Cold Storage Great World Is Now Known As CS Fresh With A Dine-in Oyster Bar, Bento-Making Station & Curry Bar

CS Fresh at Great World, Singapore

After undergoing a major makeover at Great World shopping centre, Cold Storage has reopened its doors as CS Fresh. In addition to serving all your grocery needs, the supermarket is also home to loads of different ready-to-eat meal options from build-your-own bento sets to aromatic Indian curries and authentic paratha. 

Not many supermarkets boast dine-in oyster bars, an indoor eco-friendly veggie farm and snack selections from the likes of Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, India and Korea all under one roof. Here are some spoil-market aspects of CS Fresh that’ll make it your go-to food-shopping destination:

Build your own perfect Souzai bento

Bento sets are a convenient, tasty and filling meal option, but preset components may not be to your liking. Make sure every ingredient is something you’re looking forward to gobbling down with build-your-own Souzai bento sets.

Choose from a 3 Souzai Combo ($9.90) which comes with 1 protein, 1 basic base and 1 side, or the 4 Souzai Combo ($11.90) which is the same but with 2 sides. Accompaniments include crispy pork tenderloin katsu coated with breadcrumbs, grilled teriyaki scallops flown directly from the Yamaguchi prefecture, and caramelised sweet potatoes for a saccharine kick.

Slurp on fresh oysters at the first-of-its-kind dine-in oyster bar

Eating freshly shucked oysters is a grand occasion you’d probably associate with fancy, beachside restaurants. At CS Fresh, you can make it a regular weekday occurrence mid-way into your grocery run, and it’ll only set you back $2.59-$3.99/piece, depending on which variety you get.

Must-tries for first-timers and oyster connoisseurs alike are the USA Shigoku Oysters and premium or standard USA Pacific Oysters. Nothing beats slurping on the fresh flavours of USA oysters right in the comfort of your own home!

Swing by from 5PM-7PM daily to enjoy their Happy Hour promotion – $1.99/piece for USA Pacific Oysters (Premium) and Canadian Oysters (Premium).

Enjoy a hearty Indian meal at Singapore’s first supermarket Curry Bar

Few things hit the spot like a hearty spread of Indian fare, with assorted curries, biryanis, prata and more. You can get all that at CS Fresh’s Curry Bar, the first supermarket Indian food station in Singapore.

Featuring quality ingredients and a medley of fragrant herbs and spices, you can mix and match components to form either a quick and satisfying meal, or dabao a feast for the entire fam. Best-sellers include butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, beef rendang, paneer paratha roll and shish kebabs.

Munch on 30-hour stone-baked sourdough at the Artisanal Bakery

The Artisanal Bakery has an impressive selection of bread, pastries and cakes. Beyond the tempting aroma of freshly baked goods, customers can pick up anything from a sweet pick-me-up – we recommend the tantalising tarts and fruit-filled danishes – to a rustic loaf for the pantry.

If there’s one thing you can’t go home without, it’s CS Fresh’s speciality stone-baked sourdough bread. Lovingly mixed and kneaded before getting stone-baked in a meticulous preparation process which totals 30 hours, the result is a delightfully crackling crust, yielding pillowy textures and a subtle flavour that will leave you hankering for seconds. 

Shop for snacks and cooking essentials from all over Asia

No more trawling various Asian minimarts to hunt down obscure tidbits and cooking essentials, or forcing your globetrotter friends to tompang parcels of snacks for you in their luggage. Curating the most-wanted goodies from regions like Japan, Korea, Thailand, India and Taiwan, CS Fresh’s “Best of Asia” collection is a one-stop shopping haven for the multicultural foodie.

Exotic street snacks, unique candies, addictive chips and never-before-seen instant noodles – you can find it all here. Talk about taking your taste buds on a new Asian adventure each day!

For the domestic gods and goddesses, you won’t have to travel to different Asian countries to whip up your own authentic culinary delights. Home-cooked bibimbap with spicy gochujang sauce for lunch and DIY Taiwanese steamboat for dinner? Never been easier.

Marvel at an indoor farming display and buy its crops directly

This is where techies, eco-warriors and food fanatics in general can collectively marvel at how innovative it is to have a high-tech farm, right within a supermarket. In collaboration with Sustenir Agriculture, this indoor farming system uses an impressive 95% less water than traditional farming methods. Chalk one up for helping to save the Earth!

You’ll be able to bring home packets of these innovatively-grown veggies immediately, relishing in the fact that the harvests are all 100% clean and free of pesticides as well as environmental pollutants.

Boost your HP with DIY salads and a range of organic health foods

Look good and feel your best by stocking up on nutritious yet tasty food. If jelak hawker dishes have got you feeling sluggish, skip the post-lunch food coma and swing by the DIY salad bar instead. If you’re spoilt for choice, leave it to the experts with premade healthy bowls and wraps.

There’s also an entire section in the supermarket dedicated to health foods. We’re talking superfoods like maca root and acai, gluten- and dairy-free options for everyday essentials, a sports nutrition range as well as sugar smart foods to suit every lifestyle and dietary need.  

Pre-packaged Alison’s Pantry healthy snacks are an excellent way of staving junk food cravings on-the-go

There’s also a fresh organic produce section to get fruits and veggies grown in prime conditions! Wrapped in biodegradable packaging, they boast a 70% reduction in plastic waste.

Shop for fresh groceries and ready-to-eat meals at CS Fresh

First-time visitors of CS Fresh will undoubtedly be awe-struck by the aesthetically pleasing facade. The sophisticated wood-and-brick interiors, contrasting vibrant fresh produce and a mind-boggling array of foods, certainly conjures a welcoming vibe as you embark on your grocery run. 

Apart from the above-and-beyond supermarket attributes we’ve highlighted above, CS Fresh is also home to your regular essentials such as household items, myriad beers, wines and spirits, an ocean-fresh seafood section and a bespoke butchery service.

Located at Basement 1 of the recently renovated Great World, head down to settle your shopping errands, fuel yourself with tantalising ready-to-eat options, or just try a new exotic snack you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. With their extensive selection of fresh and quality international foods, you can now taste flavours from all around the globe, right at home.

Find out more about CS Fresh here


CS Fresh – Great World
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-139, Singapore 237994
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily

This post was brought to you by CS Fresh.
Photography by Olivia Tan Jia Yi.

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