11 Places To Customise Wedding & Engagement Rings In Singapore So Your Proposal Will Be 100% Unique

Where to customise wedding & engagement rings in Singapore

If you’re intending to spend the rest of your life with your other half, a proposal with a ring is a rite of passage every to-be-wed Singaporean goes through. Given that a ring is a symbol of lifetime commitment and love, you wouldn’t want to be frivolous when deciding on one.

Going with customised wedding and engagement rings is the way to go if you want the love of your life to be wearing a piece that is unique and sentimental. So if you want your other half to squeal “Yes!” at the sight of it, here are the places in Singapore to get one that stands out from the crowd.

1. August Bespoke – Custom diamond & gemstone rings

Image credit: August Bespoke

Even if you are considering a simple Solitaire ring, August Bespoke won’t let you get down on one knee with a run-off-the-mill design in your hands. Instead, they will craft the perfect ring based on you and your bae’s fashion and lifestyle choices.

Every diamond is hand-picked and every ring designed from the ground up, so you can be certain you’re getting something one-of-a-kind and not from a storeroom. In addition to the traditional Round diamond, they specialise in fancy cut diamonds such as Emerald or Oval cut diamonds as well as other coloured gemstones like Sapphire and Morganite.

There’s also no limit to how you want to customise your ring, whether it’s an intricate design or an outlandish request like a colour-changing gemstone.

Images adapted from: August Bespoke

Those who want to learn more about the dos-and-don’ts behind selecting the right ring can also attend August Bespoke’s free monthly masterclass. The session will run you through picking the right gemstone shape, the price of diamonds in detail, and a display of various ring designs. There’s also a Q&A session at the end for any inquisitive minds who still have questions.

August Bespoke
Address: Initial consultations on Zoom (with meetups in Singapore)
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily (by appointment only)
Contact: 8952 8238 | August Bespoke website

2. Artemis Rings – Princess-like designs

Image credit: @artemisrings via Instagram

If your lady adores princess-like jewellery, Artemis Rings does just that with their dainty designs that’ll be a sure-win with your lady.

Those who are clueless on how to begin can refer to their past designs on the Artemis Rings Instagram page for inspiration. They have thematic designs ranging from antique-like to whimsical styles laced with lots of glittery gems. These designs are intricate and are largely inspired by flowers.

This design resembles a rose sitting in the middle of baby’s breath.
Image credit: @artemisrings via Instagram

All their rings are handcrafted in Singapore, and customisation normally takes 6-8 weeks. Their boutique is pretty exclusive because they don’t usually accept walk-ins, so you’d want to make an appointment in advance. And if you’re busy during the day, evening and weekend consultations are always available.

Their studio is spruced up with exquisite chandeliers and elegant potted plants.
Image credit: Artemis

A r t e m i s Rings
Google Reviews
5 Purvis St, #02-06, Singapore 188584
Opening Hours:
Thursday 13:00-20:00 Show More Timings
Contact Information

3. Jannpaul – Free ring customisation

Image credit: @janessaloves via Instagram

Jannpaul provides ring customisations at no extra charge, which certainly helps you save some bucks while giving your partner a one-of-a-kind ring.

On top of this, they offer a lifetime warranty for all their diamond jewellery, which includes polishing and the replacement of lost side stones caused by broken prongs. You can also send your jewellery for free prong tightening so that your diamond is secure, and get rhodium plating to make your ring more scratch-resistant – all for free!

Image credit: jannpaul via YouTube

To help you visualise your design better, the staff will digitally superimpose your ring on a photo of your bae’s hand so you can see how it looks before settling on a design. 

JannPaul Diamonds Singapore | Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands
Google Reviews
545 Orchard Road #01-23, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours:
Thursday 09:30-19:30 Show More Timings
Contact Information

4. Carrie K. – Secret diamond morse code design

Image credit: @carriek_rocks via Instagram

Dazzling diamond rings are a dime a dozen, but if you want your engagement ring to always remind you of your very own love story, then look to Carrie K. to up the ante. 

Side-step the basic blind embossing of wedding bands and let the diamonds do the talking. Carrie K.’s Milgrain Morse Engagement Ring is one that encapsulates the very essence of a secret love note by using dots and dashes to spell out yours and your partner’s initials on the ring band in morse code – all in your choice of diamond or moissanite, no less. 

You’ll also be able to select your solitaire centrepiece separately and have it set on a classic Gold, stylish Rose Gold, platinum, or timeless Forever White band in 14K or 18K.

The brand was even awarded ‘Designer Of The Year’ in 2016 and ‘Bespoke Designer’ in 2017 at the Singapore Fashion Awards
Image credit: Carrie K.

If you and your forever +1 are open to selecting an engagement ring together, Carrie K. offers bespoke services to help you create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will always hold a special place in your heart.

Clueless folk can take up their complimentary 90-minute Carrie K. Diamond and Gem Workshop to equip you with practical tips on how to select the right gem at the right price. This comes especially handy for those who have no clue as to what they’re after.

Carrie K. also has access to over 250,000 diamonds and gemstones around the world and will help you find the diamond that suits your quality and price requirements to a T.

Carrie K. Atelier
Address: 111 Middle Road, #02-02 National Design Centre, Singapore 188969
Opening Hours: By appointment only
Contact: 9299 8244 | Carrie K. Website

5. GIOIA Fine Jewellery – 24/7 online consultation

You can also visit their shop at International Plaza.
Image credit: GIOIA Fine Jewellery

It’s probably your first time acquiring an engagement ring, so you’ll want all the help you can get. Great news – GIOIA Fine Jewellery has a free 24/7 online advisory service on their website. Gemstone options-wise, choose from an array of top quality jewels including royal blue sapphire, pigeon blood ruby, and paraiba tourmaline – all as fancy looking as their name sounds.  

Image credit: GIOIA Fine Jewellery

As for the ring itself, the brand has customisation services so you can choose your preferred gemstones and band style to create a design that’s uniquely yours. Upon discussion, the creative designers at GIOIA Fine Jewellery will then create a sketch of the ring so you can better visualise your bling. 

Address: 10 Anson Road, Tanjong Pagar, International Plaza, #02-97A, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-6pm | Sat 11am-5pm (Closed on Fridays & Sundays)
Contact: 6100 2238 | 9295 5909 | | GIOIA Fine Jewellery website 

6. Gem By Gems Store – Guaranteed lowest price on the market

Image credit: @nunuaini via Instagram

With their own diamond cutting factory in India, Gem By Gems is able to guarantee the lowest prices of GIA certified diamonds on the market. This means you’ll be spending up to 30% less for equally good diamonds. They will even offer a 5% discount off their ring should you find diamonds with the same specifications elsewhere at a lower price.

You also have the option of going for coloured gemstones, like this customised blue sapphire ring.
Image credit: @stylebyjane via Instagram

You’ll be able to choose from their extensive collection of loose gemstones and set it in a custom ring design of your choice!

Gem By Gems
Google Reviews
14 Scotts Rd, #01-54/55 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours:
Thursday 13:00-20:00 Show More Timings
Contact Information

7. Storis – Pastel sapphires

Image credit: @ilovestoris via Instagram

Other than the conventional GIA triple excellent standard clear diamonds that are high in quality, Storis offers a plethora of pastel shade sapphires, and a collection of natural pink diamonds. All these have been sourced from suppliers who support fair trade and ethically mined.

Image credit: @ilovestoris via Instagram

They also provide Storis smithing, a service which allows couples to work together and create their very own rings.

Image credit: @ilovestoris via Instagram

storïs Fine Jewellery
Google Reviews
328 North Bridge Road Raffles Shopping Arcade, Singapore 188719
Contact Information

8. Michael Trio – Covers Si Dian Jin

Image credit: @michaeltrio via Instagram

Thinking of a design from scratch is no easy feat, but Michael Trio has in-house designers to help you get started on one. 

Simply call them for more deets, or email them with your budget and a picture of your ring inspo to set up a consultation session. You’ll then get a free quote, before you move on to discuss concepts with a consultant. A 30% deposit will only be required when you engage their service for preview sketches and wax carvings of your design.

Classic Pave Diamond Engagement Ring.
Image credit: @michaeltrio via Instagram

Handpick the materials to build and design your own ring from scratch with their Design Your Own option. Their Have it Customised service involves tweaking existing designs to suit your taste. And if you’re planning your proposal within a tight timeline, their Have it Now option will be handy for you. Simply choose ready-made rings and make unique minor tweaks to it.

Olive Diamond Set Si Dian Jin.
Image credit: @michael trio via Instagram

For couples going through Chinese wedding customs, Si Dian Jin (四点金) is an essential feature, especially in Teochew Weddings. It is a 4-piece jewellery set gifted to the bride as a betrothal gift by the groom’s mother as a blessing of prosperity in their new marriage life.

Michael Trio provides Si Dian Jin that are ready-made or can be custom-made from scratch. Instead of traditional and bulky-looking bright yellow gold, their contemporary designs are on the dainty side. They come in 10k white or rose gold designed with diamonds, so you’ll be able to pair them easier with your regular wardrobe.

Michael Trio
Google Reviews
91 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088512
Opening Hours:
Thursday 12:00-20:30 Show More Timings
Contact Information

Full list of Michael Trio outlets.

9. Madly Bespoke Jeweller – Rare gemstones from Tanzania

Image credit: @madlygems via Instagram

Engagement rings and wedding bands don’t necessarily need to have just diamonds. Break away from convention by using gemstones instead – they’re equally as striking, plus they’re less costly. Madly Bespoke Jeweller is the perfect place if you’re intending to customise an engagement ring with rare gemstones.

They offer fine garnets mined from the famous Mahenge mines of Tanzania with a spectrum of shades to choose from. They’ll make your ring more eye-catching with its unique shade of pinkish red and make bae stand out from the crowd.

Indigo Blue Tourmaline “Starburst” Ring.
Image credit: Madly Gems

Apart from garnets, they also offer spinels and tourmaline which are high quality gemstones. Spinels comes in a variety of colours such as black, purple and yellow. Tourmalines on the other hand are known for their rainbow-like colours where you can sometimes find a mixture of colours in a single gemstone.

MADLY Bespoke Jeweller
Google Reviews
13 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069693
Opening Hours:
Thursday 10:00-19:00 Show More Timings
Contact Information

10. Calla Lily – Repurposing services for family heirlooms

Image credit: Calla Lily

Calla Lily is a small company run by 2 women, and they try to add your personality and life experiences into your ring. They also source high-quality gemstones from Brazil, Columbia, Tanzania, and Myanmar, in vivid colours to make your design stand out. 

Image credit: Calla Lily

If you happen to have a family heirloom that’s been passed down to you specially for your wedding, you can also engage Calla Lily for their repurposing services. They can help to give the heirloom a new lease of life through extensive cleaning, or rebuilding broken parts of the jewellery.

Going a step further, they can even reimagine the design of the heirloom and replicate it. It’s a less common service that gives a more significant meaning to your ring.

Calla Lily Fine Jewellers
Google Reviews
56 Eng Hoon St, #01-56, Singapore 160056
Opening Hours:
Thursday 10:30-19:00 Show More Timings
Contact Information

11. State Property – Art-inspired designs

Image credit: @thisisstateproperty via Instagram

State Property is for connoisseurs of extremely ornamented ring designs – these have even  been worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift. You’ll want to make sure to engage them early for an appointment, as they take 10 to 12 weeks to deliver a custom ring.

Their ready-to-wear collections are largely inspired by historical art and pop culture, which makes the design of their jewellery unconventional.

This Kitalpha engagement ring has sparkling stones orbiting around a Solitaire diamond.
Image credit: State Property

Not just sophisticated in their design, most of their rings are inspired by fictional and non-fictional stories. Their Drew Full Pavé Ring for instance, is inspired by Edward Stratemeyer’s Nancy Drew and takes on a bold feminine design.

Drew Ring (left). Posh it up with the Drew Full Pavé Ring (right) version, that has diamonds laced all around it.
Image adapted from: State Property 

State Property Atelier
Google Reviews
36 Armenian St, #01-02, Singapore 179934
Opening Hours:
Thursday 10:00-17:30 Show More Timings
Contact Information

Places to customise wedding & engagement rings in Singapore

With this list of places to get customised wedding and engagement rings, you can easily start planning on your proposal. Get creative when designing a ring for your loved one – it doesn’t just have to be limited to a typical diamond ring. You have the option to incorporate gemstones, intricate silverwork, vintage elements, and even artsy reworks for the most unique ring possible.

You should definitely go the extra mile if you love your bae to the moon and back; after all, the most important factor of the ring lies in its significance. It goes to show much effort and thought you’ve put into customising the ring, and the sentimental value that comes along with it.

For more wedding, anniversary and date ideas, check out these articles: 

This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Image adapted from: @artemisrings & @lensofmira via Instagram
Originally published on 24th December 2019. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 13th January 2024.

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