Your sister from another mister


As we grow older, we come to realise that it’s not about having the most number of friends, but about having the few friends you know are here to stay – most importantly, the BFF who’s the cookie to your milk and the mac to your cheese.

Here are 10 signs you know your friendship will last forever.

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1. No topic is out of bounds


There’s not a single topic that’s a no-go, whether it’s bodily functions, boys, or, you know, bodily functions and boys.

And there’s no occasion where you can’t talk either – your friendship is strong enough for you to talk to your BFF even while you’re in the loo.


2. Silences are comfortable


You share a special language consisting of unglamorous selfies on Snapchat or emojis on Whatsapp; simply shoot your BFF a look and she’ll understand exactly what you’re getting at.

At other times, you simply enjoy the silence together – perhaps except for the occasional unabashed fart – because you’re that comfortable with each other.


3. She’s your best wingwoman


She’s the one you’re sending screenshots of your Whatsapp conversations with your new love interest to – you can count on her for some thorough romantic text analysis. Is he interested in me? Does he mean he wants to netflix and chill, or netflix and chill? Your BFF somehow always has all the answers.

She’s also the one who’ll conduct Quality Checks on your eyecandy at a party, to be sure it’s not just your drunk goggles blurring your judgment. And she’ll strategically hook you up if he makes the cut, of course.


4. She’s more bae than your boyfriend


And just because you’ve gotten your guy, undoubtedly an impossible feat without your BFF’s support, it doesn’t make her any less important in your life. It’s still sisters before misters, besties before testes. When you’re hanging out with your boyfriend and your BFF, the former’s the one third-wheeling.


5. You are each other’s personal photographers


Instagram-worthy OOTD shots don’t spawn out of nowhere – it took 50 shots to get the perfect picture, okay?! And who else has that kind of patience other than your BFF?

You take turns to make each other look gorgeous.


6. You’re always in each other’s plans


Get a manicure together? Sure. Grab brunch this weekend? You didn’t even have to ask. Run away to Europe to set up a beach bar together? I was just thinking the exact same thing!

Not forgetting the obvious – you’ve long agreed to be the bridesmaids at each other’s weddings.


7. The separation anxiety is real


Are regular toilet trips together a socially acceptable thing to do? What about texting each other immediately after parting ways? Regardless, you do it anyway.

That being said, even if you haven’t seen her for months, you can still naturally pick up from right where you last left off – BFFs can grow separately without growing apart, and distance ain’t got nothing on your friendship.


8. She will always have your back


She’s celebrated you at your best and stuck around at your worst. She’s kept you from having your head in the clouds, but will always encourage you to reach for the stars. If you bug her enough, she’ll even sign up for yoga classes with you even if she’s a sedentary couch potato.


9. She knows exactly what gifts to get you


You might not notice it, but your BFF takes note when your gaze lingers at the lipstick aisle. She knows exactly which shade of foundation to get you, and which eyeshadow color looks flattering on you.

As far as gift-giving goes, she’s set the bar high!


10. You can’t imagine how you survived without her in your life


Whether you’ve known your BFF for a year, five, or ten, it feels like you’ve been best buds all your life.

You imagine you and your BFF as a pair of white-haired, denture-wearing old ladies chuckling over stories beginning with “Remember that one time when…”. You’re certain that she’ll be right by your side every step of the way, which makes you wonder how you ever got by before she entered your life.


Best friends who dress up together, stay together


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