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As wonderful as the long CNY weekend was, it’s just left you wanting more time off of school or work! Unfortunately, the next public holiday isn’t until the 14th April. For most of us Singaporeans, that’s just too far away. The lethargy has set in, and you’re already fantasising about sleepy lie-ins and cocktails by the beach.

When jetting off to our holiday, we all just want less panic about changing flights, and more uninterrupted sleep. That’s why we found a list of direct flights to some dream destinations, which’ll guarantee you some peaceful, uninterrupted shut-eye. 


1. Muscat (Oman)



Muscat, Oman BeachSource

While everyone else is getting hyped up over Dubai, we’re much more interested in its exotic neighbour, Muscat! This bustling metropolitan city is bursting at the seams with gorgeous rugged beaches, deserts, and insane architecture that’s just waiting to be explored. 

Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman Bimmah Sinkhole | Source: @okjihee1205

And of course: look at this magical Bimmah Sinkhole which looks perfect for an afternoon dip. The sinkhole is filled with stunning turquoise waters which’ll make you feel like you’ve chanced upon the opening to the centre of the earth! Bring a snorkel and mask, ‘cause there are tons of beautiful fish you don’t want to miss out on. As the small fishes like to gently bite around your feet, you’ll even get to enjoy your own personal fish pedicure too.

Bimmah Sinkhole, OmanBimmah Sinkhole | Source: @grab_your_passport

If you time your visit right, you can get this sinkhole all to yourself! It’s secretly hidden between the coastal towns of Ḑibāb and Bimmah which means there’s a high chance you’ll be able to enjoy these soft sands and clear waters in complete privacy.

Price: Starting from around $400/per pax round trip 
Book here on Omanair


2. Darwin (Australia)


Northern Territory, Darwin AustraliaNorthern Territory | Source: @thetravelhuman

For adventurers, you’ll have hit the goldmine with Darwin. Named after scientist, Charles Darwin, this Australian Capital is located in the Northern Territory. As rich as it is in indigenous culture and exotic wildlife, it’s a wonder that tourists aren’t flocking to it.

One of the top locations is the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, which caters to all.  From swimming underneath waterfalls on powdery white sands, to sitting on top of vibrant cliffs overlooking the bay, you’ll find yourself fighting over what to do next. And don’t worry about the facilities in this park being scruffy, people are always surprised at how comfortable and clean they are.

Cage of Death, Crocosaurus CoveCage of Death | Source: @crocosauruscove

If you’re looking for something extra: go all the way with Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove. It’s home to the largest Saltwater Crocodiles in Australia, where you’ll be able to come face to face with crocodiles in the “Cage of Death.” Each dive lasts for 15 minutes, giving the scaly reptiles a decent chance to take a bit of your head! Live for the gram, die for the gram. 

Jokes aside, you’ll be in a safe cage that’ll protect you from the crocs. But if that’s still a bit too much for you, go for the picture opportunity with the baby crocodile instead – you’ll even get to hold it.

Price: Starting from around $366/per pax round trip 
Book here on Jetstar


3. Dili (East Timor)


Dili Beach, East TimorSource

If you agree that there’s nothing better than hot sand running through your toes, then Dili is the place for you. Home to Areia Branca, the beach seems to never end. It’s also close to an abundance of bars and restaurants, meaning you can dine on freshly-caught fish and sip on coconuts when you’ve done basking in the sun. 

Areia Branca Beach, Dili East TimorAreia Branca Beach Source: @solanas.c 

And while others are diving in Thailand, or Malaysia – professional dive instructors are saying Timor “dumps all over them” with their coral and marine life. In just forty minutes of diving, you’ll be able to see a whole variety of fish and even small sharks. If you want to see schools of dolphins, Atauro Island won’t let you down. There have even been sightings of sperm whales in October and November.

Behau Village, Dili East Timor Behau Village Source  

For a good dive shop, try Dive Timor Larosae or Aquatica Dive Resort  – they both have highly trained friendly instructors who would be more than willing to take you exploring under the sea.

Price: Starting from around $436/per pax round trip 
Book here on Air Timor


4. Phu Quoc (Vietnam)


Phu Quoc, VietnamSource: @ellabellayeah

Chào bạn, Vietnam! Phu Quoc is one of the lesser known locations in Vietnam – it’s a family-friendly island that offers snorkeling, fishing trips and of course – beaches on another level of exoticness. It’ll leave you sighing with happiness as you nestle yourself into powdery white sand, with beautiful palm trees shading you from the harsh rays of the sun.

Phu Quoc Island, Bioluminescent PlanktonPhu Quoc Island Source

If you come, you must visit nature’s wonder that is the bioluminescent plankton. There are only very few places where you can witness this, and Phu Quoc is one of them. Basically, this bioluminescent phenomenon happens when organisms like plankton is disturbed, which causes them to release a special chemical. This reacts with oxygen to create light, making the sea appear all magical and bright blue. Alright, science lesson is over – but it’s just like something out of Avatar.

Price: Starting from around $286/per pax round trip
Book here on Vietnam Airlines 


5. Davao (Phillipines)


Samal Island, Davao PhillipinesSamal Island Source 

Davao has been hailed the safest city in the Philippines, but that’s not all they have to brag about, as they also have access to 8 incredible islands. To get to any of these islands, you can either catch a bus or get on a boat. The most recommended ones are Samal Island and Paradise Beach, which honestly look like something that was taken straight from a post-card. 

Eden Nature Park, Davao Eden Nature Park Source

If you’re not a scaredy-cat like me, you can go and visit their incredible mountain hideaways. You’ll feel like Tarzan when you’re running about in the jungles, and even more so if you partake in their activities like sky cycling and ziplining! 

Panas Falls DavaoPanas Falls Source

When you’re done beating your chest from your exciting adventures high up in the trees, pop by one of Philippine’s most beautiful waterfalls to catch your breath. We recommend the Panas Falls, which has pure, clean spring water you can wade into. It’s the perfect spot to end your holiday, leaving you feeling relaxed and content. 

Price: Starting from around $292/per pax round trip
Book here on Cebu Pacific


6. Hoi An (Vietnam)


Cua Dai Harbour, Hoi An VietnamCua Dai Harbour Source

Home to Southeast Asia’s best beaches, you’ll definitely find one that suits your taste! If hordes of tourist make you turn and run in the opposite direction, you’ll have no such interruption on this unspoilt island gem. Dedicate a day to exploring Cham Island, 20km to the east of Hoi An, and its rich marine depository on a snorkel or scuba diving adventure. 

But don’t just limit your Hoi An experience to harbour, their cultural exhibits are outstanding too. There are plentiful of temples, pagodas and shrines, including those built by the Chinese community. We recommend visiting the Vietnamese Goddess, Thien Hau, too. She bestows protection and good luck to people who sail out to sea.

Price: Starting from around $226/per pax round trip
Book here on Jetstar

Note: Closest Airport is Danang (DAD), then you travel for 1 hour by car to get to Hoi An.


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