Before the arrival of my daughter, I was already reading about how to develop her potential to the fullest. I made my own flashcards and practiced in front of the mirror. I drew alphabets in big red block letters as advised by one author. I went to many parenthood fairs to check out the enrichment schools and range of books.

Finally my daughter turned 3 months old with better head control, my paranoid hubby allowed me to bring her out for classes. I went to at least 30 trial classes and signed up for 3 different schools. Many of my friends who have children often asked me for feedback and I earned the title of “Enrichment Queen” from my friends.

You must be thinking my daughter is now a genius of some sort. No! She is just like most kids and probably a little better in understanding. I made a big discovery when she turned 1 and was more interactive. She learned the most from the people she interacts with regularly. She performs perfectly with flashcards exercise done with me but her performance varies in school. Words I used with her are absorbed better than words learned in school.

Being a smart parent, I took her out of her classes and spend more time with her. It used to be a nightmare for both of us to spend an entire day together when we do not get each other and she developed a biting issue to vent her frustrations. Over the past few months, her behavioral issues improved and we understand each other so well it is now an enjoyment spending time with her.