New restaurants to try in August 2018


New restaurants and cafes in Singapore - August 2018

Image adapted from: @_whatsuppunk

You just know that August 2018 will be a month filled with plenty of cheat days, thanks to the overload of new restaurants and cafes. But it’s too difficult to resist stuffing yourself silly when you’ve got the likes of a Japanese pancake parlour, Mexican taco joint, and Mr Men & Little Miss-themed cafe. Here are 20 new cafes and restaurants that are worth the extra 5 minutes at the gym:


– Cafes –


1. Kakuida’s


Kakuida's - Japanese donuts

Image credit: @crappysotong

There’s no guilt when buying Kakuida’s donuts in the dozens, because they’re made with kurozu (Japanese black vinegar) and Japanese rice powder. The latter has strong potential to be one of 2018’s newest superfoods, since it has a whole lotta benefits including relieving stress and breaking down cholesterol.

Try their Baked Donuts, which comes in flavours like Original, Chocolate, Matcha, and Sweet Potato. The Original is priced as $1.90 while others are $2.20. They also offer different teas and drinks made with – you guessed it – kurozu, like Japanese Cherry Blossom Sencha ($3.50) and Strawberry Cream Black Tea ($3.90).

Address: 12 Gopeng Street, #01-23 Icon Village, Singapore 078877
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 8AM-7:30PM, Sat: 8AM-5PM (Closed on Sundays) 



2. Five Oars Coffee Roasters


Five Oars Coffee Roasters

Image credit: @iris.nihao

There’s no shortage of aesthetically pleasing cafes lately, and Five Oars Coffee Roasters is the newest one to join the list. It’s got plenty of natural light streaming in, with leafy plants everywhere. Food-wise, their menu is mostly made up of brunch fare with dishes like Corn Fitters ($18), Crab Benendict ($21), and Cured Ocean Trout ($22.50).

Five Oars Coffee Roasters - Crab Benedict

Crab Benedict
Image credit: @alwayshungry.1

It’s situated in Tanjong Pagar which works if your office is in the CBD, but otherwise, it’s open for dinner too. Look forward to pasta dishes like Pancetta Carbonara ($17) and Duck Gnocchi ($21) or mains like Black Angus Burger ($21) and Steak Frites ($28).

Address: 39 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088462
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 8AM-10PM 



3. Isaac Toast


Isaac Toast

Image credit: @weeteck

I don’t know about you, but my toast usually comes hastily slapped together with butter and…not much else. With cult Korean chain Isaac Toast, toast is taken to the next level: they’ve got 12 fillings like Double Spicy Cutlet and Shrimp MVP Toast. Get a Set ($6.90) to pair your toast with a drink – choices include Americano, Cappuccino, or even a Strawberry & Banana Smoothie.

Address: 68 Orchard Road, #B2-42 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM-10PM 



4. Cafe Milligram


Cafe Milligram

Image credit: @cafemilligram_sg

Cafe Milligram is straight from Aussie, and they’ve made their Singaporean debut at Marina One to feed flocks of hungry office workers. If their menu here is anything like the one in Australia, their cafe fare is as delish as it is prettily plated. Try their Fruity French Toast ($14) which comes with butterscotch and nut brittle, topped off with a scoop of yoghurt gelato.

Cafe Milligram

Image credit: Cafe Milligram

They also do coffee, so if you’re in the CBD area and you need a pick-me-up, try their own house blend – it’s Organic Coffee with roasted beans from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Tanzania.

Address: 5 Straits View, #01-11 Marina One, Singapore 018936
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 7:30AM-9PM (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
Telephone: 6282 9611



5. Mr Men & Little Miss Cafe


Mr Men & Little Miss Cafe

Image credit: Eatbook

Whether you empathised more with accident-prone Mr Bump or the perfect Little Miss Sunshine, here’s another themed cafe that brings back fond memories of our childhood days. Mr Men & Little Miss Cafe is a pop-up cafe held at Kumoya till 30 September – and yes, the food and ambience are all designed like our favourite Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

Mr Men & Little Miss Cafe

Image credit: Eatbook

Most of the food here comes with local influence – for instance, Mr Bump Knock-out Nasi Lemak ($23.90) is essentially nasi lemak that’s been artfully plated in the shape of Mr Bump. The rice here is a blend of coconut and butterfly pea rice to give Mr Bump his signature blue shade, with toppings of spicy sambal tempura prawns, an onsen egg, and a potato croquette.

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Opening hours: Tue to Thu: 12PM-9PM, Fri to Sat: 12PM-10:30PM, Sun: 12-9PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 6297 3727 



6. Phoenix Lava


Phoenix Lava - Durian

Image credit: Eatbook

Much like liu sha baos, these durian-filled baos from Bangkok chain Phoenix Lava come oozing with creamy goodness. A box of 5 is priced at $18, but if you’re watching  your diet, then get the single bao for $3.80. They also have other flavours, like Salted Egg Lava ($3.50) and Japanese Sesame Charcoal ($3.50).

Phoenix Lava baos

Image credit: Eatbook

Boxes are also available unsteamed, so you can warm them up at home.

Address: 5 Raffles Place, #B1-32/33 Raffles Place MRT Station, Singapore 048618
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 10:30AM-9PM 



7. Homeground Coffee Roasters


Homegrown Coffee Roasters

Image credit:

When you’re at Homeground Coffee Roasters, you’re undoubtedly there for their coffee. They present up a fairly simple menu – with coffee classics like Black, White, Filter Coffee, and Cold Brew – but the flavours in the beans are nothing but complex. You’ve got the choice of two: Vanta, a blend from Brazil and Colombia, and Laz Esperanza, single origin from Colombia.

Homegrown Coffee Roasters

Image credit:

There are just 16 seats here, housed in a cosy industrial setting good for quick catch-ups. They’ve also recently paired up with Two Men Bagel House so Easties can satiate their bagel cravings here, with sandwiches like The Breakfast that’s filled with brekkie staples including a hash brown, fried egg, bratwurst sausage, and bacon strips.

Address: 475 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427682
Opening hours: Mon to Tue: 8AM-5PM, Thu to Fri: 8AM-5PM, Sat to Sun: 9AM-6PM (Closed on Wednesdays)
Telephone: 9027 2665 



8. Belle-ville SG


Belle-ville pancakes

Image credit: @estarmb

The ideal pancakes come jiggly and fluffy, and b’s don’t disappoint one bit. Go for their towering stacksat a staggering height of 4 or 8 pancakes. They’ve got a range of flavours like Mango, Matcha, or Mixed Berries but try their Millefeuille Pancake ($7.90/4 pieces) if you want gloriously cloud-like pancakes made from layers of meringue.  

Belle-ville pancakes

Image credit: @yyeo.reum

If you’re craving something more savoury, their Hot Sandwiches (from $7.20) with either Ham & Cheese or Potato Salad also make solid choices.

Address: 230 Victoria Street, #01-01B Bugis Junction. Singapore 188024
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 8AM-8:30PM”
Telephone: 6255 5456



9. Tai Croissant


Tai Croissant

Image credit: @jonasapproved

Unlike the classic French croissant as we know it, Tai Croissant comes with an imprint of a fish. But the pastry used is just as flaky and crisp as those from traditional croissants, glazed lightly with golden honey. These Taiwanese croissants have 10 different flavours, so take your pick from savoury flavours like Ham & Cheese and Cheesy Smoked Chicken or sweet ones like Matcha Red Bean or Apple Cinnamon.

Each croissant is priced at $4.30.

Address: 10 Tampines Central 1, #B1-K4 Tampines 1, Singapore 529536
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 6481 3920 



10. Cookie Mixx


Cookie Mixx

Image credit: @eatbooksg

Healthy cookies might sound like a walking contradiction, but at Cookie Mixx, their cookies have reduced sugar and no preservatives or colouring whatsoever. Priced at $6.90/100g, they offer 6 cookie bases including flavours like Earl Grey Tea, Milo Chocolate Chip, and Cranberry & Oats. You can also customise your own cookies (from $21), and add toppings like Belgian Chocolate Chunk and Organic Chia Seeds

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-70 ION Orchard Mall, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 9078 8350 



– Restaurants –


1. Sideways


Sideways restaurant

Image credit: @sidewayssg

Sideways is a tapas bar with Mediterranean flavours – interesting fact: they built their own wood-fired oven and almost everything they serve is wood-fire baked. Dishes like their Garlic Shrimps ($12), Pulled Lamb in Betel Leaves ($12), and Smoked Bone Marrow ($12) come strongly recommended for their burst of fresh but smoky flavours.

Address: 109 Rowell Road, Singapore 208033
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 10AM-10PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 6291 3441 



2. Claypots Full Circle


Claypots Full Circle

Image credit: @claypotsfullcircle

The claypots here aren’t like your traditional Chinese-style claypot rice. Instead, the seafood dishes Claypots Full Circle have a strong Mediterranean influence, with dishes like Cantabrian Anchovies and Padron Peppers.

Claypots Full Circle

Image credit: @claypotsfullcircle

Many of their claypots feature a medley of fresh seafood. Their Full Circle Port Arlington Mussels ($25) are steamed in a garlicky wine and tossed with herb butter. Surprisingly, the sauce is slightly spicy and well-suited to the Asian palate for that extra zing we so crave.

Address: 103 Amoy Street, Singapore 069934
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 10:30AM-12AM, Sat: 6PM-12AM (Closed on Sundays) 
Telephone: 6203 2203 



3. Mikkeller Bar


Mikkeller Bar

Image credit: @anjdrinkstothat

They’ve got a range of 20 odd different beers at Mikkeller Bar, meaning it’s craft beer galore. Down at their new home at Purvis Street, they’ve got 3 Singaporean exclusives to try: Bugis Brown, Prinsep Pilsner, Waterloo Wit. For those who need a bite to accompany their drink, they also do bar bites like Duck, Pork or Salmon Rillette, Garlic Chicken, and Smoked Eggplant Hummus.

Prices start from $8 for 200ml.

Address: 7 Purvis Street, Singapore 188586
Opening hours: Tue to Sun: 4PM-12AM
Telephone: 6677 7969 



4. House of MU


House of MU - meat platter

Image credit: @houseofmusg

Sharing platters at House of MU come spilling over with tender meat – their MUnster Platter ($138) brings in a huge array of meat choices from grilled beef to duck breast. It’s perfect for sharing between 3 to 4 people, and also comes with roasted veggies and a variety of dipping sauces.

House of MU - Dessert Platter

Image credit: @riins

If you can still muster the stomach space, then try their Dessert Platter (from $28), which comes loaded up with plenty of sweet treats including peanut butter ice cream, green tea macarons, creme brulee, and homemade dark chocolate sorbet.

Address: 11 Mohammed Sultan Road, Singapore 239010
Opening hours: Tue to Thu: 12PM-11PM, Fri to Sat: 12PM-12AM, Sun: 12PM-10PM
Telephone: 6732 1011 



5. Gyunion



Image credit: @gyunion

This Japanese gyu don (beef bowl) joint is halal, so everyone’s welcome to try their tender slices of marinated beef. Opt for their signature Gyu Don ($7.90) for a generous serve of beef on top of fluffy rice, or their Gyu Men ($8.90) which comes either dry or with soup. They also dish out Curry Gyu Men ($8.90) and a range of sobas.

Address: 91 Bencoolen Street, #01-23 Bencoolen Plaza, Singapore 189652
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 12PM-9:30PM
Telephone: 8755 0487 



6. The Communal Restaurant Bar


The Communal Restaurant Bar

Image credit: @deerontan

The Communal Restaurant Bar offers a mix of eclectic flavours – like many other fusion restaurants, they experiment with novel ingredients that turn out surprisingly complementary. They serve up dishes like Signature Dashi Risotto ($21) topped with enoki tempura, and Buttered Grilled Wild Sourdough ($6), crusty bread sprinkled with pistachios and thyme.

The Communal Restaurant Bar

Image credit: @stellolita

End off with their Brown Sugar Cheesecake ($12) – it uses basil oil and curry powder, to give the raspberry coulis a savoury edge.

Address: 3 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208582
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 12PM-4PM, 5PM-12AM
Telephone: 8768 8981 



7. Motsu-Ya



Image credit: @spoonerie

The same folks behind Nobu-Ya, a cosy izakaya that only opens for dinner, have now branched out with Motsu-Ya. Both are in Fortune Centre, but the latter offers affordable lunch options too. Try their Chirashi Don ($24.80) which comes with fresh sashimi like unagi (eel) and uni (sea urchin).

For cooked Japanese food, their Ginger and Miso Braised Chicken Guts and Vegetables ($7.80) is also a good choice since it comes seeping in braised chicken gravy and chunks of carrot and radish.

Address: 190 Middle Road, #02-05 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 11:30AM-2PM, 5:30PM-9PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 9772 0037 



8. Fat Po


Fat Po restaurant

Image credit: @julovessashimi

Fat Po’s by the same people behind Whisk & Paddle, but instead of the brunch fare we’ve come to expect, their menu has a tinge of Asian influence with skewers and rice bowls.

Fat Po - brunch

Image credit: @fatposg

We’re spoilt for choice with mains like the Angus Beef Bowl ($18.80) which comes loaded with angus ribeye and grilled king oyster mushrooms, and entrees like Fat Po Fries ($8.80) slathered in sabal, parmesan cheese, and furikake (dry Japanese seasoning).

The coffee here is local Nanyang kopi, with unusual flavours of gula melaka.

Address: 10 Tebing Lane, Singapore 828849
Opening hours: Mon to Thu: 12:30PM-11:30PM, Fri: 12:30PM-12:30AM, Sat: 11:30AM-12:30AM, Sun: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Telephone: 6244 4505 



9. Papi’s Tacos


Papi's Tacos - Mexican street food

Image credit: @papistacos_sg

There’s plenty of tasty nosh at Papi’s Tacos, a bar that serves up bite-sized Mexican fare. It’s a cosy space with just 16 bar seats, so make sure to drop by early.

Papi's Tacos - Mexican food

Image credit: @papistacos_sg

Their namesake – tacos – are set in house-made corn tortillas in sets of 2 or 3. Try their Tacos de Asanda (from $13) for a savoury blend of steak and tomatillo salsa. They also serve up other dishes like quesadillas and burritos .

Address: 39 Seah Street, Singapore 188395
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 5PM-12AM (Closed on Sundays)



10. Kinou


Kinou - ceviche bar

Ceviche – marinated raw fish or seafood
Image credit: @_chefjun

Kinou is a new joint that specialises in quirky cocktails and Peruvian ceviche. But their ceviche here isn’t all that traditional, since it comes a mishmash of fusion flavours. Try Kinou, Lost in Peru ($22) for fresh red snapper that’s been sprinkled with tomato and lime or Salmon, Hiding in Puerto Rico ($21) for salmon and coconut leche de tigre (classic Peruvian sauce)

Kinou - ceviche bar

Image credit: @larbitar

End off with Nadya’s Some Sort of Chocolate Dessert ($15) for a miso caramel parfait with chocolate mousse.

Address: 81 Tras Street, Singapore 079020
Opening hours: Mon: 11AM-3PM, Tue to Fri: 11AM-3PM, 4PM-12AM, Sat: 3PM-12AM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 6224 0463 



New restaurants and cafes in Singapore


The month of August 2018 comes with 2 public holidays – National Day and Hari Raya – and that means you’ve got plenty of time to explore new restaurants. From a Peruvian ceviche bar to a Mr Men & Little Miss-themed cafe, you’re sure to find a new Friday hangout spot from one of these openings.