Emelyn Shoes – This New Label Has Minimalistic Heels You Can Easily Match With Any Outfit

Emelyn shoes – stylish and versatile heels

Heels can be a girl’s best friend, but they can also be our worst enemy. They might give us legs for days, but new heels could also mean teary eyes and blistered legs after an entire day in them.

Word’s out there’s a new kid in the block with heels that ticks both ‘stylish’ and ‘comfortable’ boxes: Emelyn Shoes. With more than 20 stunning designs ranging from basic to full-out-glam, it may be hard to pick just one. So here, we chose 4 pairs for all occasions:

P.S. We grabbed a few pairs and recently tested their limits with an Upside Down shoot too!.

1. Have a full day out with your go-to Celine mules

Shoes are an accessory that can either make or break your outfit so you wouldn’t want a mismatched pair of shoes to throw your entire look off-tangent.

We love the creamy beige shade which is neutral enough to match any outfit.

If you were to only have one pair of heels in your wardrobe, let it be the Celine mules ($69.90). Simple and chic in design, this pair is sure to complement most of your outfits. Its matte PU leather design can also take you everywhere, from a brunch date to a great night out at a bar.

And on the inside – where it really matters – there is a thickly padded microfiber lining that will make sure your feet remains comfortable through the day.

Check out Instagrammers like Michelle, @mirchelley carrying off these mules in style and loving the comfort! 

Also available in: Beige, Blue and Light Brown

2. Outshine everyone in the office with Rosabelle Pumps

This high shine look is very on-trend and surprisingly versatile.

When it comes to work, normal kicks do not do the trick. What you need instead, is a pair of work shoes that spell ‘strong independent woman’, like these handcrafted Rosabelle Pumps ($59.90).

In a metallic sheen which stands out without being tacky, these pumps are like the LBD of your closet and add a much needed shine to even the most basic black corporate outfit. Throw ‘em on with a skirt, working pants, and even jeans – they’ll match fo’ sure. 

Bonus: Its pointy toes give the illusion of elongated legs!

3. Glam up for a classy date night with Delfina heels

Solid date night heels – in rich red suede and with a statement-making chunky heel.

For those with zero sense of balance but still want to look glammed up – I feel you – check out the Emelyn Shoes Delfina heels ($49.90).

This design comes with 2.75 inches of chunky heels and an adjustable ankle strap for extra stability. A day long of shopping with bae along Orchard Road? Bring it on. A romantic dinner and then clubbing till the sun rises? Oh, please *hair flick*.

But beyond the practicality aspect, we love this design for its rich maroon colour and suede material that oozes luxury and class. 

4. Get festive for special occasions with Violetta heels

Time to party – so bring on the champagne and glitter. 

As you go through adulting, you’d realise that special occasions start to pop up like notifications in a Telegram super chat – i.e. they never stop.  For those weddings, D&Ds or parties, you’d definitely want a statement piece like these handmade, glimmering 4-inch Violetta Heels ($59.90).

We wore it and felt just like Queen B – without any painful stings.

Shoes without the woes

While hopping on with the latest trend bandwagon might be fun, it’s always good to have a few go-to shoes to answer the exasperating question of “What should I wear today?” 

For heels that will always be there to support you – literally – make sure to invest in a pair of Emelyn Shoes. Each pair of their shoes are handcrafted by shoe experts with years of experience,.

Select premium designs such as the Celine Mules are lined with high-grade microfibre and layered with rubber anti-slip bases. So, no falling down on rainy days, or tripping when you’re running for the bus.

The next time you open that shoe cabinet, you’d know what’ll complete your killer outfit. Now, werk it!

TSL lobang: If you’re interested in getting yourself one of these comfy classics, head to the Emelyn Shoes website or at the physical store where there are discounts up to 50% off in their end of season sale that is happening right now! . 

TSL readers can even use the code “EMELYNTSL5” to get an additional 5% off the entire order!

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Check out the full catalogue of Emelyn Shoes here!

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Kezia Tan

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