This New Escape Theme Park May Be Coming To Singapore, VR Cinema Also Arriving In 2024

New Escape Theme Park & Haven VR

For many of us, theme parks are the highlight of our childhoods and the mad love for it never goes away. I’ll be screaming on roller coasters and snapping pictures with Mickey till my bones creak. So fellow theme park lovers, if you’re hankering for more, prepare for a ride as a new Escape Theme Park may be coming to Singapore.

Along with it, expect a new VR cinema attraction, Haven XR, with AI features and choose-your-own-storyline plots opening in 2024. 

Escape Theme Park – Potentially opening soon

Image credit: Lone Pine Hotel

It felt like it was just yesterday that we bid goodbye to Escape Theme Park in Pasir Ris, with fond memories of the Pirate Ship and the Inverter. Not to be confused with the one we grew up with, this Escape Theme Park that’s now in the limelight originates from Malaysia, and is operated by the Sim Leisure Group (SLG).

They’re known for their adventure rides, water slides, and high element courses. 

ESCAPE Adventure Park, Penang.

You’ve probably heard of it if you’ve been to Penang. ESCAPE Adventure Park is a major attraction there, holding world records such as the world’s longest zip coaster and world’s longest tube water slide.

Escape Challenge, Petaling Jaya.

If KL was recently checked off your travel bucket list, you’ve likely encountered ESCAPE Challenge in Paradigm Mall. They’ve got 1 more theme park in Ipoh under construction, and more attractions planned for KL and Johor. 

According to Straits Times, they’ve already started looking at suitable theme park sites in Singapore so we’re hoping to hear good news soon!

Haven XR – VR cinema expected to open in 2024

Image credit: Sim Leisure Group

If there’s anything hotter than Singapore’s recent heat wave, it’s the cinema scene, with Barbie and Oppenheimer being the recent talk of the town. IMAX aside, you can expect something even more high-tech right around the corner. 

Don an avatar and choose your own storyline with Haven XR, an adventure VR cinema that is also operated by SLG, slated to open in the first quarter 2024. This is a cinema that will feature artificial wind and smells. You’ll even be able to experience temperature changes – a nice respite from the heat.

Expect 2 new theme parks in Singapore

They say “less is more”. But when it comes to theme parks, we say “more is more”. We can’t wait for more exciting attractions that’ll help knock any feelings of boredom out of the park. While you’re waiting for more news on the launches, spend your next block of free time relaxing at Splash Tribe Beach Club or exploring the newly opened ORTO West Coast.

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Cover image adapted from: Sim Leisure Group, Lone Pine Hotel

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