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Step into FairPrice stores and you’ll open a gateway to a wealth of necessities, supplies and, of course, food. While ol’ fav’ brands are great, sometimes, we just need something that’s lighter on the wallet while staying heavy on the quality.

Stacked all over FairPrice are teeming mounds of their housebrand products that balance the fine line between price and quality. We’ve sussed out 6 such items worth switching to the next time you’re shopping here.


– New products – 


1. FairPrice Fresh Kurma Milk 1L


FairPrice Housebrand - Kurma Milk

Ramadan might be over that doesn’t mean you gotta put kurma (dates) away from your life just yet. FairPrice Fresh Kurma Milk ($4.70) is the newest milk gracing FairPrice’s dairy section and is chock-full with calcium, while having a sweet and creamy taste. Of course, you can still find classic flavours such as regular and chocolate milk.

Taste-wise, I liked how the date extract added to the milk’s sweet aftertaste without undercutting its richness. Its consistency was also another strong point as it had the right amount of smoothness which makes it fine to add the milk to a bowl of cereal.


2. FairPrice Premium Nonya Curry Laksa Instant Noodles 4’s x 125g


FairPrice Housebrand - Nonya Curry Laksa

Some days, the laziness to cook is real which is when instant food will be a #blessing. While instant mee is usually a guilty pleasure, perhaps FairPrice Premium Nonya Curry Laksa Instant Noodles ($3.55) will make you feel a lil’ less sinful.

The noodles are trans-fat free and have no added MSG. To up the authenticity levels, each pack comes with REAL laksa dipping sauce! After making a bowl for myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the noodles’ springiness. But more importantly, the curry was extra gao which lent to its savouriness. 

Tip: Zhng it up at home with some fresh seafood and a hard-boiled egg!

You can also find a broad range of flavours of instant noodles here such as:


3. FairPrice Japanese Green Tea – Yabukita Blend with Roasted Rice 50’s x2g *New flavour*


FairPrice Housebrand - Yabukita Blend

The next time you’re craving for Japanese tea, skip the usual Japanese marts and head to FairPrice for their FairPrice Japanese Green Tea -Yabukita Blend with Roasted Rice ($6.25).

The tea bags can be used to make both warm and iced tea. After brewing a hot cuppa for myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the scented aroma that wafted in the air which served as a preamble for its nutty taste.


– All-time favourites  – 


4. FairPrice Bottle Juice – Orange with Sacs


FairPrice Housebrand - Orange Juice

At $3.15, the FairPrice Bottle Juice – Orange with Sacs is an absolute value for money. You’ll get 2 litres of orange drink which means your breakfast drink will be settled for the next 2 weeks!

I had it with toast for breakfast and loved how it wasn’t overly sweet. As someone who prefers pulp, I appreciated how the bottle had a generous amount of these mini balls of goodness that added an extra zest with every sip.


5. FairPrice Kool Potong Ice Cream – Sweet Corn, Mango & Durian 6 x 65g


FairPrice Housebrand - Potong Ice-Cream

We all grew up loving the Potong ice-cream with its assortment of flavours. Now, get ‘em at affordable prices with the FairPrice Kool Potong Ice Cream – Sweet Corn, Mango & Durian ($3.25). Inside this treasure box are 6 different flavoured ice-cream sticks just waiting to be devoured.

My favourite flavour was definitely the durian ice-cream, as it had the same creaminess of the fruit without its usual pungent smell.

Other flavours combos include:


6. FairPrice Frozen Tori Karaage Japanese Fried Chicken – Spicy 500g


FairPrice Housebrand - Karaage

If you need something that’s quick to prepare for a party, FairPrice Frozen Tori Kara-age Japanese Style Fried Chicken ($6.20) work great as party snacks and can be used to whip up a mean side dish. 

Bite into the deep-fried breading and you’ll unleash a torrent of meat juices that are simply heavenly. The chicken’s tenderness meshed beautifully with the crispy exterior, giving each bite a burst of umami

These halal snacks come in both original and spicy flavours so they can be enjoyed even if you don’t handle spice well.


Buy good quality-yet-affordable items at FairPrice


FairPrice Housebrand - CTA

With over 200 outlets in Singapore, chances of you being close a FairPrice store are probably high. It’s a brand close to home, literally and figuratively, as the myriad of affordable goods there make it a popular shopping destination for your barang-barang.

Just ‘cause something is value for money, doesn’t mean it compromises on quality – as shown by FairPrice’s housebrand range of high-quality-yet-affordable products. This July, FairPrice will be celebrating 33 years of housebrand. 

On a previous episode of Singaporeans Try, the TSL crew took a blind taste test with FairPrice housebrand products. Spoiler: They. wanted. MORE. 

From now till 18th July 2018, as part of the anniversary celebration, you can redeem a free PYREX Easy Seal Air-Tight Glass Container (worth $14) if you spend at least $58* in one  receipt*. The container is 1.5 litres big, giving you more than enough space to store the wealth of items you can get at FairPrice stores.

Note: Only available at FairPrice Xtra stores*. While stocks last. 

* AMK Hub (B2) | Changi Business Park | Hougang 1 | Jem | Jurong Point JP2 (L3) | Kallang Wave (Sports Hub) | nex

Find out more about FairPrice housebrand products here!

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