Guide To Bukit Gombak Park – SG’s Newest Nature Corridor For Westies To Boast About

New Bukit Gombak Park

No matter if you’re Team East or Team West, one thing that most Singaporeans can agree on is our love for nature parks. Bukit Gombak Park is the newest green space to grace the West, and it’s packed full of activities from dog runs to chic cafes.

Whether you’re searching for the next cafe-hopping spot or just simply looking for a place to exercise with your pets, here’s a list of things to do at the park:

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1. Bring your doggo out for some exercise at the dog run

Westies who were once jealous of the largest dog run in the East at East Coast Park can rejoice because Bukit Gombak Park now has its own 480 sqm Dog Run. For non-pet owners, a dog run is a large fenced area where you can safely let your doggos run unleashed.

Because it’s built on a hill, the dog run features a sloped terrain for an extra challenge just in case you want to clock in a nice workout with your dog as well. For those who prefer to kick back with a nice cup of morning coffee while Charlie chases the butterflies, there will be benches around the dog run area for you to rest on.

2. Spot up to 45 specifies of butterflies at the Butterfly Garden

The garden has roughly 45 species of butterflies

If you ever wondered how it feels like to be a Disney princess, then the Butterfly Garden – located at the highest point of the park – may make your wish come true.

Filled with butterfly-attracting plants, you can be sure to spot some of these beautiful critters to pose with a la Snow White. No singing skills required.

3. Let your kids play at the nature playground

This is a good opportunity for the kids to learn how to appreciate nature whilst having fun

For those heading over with kids, the park has a play area that’s inspired by all the nature that’s around it. Look out for literal stepping stones and log balancing beams that blend seamlessly into the surrounding trees and shrubberies.

There’s also a mini rock climbing slope complete with a slide that brings you right down to the bottom

Right beside the play area is a fitness corner, filled with exercise equipment that will get your blood pumping. For the gym goers who want to switch up their routine and get some sunshine in, here is an excellent guide to fitness corners workouts to help you stay in shape.

4. Fill up your stomachs at a botanical-themed cafe

All that running around and playing with the kids will be sure to work up an appetite. Thankfully, Whisk & Paddle is located right smack in the middle of the park. 

The cafe opens at 12.30PM on the weekdays and 9.30AM on the weekends but you may want to come earlier in order to beat the queue

Here, you can rest and refuel with some classics from their brunch menu including:

  • Chocolate Chip Waffle ($12.80)
  • Duck & Lychee Pizza ($17.80)
  • Crabmeat Linguine ($17.80)

Visiting Bukit Gombak Park

For the uninitiated, the West has been known for some time as an industrial area, being home to many oil and gas companies operating out of Jurong Island. This new slice of greenery will hopefully help attract more nature lovers and shred the image of the West as being too ulu to hang out at. 

Remember to bring along an umbrella and plenty of hydration as well since the park is largely unsheltered

So the next time you’re looking for a place where the whole family can have some fun – including the pets – add Bukit Gombak Park to the list.

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