This blog was triggered by a sentiment expressed by an old course mate of mine when I asked her upcoming June school holiday plans for her family…. her reply was “thinking of a short getaway…but don’t know where???”  Personally..I find that pretty amusing. Perhaps being an ex-S’pore Airlines stewardess, she could have travelled the region or the world and fatigued as such. But then again…the world as we know it, while made “small” by the proliferation of budget airlines and opening of routes , is certainly not that miniscule.

So I thought I take this opportunity to share some places that I visited in Asia (read: short trips) that are more than amazing. As booking of budget airlines tickets implies to a certain extent free-independent-travelling (FIT), I will include trusted local agents (I like to call them trip ambassadors) who will enhance your enjoyment of their respective country. I am not talking about the run-of-the-mill tour agencies offered trip itineraries. Rather trips that are customized to your whims…and yes.. the overall expenses for such tailor-made trips are slightly higher than packaged tours but you get value for money.

In this blog, I will highlight Bangkok , an ever popular destination. But a Bangkok, in a different light, a Bangkok not many know of,……If you do need further assistance or info…feel free to message me via the TSL message box or via the comments box.  I will do other blogs in future… Keep in view (^__^)//


Bangkok (Thailand) 


The Railway Marrket at Maeklong in Samut Songkhram province…. amazing “collapsing” market… I call it the “Transformers Market”..



Fruits vendor at Maeklong Railway Market



Pla Too (steamed mackerel in a basket)… unique dish at Maeklong Railway Market



Spice pastes vendor at Maeklong Railway Market… housewives best friend…Tom Yum soup is easier with her around…



Omega-3 supplier…eat your fishes….get smarter too…and probably live longer…



The superb Amphawa..some termed this venue Thailand’s 7th Wonders…a culinary adventure awaits you at this exotic place. The accessibility is not quite convenient…even locals find it inconvenient unless they have private transportation… best enjoyed when served by a local agent.


Certainly an exotic destination…



Missed having curry ? How about three types for you ?



Speed boat ride along Amphawa river



Sunset at Amphawa…bliss amid the chaos…



Gateway to the Maeklong Delta… an important eco-centre of the Thai Kingdom, providing vital marine food supplies and earnings 



The Maeklong mudflats…. yes, all this just a 2 hours ride from bustling Bangkok….



Don Hoi Lot



Watching expert local clams collector



Razor clams just caught from the mud

A highlight of the trip ..a hidden gem at Don Hoi Lot … a sandbank in the Maeklong Delta… where you can wade in knee-deep water to a sandbank to pick razor clams at low tides. Big tour agencies don’t usually conduct this trips… due to the logistical “nightmare” of waxing moon (high tide) and wanning moon (low tide). There’s a “razor clam kit renting stall” at the entrance. For a small fee, a little pail, sticks (something like satay sticks) and powdered lime, will be handed to you. The trick to catching the razor clams buried just below the sand banks is dip the sticks in powdered lime, trust it into the sand. The powdered lime “sours” the area around the hidden clams.. which will push itself out on to the surface, to escape the “sour taste”. Check out my little video here : http://youtu.be/H_1L5SBTVIo.



Floating market at Tha Ka Floating Village…not the crowded touristy floating market at Damneon Saduak…where 90% of tourists go. A more gentle affair here…. no need to content with crowds of jostling tourists (who are we then ? we are tour connoiseurs…lol)



Tha Ka Floating Village operates only on weekends and public holidays..perfect for small customised trippers.



Hungry ? lunch ?….. try al fresco waterside dining….



How about a Phad Thai? You can’t leave Bangkok without eating Phad Thai ! It’s like missing out on Pizza when in Italy 🙂



Wat Bang Kung…a unique temple overgrown by a Banyan Tree… amazing temple….


Our private transport


The above is above is just part of an amazing day trip out of Bangkok. And made only possible with the trusted and professional local tour firm – thailandattractiontours.com  (Contact khun Joe at joe@thailandattractiontours.com) . But don’t simply take my words… you check them out on Tripadvisor or various other social media. But as far as I am concerned…they’re Tops !

(Note: This is purely a happy customer singing praise of a tour firm and sharing great moments. He have no business interest with or in the company. Opinions expressed in this blog is purely the writer’s and not coerced. Situation , pictures, etc conveyed are subject to change due to life dynamics. Enough said 🙂 )