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Causeway Point Has A Free Dino-Themed Water Playground With Water Jets & Cute Toddler Zone

Causeway Point water playground

While you might find a kids’ playground at just about every corner in Singapore, one that has an active volcano spewing “lava” is harder to come across. But that’s exactly what Causeway Point has in store: a dinosaur-themed water playground with water jets, a volcano, and a whole lot of fun. 

For the little dino devotees, the dozen adventures here will be intriguing. As for the parents, there’s a mecca of shops waiting for you inside the mall. 

Explore dino-themed slides & structures

Don’t be fooled by its humble size because this dino-focused water playground packs a punch.

Image credit: @causewaypointsg via Instagram

Once you arrive at Level 7, prepare to run after the kids as they roam around the water jets and the 2.2m-high dino rib cage. Try to resist the urge to swing or stand on the dangling bone in the middle as it is strictly for the little ones to sit on. 

Image credit: @causewaypointsg via Instagram

Fans of Cocomelon’s Dinosaur Song can have a go at identifying different types of dodo sculptures around the playground. Expect to spot T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and Triceratops among many other creatures.

Witness volcano eruption

Joining the lineup of life-size dinosaurs is a massive volcano AKA the crown jewel of the playground.

The volcano is actually a massive water jet with slides attached on both sides.
Image credit: @causewaypointsg via Instagram

Over here, the kids will have 2 options: either splash down the water slide or shoot down the dry tube if they’d rather not get wet. Both can be accessed via the stairs at the back of the volcano.

Toddler zone for the crawlers and younger toddlers.
Image credit: @winniewinning11 via Instagram

The slides are catered to children aged 5 and above. But that doesn’t mean the grown-ups can’t have a go at it and frolic in the water. As for the tinier tots, there’s a toddler zone with mini dino-shaped fountains and various colourful dino eggs to explore.

Visit Causeway Point water playground

Jurassic Mile in Changi might have impressive dinosaurs but it can be a long drive, especially if you live in Woodlands. That’s why the dino-themed water playground at Causeway Point exists so you and the kids don’t have to travel far.

The playground is free for all but keep in mind that each playtime is limited to 45 minutes. There’s an outdoor shower facility to rinse the kids off. However, baby changing rooms are inside the mall should you need one.

Check out the dino-themed water playground at Causeway Point

Admission: Free
Address: 1 Woodlands Square, Level 7, Singapore 738099
Opening hours: 10am-9pm, Daily

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Cover image adapted from @causewaypointsg via Instagram.
Originally published on 15th July 2022. Last updated by Samantha Nguyen on 24th August 2023.


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