About Dessert Guroo Delivery


Dessert Guroo is a Singapore online dessert delivery store that delivers delicious desserts right to your doorstep.

Being one of the first in Singapore to provide this service, this dessert brand aims to bring innovative, convenient and tasty desserts to everyone. It makes it easy and convenient for busy Singaporeans to whip up DIY yummy local desserts during house parties and gatherings.

An added bonus – they are also HACCP and HALAL certified!


Dessert Guroo Local DIY Desserts


To get a good feel of the range of desserts, we tried out four different flavours. Here are our ratings of each one.


1. Mangotini ($27.90)


This mango dessert looked so pretty so we decided to try it first. Making the dessert was straightforward as all the desserts packs come with ingredients nicely packaged with an instructions sheet attached. This means anyone can easily make these desserts by themselves at home. Servings wise the portions can easily feed a group of 10-12.


All we had to do was to follow the step-by-step instructions to create the dessert.


The Mangotini consists of Mango Linguine (which is basically mango-flavoured jelly strips), Mango Puree, Peach Nectar, Crystal Pearls and even a packet of water. I felt that the water was a little unnecessary though, because we can always use our own water. But still, the pack of water was a small and nice gesture. 


This appetising dessert that is so easy to make!

The Mangotini tastes like a typical mango dessert: sweet and refreshing. What makes it stand out from the other mango desserts are the different types of ingredients included in the dessert. The linguine and pearls give the dessert an additional chewy texture.

The pearls were bland but they give the concoction a nice overall balance in terms of sweetness, so we don’t feel like we’re just eating a dessert that is overwhelmingly sweet. This was my personal favourite dessert but the other girls in the office preferred the Red Tea Jelly based desserts.

Moving on!


2. Green Tea Jelly ($17.80)



The Green Tea Jelly was an enigma. I wasn’t sure what taste it was aiming for, because the passionfruit nectar tasted like medicine syrup, and the jelly had the green tea taste, but it tasted a little weird.

I love green tea products but somehow this one had a slight hint of bitter herbal flavour. The combination of passionfruit and green tea was off balance, and left my taste buds feeling a little confused.

None of us liked it and it is not a dessert we would recommend.


3. Passionfruit Red Tea Jelly ($25.90)



Most of the girls loved the red jelly and the flavours that went with it complimented it nicely.

This dessert had a complicated taste, with the tangy taste of passionfruit clashing with the soursop and red tea jelly. Even though the combination did not really impress me, the red tea jelly was really good. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and chewy factor, and I found myself eating piece after piece of the fragrant red tea jelly.


4. Lycheetini ($27.90)



The Lycheetini was very well done. The sweet and delicate lychee flavour went very well with the succulent soursop flesh. Perfect balance, perfect combination, perfect taste. Mmmmm……just thinking about it now makes me salivate. 


Dessert Guroo Delivery Final Verdict


Dessert Guroo fills up quite a niche market in Singapore. I am sure we’ve all had times where we wanted to throw house parties or have friends over and thought it may be nice to end the night with some local dessert. But there wasn’t any we could order… until now of course!

The desserts are really easy to make and you will be able to impress your guests with these colourful and flavourful DIY desserts. Some of the desserts taste better than the others though, so choose wisely!

We can’t recommend the Greentea cup Jelly but at the same time we highly recommend the Red Jelly based desserts, in particular the Lycheetini Party Pack.

Dessert Guroo offers quite a wide selection of desserts so have a look at their website here if you’re interested in ordering from them.

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