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Boat Quay  #01-01 73 Circular Road  Singapore 049427
Hotline: +65 6733 3567  http://www.nothingbutgreen.sg

Eat your greens!” is a familiar refrain at meal times from mothers. However, in an age where fruit and veg are routinely doused with chemical insecticides and ripeners, this may not be such a healthy option after all. Enter Nothing But Green, an organic deli founded by three mums!


Starting out originally as a specialty organic mart, it expanded its eating space to cater to the increase in dining patrons. They also recently extended their opening hours to cater to the evening crowd. This cosy eatery conveniently located in the Boat Quay area along Circular Road promises natural, organic food ingredients from sustainable sources without any scary man-made chemicals. We find people normally associate the word organic with 1) Vegetarian 2) Expensive 3) Bland 4) Western. We are glad NBG manages to dispel all these myths, serving delectable mains such as their organic Thai Green Curry Chicken being priced at just $6.80.  Unbelievable! These dishes are guaranteed to satisfy hungry meat lovers and at the same time leave your stomach and your wallet feeling happy.

The veg, meat, fish and poultry are all organic, ensuring not just gastronomic safety but great flavour too. Health benefits aside, organic food just tastes better. As such, nothing on the menu here contains any MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – the food simply doesn’t need any artificial enhancement.

The Chow 


First up, the “Shrooms” Mushroom Sandwich ($9.50). Served with a side of crunchy crisps, this sandwich is a vegetarian’s delight. The shitake mushrooms are succulent and perfectly complemented by sautéed onions and garlic.


NBG’s version of local favourite Fish Soup ($6.80), or “Yu Pian Tang”, is second to none. Like the other mains on the menu, the soup comes with a choice of either white or brown rice. This is what fish soup ought to taste like, fresh and wholesome with no trace of artificial elements. It will be unlike any “Yu Pian Tang” you’ve had in Singapore. Locally-grown organic bitter gourd, cai xin and tomato lend sweetness to the fish stock. The fish slices, also from a local fishery, are cooked just right, al dente and smooth as silk.


The “Masisseoyo” (Korean-style beef stew) is a carnivore’s delight. Unlike surgically enhanced Korean celebrities, the cubed Aussie beef brisket in this steaming dish is totally au naturel. The portion is pretty big with a hearty quantity of meat and potato, so you can even skip the rice.


A fave amongst regulars here, the Thai Green Curry Chicken ($6.80) is a must-try. The vegan curry paste is sourced from Thailand. A dollop of coconut milk adds creaminess to the fragrant curry. I liked that the bite-sized chunks of organic chicken were succulent and tender. This is a fresh-tasting curry that won’t give you that “jelak” feeling. No surprise that this dish is the best-seller on the menu.


I have an incurable sweet tooth and could not resist sampling the chocolate brownies. This brownie is charming in its old-school simplicity. Rich, moist chocolatey squares topped off with chopped walnuts and plated with a squiggle of choc sauce. Gluttonous me normally likes my brownies a la mode, but Nothing But Green doesn’t serve ice-cream because they have yet to find a suitable organic version. Pity!

The Ambience 


Nothing But Green has nothing to hide when it comes to its ingredients and food preparation methods. This fact is highlighted by the open-concept kitchen and no-frills yet inviting decor. This joint is very popular with the lunch crowd, so it gets really crowded during lunch hour, with dinner time making for a more laid-back dining experience. Also, the dinner menu offers extra dishes such as Fried Chicken Cutlet and Roast Beef with BBQ Sauce.

The Service 

The purple-clad staff are friendly, affable and efficient. What more could a diner ask for?

The Verdict 

Whether or not you’re a health nut, Nothing But Green is worth a try. The organic ingredients and exclusion of non-natural food additives translate to honest, tasty dishes that showcase the pure flavour of natural ingredients with simple yet tasty recipes. A big plus – their prices are down to earth too, which means over here you don’t need to fork out extra for superior quality.



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