Berlayer Creek Boardwalk: Coastal Mangrove Near Labrador Park For Your Next Hiking Adventure

Berlayer Creek Boardwalk guide

The weekends are a much needed respite after a long five days of hustling, and sometimes, all it takes is a little venture into the great outdoors to melt away your worries. However, if you would like to skip on jostling with others in a dense swarm of humans, Berlayer Creek Boardwalk is an underrated but beautiful and quaint eco boardwalk. 

This trail will take you all the way from Labrador Park MRT to the Sentosa waterfront, and is replete with rare and unique flora and fauna that you may be able to catch a glimpse of. Read on to find out what to expect:

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Walking the trail

Image credit: NParks 

Step out of Labrador Park MRT station and you will immediately be greeted with a sheltered pavilion, where you can treat yourself to a treetop view of Berlayer Creek before you commence your trail.

Berlayer Creek Boardwalk is actually one of three sections of the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, with the other being Alexandra Garden Trail and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. You can even access Labrador Nature Reserve from here. 

Flanked by dense mangrove foliage on both sides, the trail takes less than an hour to complete on average, with the level of difficulty being categorized as easy because of the relatively straight and smooth boardwalk. There will also be two spots along the way where you can stop to rest and chill.

The trail is also stroller and wheelchair friendly, so you can bring your whole menage down to immerse yourselves in nature. Do note, however, that cycling is prohibited, and cyclists are required to dismount and push their bikes throughout.

Flora and fauna at Berlayer Creek

Image credit: @culturestamps 

If you frequent nature reserves, you would be familiar with the long-tailed macaques that have called most of these places home. Berlayer Creek Boardwalk is no exception, and you might even find yourself up close and personal with them as they may be spotted scampering across or merely chilling on the railings.

Image credit: @rikkuerikku 

Other adorable animals to be spotted are the frisky squirrels, and even our cult-favourite otters soaking up the sun in the swamps.

L-R: Spotted Moon Crab, Coastal Horseshoe Crab
Image adapted from: @anchoredsc_ 

Look a little lower, search a little harder and you may find critters like the Spotted Moon Crab and the Coastal Horseshoe Crab lepaking in the mangrove swamps. The latter is not to be confused with a stingray!

Image credit: @leenuge 

Don’t miss the reptiles as well, whether it’s a small gecko perched upon a leaf or sizeable monitor lizards slinking about the marshes. 

L-R: Great-billed Heron, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Little Tern
Image adapted from: @jaimetpy, NParks  

Bird-watching has gained considerable traction in Singapore, attracting a steady pool of enthusiasts always on the lookout for birds flitting about. Whether they are majestic or petite, Berlayer Creek Boardwalk has no shortage of them, though it may take keen eyesight – or binoculars – and lots of patience to catch some of them.

Other fowl you may encounter include peacocks and even wild chickens.
Image credit: @sujasarathi

This boardwalk is also actually one of the two remaining mangroves in the South of Singapore. The three types of habitats here are namely mangroves, rocky shores, and mudflats, which are home to all sorts of unique vegetation.

Image adapted from: Ria Tan, balavenise 

You can spot the rare and endangered Bakau Pasir with its small eye-shaped leaves at the Berlayer Creek Boardwalk’s entrance. The Nipah Palm a.k.a. “plant of a thousand uses”, which attap seeds are used for desserts like ice kacang, can also be found while making your way around.

All in all, the area has recorded a total of 60 bird species, 19 fish species, and 14 mangrove plant species.

Visit Berlayer Creek Boardwalk

The most common entrance is via Labrador Park MRT Station, and those driving will also find a small coupon-based car park right outside the station. If, however, you would like to enjoy free parking, you can park at Carpark C in Labrador Nature Reserve instead, then find your way to Berlayer Creek Plaza to access the trail, where you would be starting from a different point.

There’re lots to see and take in at Berlayer Creek Boardwalk, whether it be animals in their natural habitat, or mangrove swamps that are not commonplace in most nature parks in mainland Singapore.

Getting there: Take the Circle Line and alight at Labrador Park MRT Station. Take Exit A to Berlayer Creek Boardwalk.
Address: Port Road

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Cover image adapted from: @xtrekkers, NParks

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