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6 Things Your Mum Got Right About Your Beauty Woes But You’re Still In Denial About

Beauty tips by Mum


It’s hard to imagine our mums as sweet young things that have an intimate knowledge of the beauty hacks of their day. Which is why we “switch-off” the moment they try to tell us what to do about our skin, hair, or anything to do with our life – even though they might be right. 

So we’ve nailed down 7 things about beauty that mum pointed out, but you die die also won’t admit she was right about


1. You break out because you touch your face too much 


mum beauty advice

You’ve some notoriously itchy fingers, but you just don’t realize how much you’ve been touching your face until mum politely reminds you (read: snaps at you) to stop resting your face on your hands at the dinner table: “Later pimple!

A few dark spots on your face later, you cover it up with concealer and refuse to admit it might be related. 


2.  Excessive manicures are making your nails brittle


chipped nails beauty advice

We sure hope chipped isn’t the latest nail trend.

You can’t stand your nails being the same boring colour. But consistent “over-polishing” and removing your nail polish actually dries your nails out and causes chipped, brittle nails.

Yet, besides mum nagging at you to stop going out for all those mani-pedis, there’s another solution. Add some flaxseed oil to your diet, which is full of essential fatty acids that will nourish your nails and make you the #nexttophandsmodel.


3.  Late nights are bad for your skin 


Whether you’re OT-ing or partying, Mother Nature doesn’t care if you’re demonstrating dedication to your work or your superior tolerance for alcohol. But your mother does – and she reminds you: Sleep so late, later you wake up with Shar Pei skin.

wrinkly skin beauty advice

Drinks, junk food and late nights will make your skin as wrinkly as this seal. 
Image credit: NaturePicsOnline

Tip: You don’t have to give up your nightbird lifestyle just yet. Turns out mum’s advice to eat your greens can save your skin. Add fruit and vegetables to your diet – these are rich in antioxidants and will fight the battle against ageing skin.


4. Your solution to weight loss isn’t another juice cleanse 


You’ve probably Googled “juice cleanses” at some point in an attempt to shed some weight and you’ve had to choose between kale juices or no-sugar lemonades for a week.

juice diet beauty tips

Credit: @pittsburghjuice

But mum just continues making your share of dinner, only because she knows that fad diets aren’t miraculous solutions to weight loss and she knows you’ve given up on Day 0 more times you can count. 

Her advice if you wanna shed those pounds? Load up on the fibre in your foods so you feel full faster and won’t be that inclined to stuff your face.


5.  Your “low-fat” diet is giving you dry and scaly skin


Low fat yogurt, low fat peanut butter, even low fat bubble tea – you’re sucked in by all foods of the reduced fat variety. But Mum’s hinted at it before: by eliminating all forms of fat from your diet, you may be jeopardising your skin, depriving it of the fats it needs to be glowy.

peanut butter apple beauty tips

Yes, you can continue drinking that bubble tea. Image credit: LiveStrong

Fats have got a bad rep, but there are both good and bad fats. Keep the good ones like omega-3s coming because your skin also needs to be moisturised from within!


6. You feel and look tired because you’re not eating your greens


You’re clocking the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, even sleeping in on the weekends, but you still feel like a zombie rising from the dead in the mornings.

sleepy cat gif

You at work. Image credit: GIPHY

The reason behind your constant exhaustion and fatigue could be more than just sleep deprivation. A diet lacking in folic acid has been linked to anaemia and can cause fatigue. 

Rev up your energy levels with dark leafy greens and even broccoli that are rich in folic acid. Mum’s had enough of your snooze alarms going off again and again every morning.


Beauty starts from within


When it comes to health and beauty, mum knows best. Whether it’s poor hair, brittle nails or a less-than-glowing complexion, her nagging is always in your best interest so that you always look and feel great.

But let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t have the time to heed her advice of eating well, sleeping well and popping half a dozen vitamins. 


Get healthier on-the-go with Superfood+Lady by Kinohimitsu


superfood+ lady kinohimitsu

However, there’s an easy one-stop solution which will give you a beauty boost – it’s the new Superfood+ Lady by Kinohimitsu. Because mother was right about the nutrients you put inside your body adding to your outward glow and beauty! 

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These are proven respectively to combat UTIs, improve stamina and keep your hair, skin and nails glorious. You can even get all 7 colours of food!

superfood+ lady kinohimitsu

Ladies, it’s a low-fat beverage with the fibre, calcium, iron and folic acid you need. No more “I can’t get up from bed” exhaustion when a monthly visitor arrives, and it’ll keep sickness at bay with a generous dose of antioxidants so you can be that #girlboss you were meant to be.

superfood+ lady kinohimitsu

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