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drynk bar - cover image

This New Bar In Lavender Has $10 Cocktails On Weekdays & Serves Cup Noodles For You To Sober Up

Drynk at Jalan Klapa

Picture this: you’ve bottoms-upped your last drink with friends and now there’s a growl in your tummy. Usually, you’d make a beeline for the 24-hour McDonald’s, but fries and a burger aren’t going to cut it. You need something hot, soupy, and full of MSG, so it’s straight to 7-Eleven for instant noodles.

Now imagine you can get both in one place – that’s Drynk for you. This new bar has everything a college student needs: alcohol + cup noodles. Keen? Then read on:

Get $10 cocktails from Mondays to Thursdays

As if you need a reason to drink on a weeknight. But if anyone asks, it’s because cocktails are $10 each from Mondays to Thursdays at Drynk. You’ll want to pick your poison first, as each day has a different alcohol-based drink in the spotlight.

drynk bar - $10 cocktails
Drinks included in the $10 promos: Yuzu Whiskey Sour on Wednesdays, and Paloma and Tequila Sunrise on Thursdays.

Image adapted from: Drynk

It’s martini night on Mondays, so come down if you want to chase the blues away with drinks like chocolate martini and lychee martini. Then on Tuesdays, the bar pairs gin with mixers like kombucha, tonic, and soda. Come on Wednesdays if you like whiskey drinks like highballs and old fashioneds, while Thursdays highlight tequila in classics like margaritas and palomas.

drynk bar - specialty cocktails
Pop My Cherry and Good Night, Goodnight.
Image adapted from: @drynkup

Those aren’t the only drinks available, of course. You can also get their signature cocktails like a cherry, coke, and bourbon mix called Pop My Cherry ($15), and a chocolate-spiked bourbon with Good Night, Goodnight ($16). If you’re taking it slow for the week, you can also get kombucha ($11) and non-alcoholic drinks like coke, lemonade, and kiwi soda from $6.

Soak up alcohol with cup noodles

When the alcohol is this affordable, you know a hangover the next day is almost inevitable. Thankfully, Drynk has just the carb-heavy thing to mitigate any next-day headaches and nausea – cup noodles.

drynk bar - cup noodles
Image credit: Drynk

Yup, with every alcoholic bevvie you order, you’ll get your choice of cup noodles at just $2. They’ve got all the popular flavours like chilli crab, seafood, and tom yum available. If you want an extra cup, it’ll be $4.90 each. Right now, that’s all they’re serving, but there’s talk they’ll be serving nuggets and seaweed chicken in the near future too. 

Find your new hangout spot at Drynk

When the company of friends and a good drink are all you’re after, a cosy spot like Drynk does the trick.

drynk bar - gashapon and arcade games
Image adapted from: Drynk, @jjenuinelyjenn via Instagram

Don’t just think you’re here to nurse a cocktail all night though, the bar does have fun and games up its sleeves. Every empty cocktail glass gets you a turn on the gashapon machine, where you’ll be able to win free cup noodles and even discounts on your next round.

drynk bar - interiors
Image adapted from: Drynk

There’s also an old-school arcade game machine for you to button mash your frustrations away, or settle bets with friends – perhaps the loser could foot the bill. Whichever way you play, we see Drynk becoming your next go-to drinking hole soon.

Find out more about Drynk

Address: 7 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199319
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-12.30am (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: Drynk Instagram

Cover image adapted from: Drynk, Eatbook, @jjenuinelyjenn via Instagram