“You either like ice cream, or you are wrong.

Now that you’re wrong, you should go reflect on your life with some ice cream.

And that, my friends, is life summed up in a single quote.
For a long time, Ben & Jerry has been my only source of comfort when I lose my favourite bracelet (overly attached accessory owner), when I cannot find my favourite shirt (washing machine consumes clothes not detergent) and when my favourite shows end badly (what is wrong with you writers of Lost).
And now, the gods of ice cream have decided to be merciful and grant us an event to convert even the grumpiest little brats to beautiful rays of sunshine.

Cue the 2pm of 12th October on the most glorious Saturday of 2013 at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. 

Be part of the crowd raising their spoons for Chunkfest 2013! Admission is free!
Ben & Jerry celebrates peace, love and ice cream with 18 flavours available, of which 13 are exclusively flown in from the US for one day only. On top of the 13 flavours, there will be one new flavour Couch Potato and the remaining flavours are Singapore’s top sellers.
There will be fun and games with an evening movie screening afterwards. I personally am not leaving till I finish their milk & cookies supply.
Think you’re up for their Vermonster challenge? Check out the details and more updates! 
  • Time & Date: 2 – 10pm, 12th October
  • Location: Promontory @ Marina Bay


I will see you there scooping with bowls instead of spoons, and we will be the new level of ice cream eaters.