairPrice Sunflower with Extra Virgin Olive & Mixed Seeds Oil contains unprocessed extra virgin oil, but it’s mixed with sunflower and mixed seeds oil to increase its burning point. Your food won’t burn as easily, and it’ll have that mild fruity taste characteristic of extra virgin olive oil.

Best of all, it’s much more affordable and you can use this oil for a variety of purposes ranging from baking, roasting and stir-frying to using it raw as a dressing.

Promo: $6.95 per bottle (U.P. $8.35)
Discount: $1.40


FairPrice Mini Oat Bun 270g (Assorted)


FairPrice Mini Oat Bun 270g

If you have a love-hate relationship with carbs and the song Never Gonna Give You Up plays in your head every time you see bread, go for a healthier option like the Fairprice Mini Oat Bun. The mini oat buns are fluffy, not too sweet, and higher in whole grains – it’s way healthier and more nutritious than refined white bread if you’re looking for a midday snack.

The use of oats in these buns help lower bad cholesterol and is full of important vitamins and minerals our bodies need. More importantly, they’re a solid source of dietary fibre and slows down digestion – you’ll feel fuller longer.

Promo: 2 for $4.95 (U.P. 2 for $5.70)
Discount: $0.75

FairPrice march deals 2019

From food ranging from fresh to frozen and beyond, FairPrice Housebrand has more than 200 Healthier Choice products for you to choose from at affordable prices.


Shop at FairPrice this March to enjoy great savings


Health might be wealth, but that doesn’t mean you should actively cut back on your expenditure – especially when it comes to shopping for your daily necessities.

You can pick up these promotional items at your nearest FairPrice store or shop now on their online store at FairPrice On. And if you’re looking to bag more savings, FairPrice is bringing you a whole lot more deals this month of March so go hunt them down today!

Find out more about FairPrice’s So March More deals here

This post was brought to you by FairPrice. Photography by Daren Tay.