The New FairPrice Finest At Paya Lebar Has Ready-To-Eat Meals To Save Hungry Office Workers In The Area

FairPrice Finest Paya Lebar Quarter

Paya Lebar has been undergoing a huge makeover recently, and Paya Lebar Quarter is the newest kid on the block that’s on our radar. For starters, the new FairPrice Finest is something busy office workers or residents in the area will definitely want to check out.

With over 50 ready-to-eat selections, a fresh bakery counter and a standing area for dine-in, it’s a convenient one-stop spot for hectic days where you can grab fresh, hot meals immediately. Plus, with the launch event, Finest Treats in a Box happening from 5th-8th September 2019, you will even get to try the different types of food available.

Greater convenience with Ready-To-Eat meals

Office workers will understand the challenge of squeezing in a meal in-between meetings and deadlines. Not to mention having to deal with the throngs of people that flood all food options at lunch hour.

Head straight to the Ready-To-Eat counters situated near the entrance of FairPrice Finest instead – you can skip the queues, and stave off the hunger pangs a tad quicker. 

There’s a selection of fresh foods including everything from makis handmade on the spot to sandwiches that can also be heated up immediately with the microwaves available at the customer service counter, so you get to enjoy them piping hot. 

There is also a standing counter located near the bakery, so you won’t have to scour for a table and chope it with your tissue packet. 

Here are some of the food options you can select from: 

1. Saybons – cafe-quality pasta from $5.50

1-hour lunch breaks are simply not sufficient for us to join the snaking queue at a cafe as much as our cravings hit an all-time high. Fortunately, Saybons has a selection of RTE pasta meals and soups available. 

Your choices range from Truffle Mushroom Carbonara ($5.50) to even Chilli Crab Mac N Cheese ($5.50). Or go for a Beef Bolognese Pasta ($5.50), a classic choice that never goes out of style. 


2. Zacmeat – halal options like beef rendang

Image credit: Zac Meat

Halal options can be tricky to find sometimes, but FairPrice Finest will have you covered. With MicroThermik technology, the RTE products from ZacMeat need not be chilled. If you are looking for an extra dish to add to your home-cooked meals, the Chicken or Beef rendang are super quick and easy to whip up.

3. Taste Asia – convenient Asian classics

For days I’m craving something comforting, Asian food is always the answer. Taste Asia provides a selection of Asian meals such as Gram Dhal Rice with Butter Chicken ($4.90) and Fish Sauce Chicken with Fragrant Rice ($4.90)

4. Hayley – quality desserts from $4.50

Cap off your meals on a sweet note – Hayley provides a selection of quality cakes, including Tiramisu, Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Crumble and Apple Crumble. Without any preservatives or artificial colouring, you can enjoy them guilt-free. 

5. Bakery Cuisine – an in-store bakery with fresh waffles

For something to snack on back in the office, get some baked goods from Bakery Cuisine, the in-store bakery at FairPrice Finest. 

Besides buns, bread and sandwiches, they also serve up freshly baked waffles (from $1.40) with your choice of filling. Pair your waffle with a cup of freshly brewed coffee – they’ll make for a great midday pick-me-up.

Try different cuisines at the Launch Event

To celebrate the launch, head down to the FairPrice Finest store at Paya Lebar Quarter for Finest Treats in a Box which will be held from 11AM-2PM and 5PM-8PM from 5th to 8th September 2019. For just $4, you’ll get to fill your box (worth $8) with up to 4 portions of food from:

 One appetizer:

  • Sushi (Sens Sushi)
  • Salad (Swiss Butchery)

Two mains: 

  • Pasta (Saybons)
  • Rendang (Zac Meat)
  • Asian Delights (Taste Asia)

One dessert: 

  • Waffles (Bakery Cuisine)
  • Ice Cream (Udders)
  • Cake (Hayley)

If you’re heading down on 7th September 2019, you’ll be able to get more than just food samples – take this chance to witness a sashimi chef slicing up yellowfin tuna from 12PM – 1PM, and enjoy fresh tuna sashimi samples!

Convenient meals at FairPrice Finest Paya Lebar Quarter

With grab-and-go lunches that you can heat up in seconds, FairPrice Finest at Paya Lebar Quarter will bound to be your solution for days you need a quick meal fix. 

Whether you’re an office worker avoiding the crazy lunch crowd or a nearby resident looking for meal alternatives, now you know just where to head to!

Find out more about FairPrice Finest Paya Lebar Quarter Mall here


Launch Event
Address:  #B2-09 Paya Lebar Quarter, 10 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409057
Dates: 5th – 8th September 2019
Opening hours: 11AM-2PM and 5PM-8PM
Admission: Free 

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This post was brought to you by FairPrice Finest.

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