Tiers of joy this Mother’s Day


After all I’ve put my mom through, the annual Mother’s Day holiday is a pretty big deal. A bouquet alone seems too impersonal, while DIY meals always seem to end in minor burns and frosting everywhere. And with the slew of established bakeries, choosing the perfect cake is a pretty tall order. 

Alongside classics like the chocolate cake, Emicakes have introduced matcha, yam, and of course, their renowned durian cakes into the mix this Mother’s Day! Here’s what we thought of their new range of flavours and whether you should get them for mum!


The Emicakes Taste Test


Premium D24


Featuring layers of vanilla chiffon+ embedded with fleshy chunks of D24 – I daresay this is the best durian cake I’ve ever had! Our office devoured this cake in mere minutes, leaving fervent durian-lovers clamouring for more. 

Creamy and oh-so-indulgent, the Premium D24 definitely does The King Of Fruits justice.

For Singaporean moms with a penchant for this thorny fruit, this will surely put a smile on her face. Mother knows best, and mother deserves nothing but the best too!


Double Chocolate


If your mom prefers the classics, there’s no need to think outside the chocolate box because you just can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Cue the Double Chocolate Cake: three fluffy chocolate chiffon+ layers alternating white chocolate mousse and their signature chocolate mousse, garnished with delicate buttercream roses. Each slice was incredibly moist, generously smeared with their melt-in-your-mouth mousse. A little chocolate therapy goes a long way. 


Authentic Yam


Talk about a showstopper – the prettiest of the lot, their Authentic Yam Cake cut open to reveal strikingly violet yam filling, sandwiched between two cottony vanilla chiffon+ layers. Yam hardly comes to mind when I think ‘yummy cakes’, but this elegant cake certainly grew on me.

As with their Premium D24, the creamy yam filling is not the least bit artificial-tasting albeit slightly grainy. Its sweetness was pleasantly mellow such that both the subtle vanilla and yam flavours were discernable. This exotic, yet elegant cake is ideal for any mother who adores orh kueh (steamed Chinese yam cake).


Red Velvet Bundt


Emicakes’ refreshing take on the ubiquitous red velvet comes in the form of a Bundt cake, smothered with cream cheese frosting and fondant roses. Light on the frosting, this one’s easier on the waistline. 

The crimson-coloured crumb fell short in terms of moisture, but the light cream cheese frosting married harmoniously with the chocolatey red velvet. Perhaps a more even cake-to-frosting ratio would’ve helped. If you’re looking for a cake for your anti-sweet tooth mom, this bundt fits the bill!


New Premium Matcha Cakes


Alongside their limited edition Mother’s Day cakes, the month of May will see the launch of three new premium matcha cakes, all made with high grade matcha from Japan.

For the uninitiated, green tea is an antioxidant and boasts a whole host of health benefits; so you can have your cake, and eat it with no qualms whatsoever! 


Ul-TEA-mate Matcha


Cheekily named Ul-TEA-mate Matcha, this was the sole cake with an element of crunch, courtesy of the chocolate-covered almonds encased in the green tea goodness. Featuring both matcha mousse and matcha chiffon+, this is the cake for your green tea-loving mother. 

While it looks simple, the cake was delightfully fragrant and the matcha mousse velvety smooth. If only the chocolate element was incorporated a little better, this cake would be point-perfect. 


Matcha Misu


To get the best of both worlds, Matcha Misu pairs their aromatic matcha mousse and decadent tiramisu filling, complete with two coffee-dipped chiffon+ layers. Lavishly sprinkled with cocoa powder, this was assembled in just the right ratio for a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. 

This fusion cake will give you the best of both Italy and Japan! 


White Choc Matcha 


I’ve never been a fan of white chocolate, so the Matcha White Choc was a tad too sweet for me. Still, the ultra-luscious white choc wedded the subtle, earthy matcha mousse superbly well; and atop the layer of vanilla chiffon+, each bite was light as clouds. 

Your mom’s friends will go green with envy once photos of this delectable treat hits social media. 


About Emicakes


Singapore’s No. 1 Durian Cake Maker, Emicakes began its story as a humble bakery in Tampines over 20 years ago. With over 9 outlets island-wide, they’ve since become a household name, best known for their premium grade Mao Shan Wang, D24 Durian and Eggless cakes. 

They also believe in constantly re-inventing their products to guarantee quality, variety and satisfaction in every bite.


Promotions & Pricing


From now til the 20th of April and 30th of May, receive 20% off their  Limited Edition Mother’s Day Cakes and 15% off their New Premium Matcha Cakes respectively. Only applicable for advanced orders and store purchases of 15-20cm cakes, while stocks last. 

Pre-order your Mother’s Day cake and Matcha Cakes today!

Other T&Cs apply, you can read up about them here. 

This post was brought to you by Emicakes.

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