True blue Viet restaurants in Singapore


Authentic Vietnamese eateries in Singapore

Adapted from source: @randahlzw

Be it the flavourful, slurp-worthy broth in pho or the crisp flavours in spring rolls. One thing’s certain – Vietnamese food is highly addictive. It’s no wonder then, that we see the relentless openings of pho franchises all over the country.

And amidst the chain outlets, there are tons of hidden Viet food gems – many run by the Vietnamese themselves – whipping out versions of pho ga and bahn mi that are just as good as the ones you’d find in Vietnam.

So pho-rage ahead my fellow food fans, here are 12 authentic food joints who’ve gained the stamp of authenticity to curb your Vietnam withdrawal pho sure.


1. Saigon Jalan


It’s no secret that hawker stalls are selling grub way beyond the usual Singaporean staples. Enter Saigon Jalan, a humble hawker stall selling authentic Vietnamese dishes at wallet-friendly prices.

Bun Bo Hae, or beef pho, from Saigon Jalan

Source: @saigonjalan

You can’t go wrong with the classic Bun Bo Hae ($6) – or Vietnamese beef with thick vermicelli. Eat as the Vietnamese locals do and add an extra oomph to your soup – with an egg in your broth for only $0.50 more.

Address: 86 Whampoa Drive, #01-919, Singapore 320086
Opening Hours: 10.30AM-8.30PM (Mon-Sat), Closed on Sundays.
Telephone: 9239 8287


2. Moc Quan


Grilled pork shoulder from Moc Quan

Source: @xxchloeparkxx

Fun fact: “moc” means simple and “quan” means restaurant; and that’s exactly what this no frills joint is.

Here, freshness is assured – Moc Quan imports its ingredients from Vietnam on a weekly basis, and even have a whole traditional Vietnamese oven to bake their signature bahn mi in.

Vietnamese pancakes from Moc Quan

Source: @edenalow

Moc Quan takes the traditional Vietnamese fare one step further, serving up dishes reminiscent of a Vietnamese zi char. Savour the smoky hints of grilled pork shoulder in the Thịt Nướng ($11.90), or dig into Vietnamese pancakes stuffed with generous portions of mushrooms, prawns, pork and leafy veggies ($9.90+).

Address: UE Square Shopping Mall, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-23, Singapore 239917
Opening Hours: 10AM-9.30PM (Tue-Sun), Closed on Mondays.
Telephone: 6736 0123


3. Làng Nuöng Việt Nam


You’re probably familiar with Korean, Japanese, and Thai BBQ. But for your next BBQ fix, try getting your grill on at Làng Nuöng Việt Nam, the first traditional Vietnamese BBQ restaurant in Singapore.

Vietnamese charcoal BBQ at Lang Nuong

Source: @bunnydreamm

Serving up the famous street-style charcoal BBQ only found in Vietnam, here is one authentically Viet experience you that goes beyond your usual pho. The folks here marinate their meats with a blend of homemade Vietnamese sauces, packing an intense punch.

At $39.90 for a premium meat platter for 2, you’ll get a range of pork collar and belly, chicken thigh, fresh seafood and veg to grill to your heart’s content.

Address: 18 Foch Road, Singapore 209260
Opening Hours: 12PM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 9235 3548


4. PHO 99 Vietnamese Delights


The next time you’re in the CBD and looking to grab a quick, hearty lunch, head to PHO 99, a little Vietnamese restaurant tucked in a corner of Amoy Street.

Bun Thit Nuong from PHO 99

Source: @waiyan_l

Step out of your comfort zone and try the Bun Thit Nuong ($9), a popular noodle dish in Vietnam very much like a deconstructed rice roll. Think a large bowl of cold rice vermicelli noodles and fresh lettuce leaves, topped off with sliced BBQ pork, crunchy peanuts and tangy fish sauce dressing. Perfect for OLs watching their weight.

Grab yourself a glass of Trung Nguyen Vietnamese drip coffee ($2.20) to wash down the food coma after!

Address: 57, 58 Amoy Street Singapore 069883
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM (Mon-Fri), 10AM-5PM (Sat), Closed on Sundays.
Telephone: 6410 9600


5. Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant


Waitresses chatting to each other in Vietnamese and the heady scent of pho and spices in the air. This is Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant, an unassuming eatery tucked away in a corner of Joo Chiat that’s your ticket to tasting a legit piece of Vietnam.

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio from Long Phung

Source: @igsgfoodies

We’ve heard great things about the Pho Tai ($7)’s tangy, flavourful broth and their Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio ($8.50), a rice noodle dish topped off with grilled pork, spring roll and fish sauce.

Seafood supper at Long Phung!

Source: @lijinster

Tip: Come in a group and order some Viet-style fresh seafood like cockles, gong gong (conch) and clams (~$6). Pair them with a few pints of beer, and you’ll have a legit Vietnamese supper experience.

Address: 159 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427436
Opening Hours: 12PM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6440 6959


6. Viet Express


Sometimes less is more when it comes to restaurants. When there are just 5 items on their set menu, you know you’ve got no gimmicks or frills. The folks here know what’s good.

Set menu at Viet Express


Dry pho at Viet Express

Source: @ediblegarden

Usual soupy phos are available here, but we’d recommend you to mix it up a little by ordering the dry versions – smooth Vietnamese rice noodles loaded with fresh prawns, vegetables and chili sauce.

Set lunches cost $18 – a little steep even for the CBD area – but with 5 courses, fresh ingredients and vegetarian-friendly options, it’s well worth the extra bucks.

Address: 3 Pickering Street, China Square Central – Nankin Row, #01-34/35, Singapore 048423
Opening Hours: 11AM-3PM, 6PM-9PM (Mon-Sat), Closed on Sundays.
Telephone: 6536 9914


7. Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe


Nope, there’s nothing little about Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe. Tucked away near Paya Lebar, this joint is perfect for a hearty supper that will leave you with a full tummy.

Pho Tai from Little Vietnam

Source: @sharxlyxtan

You can’t go wrong with a warm bowl of Pho Tai ($6) – silky rice noodles with basil leaves to go with tender beef slices and beef balls.

Tom Xien Nuong - or grilled prawns - from Little Vietnam

Source: @sharxlyxtan

Seafood lovers will love the Tom Xien Nuong ($16), fresh grilled prawns marinated in a flavourful sauce.

Choose between a cozy air-conditioned area and an al fresco area – we recommend the latter for a true reenactment of Vietnamese street eating.

Address: 511 Guillemard Road, Grandlink Square, #01-25, Singapore 399849
Opening Hours: 12PM-11.15PM, Daily
Telephone: 6547 8587


8. Mrs Pho House


Vietnamese street graffiti at Mrs Pho House

Source: @thebigb3n

Opened by the same folks behind Mrs Pho, new kid on the block Mrs Pho House sports the same Vietnamese street style decor with graffiti on its walls. But this time, its menu comes with added seafood options for even more variety.

Quirky seafood at Mrs Pho House

Source: @jalanmedah

They may have given their seafood quirky names, like with the Love You Long Time “La La” ($10.90) and the Long Live “Gong Gong” ($10.90), but the grub here still retains the fresh flavours of Vietnamese harbours.

For those who like their Vietnamese fare old school, they whip up a mean bowl of Sliced Beef Pho ($8.90) too!

Address: 221 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218459
Opening Hours: 6PM-10.30PM (Wed-Fri), 12PM-10.30PM (Sat, Sun), Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Telephone: 9173 1083


9. Sandwich Saigon Cafe


Bahn mi from Sandwich Saigon Cafe

Source: @sweetsamsations

From the crispy baguettes that are baked daily down to the fresh meat fillings that are cooked by the owners themselves, Sandwich Saigon Cafe is the place for healthy Vietnamese food. Plus, you know you’re eating from pros when the lady boss’ family runs a banh mi factory in Vietnam!

Sink your teeth into the Saigon Special ($6.90) – a pork belly and ham sandwich that’ll transport your tastebuds to the streets of Saigon. Vegetarian-friendly options are also available in the form of the Mushroom & Tofu Sandwich ($6.90) and the Veggie Sandwich ($6.90).

Address: 93 East Coast Road, Singapore 428792
Opening Hours: 11.30AM-2.30PM & 5.30PM-10PM (Mon – Fri) & 11.30AM-10PM (Sat & Sun)
Telephone: 6345 3849


10. Huong Que Vietnamese Cuisine


Previously a tenant at Simpang Bedok, humble hawker stall Huong Que has now moved to Bedok North, dishing out comfort Vietnamese nosh at affordable prices.

Vietnamese braised pork from Huong Que

Source: @eileen_eats_alot

Pork Chop Rice from Huong Que

Source: @iampengchin

The Vietnamese Braised Pork ($5.50) here is cooked with coconut water and served in a claypot, adding a refreshing twist to the wok hei flavour. The Pork Chop Rice ($5.50) is also a great idea for a hearty meal.

Set meals are priced at $5.50. Add on $2.30 for Cha Gio Fried Spring Roll for a wallet-friendly lunch fix rich in traditional Vietnamese flavours.

Address: 204 Bedok North Street 1, #01-393, Singapore 460204
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 9877 4302


11. Madam Saigon


Drop by the next time you’re in town craving some crisp Vietnamese flavours. With a Viet chef at its helm and many years in the business, this is a place for trustworthy and original fare.

Platter from Madam Saigon

Source: @hapyjelybely

The Madam Saigon Delight Sampler ($38.50 for 5-6 pax large, $30.90 for 2-3 pax regular) – a platter consisting of chicken wings, spring rolls and fishballs on skewers – is perfect for groups. They’ve also got the Saigon Hotpot, with the fish option priced at $20.50 and the vegetarian one at $15.50.

Possibly one of the most vegetarian friendly joints out there, the waitresses will even go 1 step further to inform you of which dishes have fish-based sauces and which don’t!

Address: Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-26, Singapore 039596
Opening Hours: 11.30AM-4PM; 6PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6338 3831


12. Yummy Viet


You know a restaurant’s the real deal when their waitresses speak only Vietnamese – and just a bit of Mandarin. This unassuming restaurant along Chinatown Food Street used to be a hawker stall in Ghim Moh Market, before expanding to capture more business along the Chinatown stretch.

Pho from Yummy Viet

Source: @thefoodchapter

For a simple and hearty lunch, go pho the classic Sliced Beef Noodles ($9.50). With an aromatic broth that is not too greasy, this is a good choice for a midday pick-me-up. Complete your meal with some Fresh Summer Rolls ($3.20 for 2).

Address: Chinatown Food Street, 28 Smith Street, Singapore 0589420
Opening Hours: 11AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 6222 5191


Legit Vietnamese food in Singapore


You no longer have to travel all the way to Vietnam for your favourite pho kick. The restaurants here may not replicate the entire Vietnamese streetside experience, but they come real close in bringing authentic flavours to our own front doors. Gather your squad and head down to these Viet joints be-pho the crowds swarm in!