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Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - Exclusive Member Deals

Anytime Fitness Members Now Get Exclusive Deals Called Purple Perks, More Motivation To Become Fitspo

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks – Exclusive deals for members

When it comes to keeping fit and active, different people are motivated by different things. Besides having access to a wide array of equipment, signing up for a gym membership unlocks a powerful motivator: the fact that you’ve already spent money on it, so you better stick to it and get the most value for your dollar. At Anytime Fitness, the incentives are kicked up a notch.

Not only are the outlets open 24/7 – as the name suggests – you’ll also gain entry into the exclusive Purple Perks club. Think of it as a bevy of deals that’ll ignite your willpower even more. From discounts on tech gadgets to nutritious food and supplements promos, here are the goodies that come inclusive of your Anytime Fitness membership:

Feel good with healthy F&B, wellness services & athleisure perks

The good folks at Anytime Fitness have struck partnerships with a number of businesses we know and love, translating to Purple Perks that will help gym members look and feel 10/10.

Anytime Fitness 24-Hour Gym Singapore
Image credit: Anytime Fitness

In order to slay your gym sessions, you’ll need to fuel your body with healthy and wholesome nosh. A helping of Amazin’ Graze’s nutritious snacks and breakfast staples will do the trick, and you won’t have to feel like you’re gnawing on tasteless rabbit food, either.

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - Amazin Graze
Image credit: @amazingrazesg via Instagram

Besides being totally guilt-free and made using all-natural ingredients only, their products come in yummy flavours like Hazelnut Black Forest Granola, Chocolate Banana Instant Oatmeal, and Thai Chilli & Lemongrass Hummus Chips. As part of Anytime Fitness’ Purple Perks, members get to save 10% off their Amazin’ Graze online order. Time to stock up the pantry shelves!

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - Optimum Nutrition
Image adapted from: via Instagram

Besides eating well, supplements are an integral part of keeping your health and physique in tip-top condition. Optimum Nutrition is a household name when it comes to protein supplements, and for good reason. Shop their extensive selection of protein shakes and powders, pre-workouts, and vitamins – and get 5% off at checkout.

When a gym outfit is not only comfortable to exercise in, but makes you look bomb, the workout just hits different. Fitmonkie has activewear catering to various modes of fitness activity, from chic swimwear to sturdy sports bras that can withstand even high-impact workouts like HIIT. 

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - Fitmonkie
Image adapted from: @fitmonkie.official via Instagram

Whether you’re a fan of simple colour palettes with intricate cutting or want vibrant shades and one-of-a-kind prints, there’s something to suit every style. Plus, Purple Perks nabs you 10% off all Fitmonkie apparel.

Alpha Chiropractic Clinic
Image adapted from: Alpha Chiropractic Health

While you get yourself fit and fab, don’t forget to take care of your body as well. Alpha Chiropractic Health has an exclusive deal for Anytime Fitness members: 50% off your initial consultation (U.P. $100).

If you’ve been procrastinating on getting that aching muscle or sore joint checked out, this is your sign. Subsequent adjustments also get slashed 22% off (U.P. $85), all thanks to Purple Perks.

Enjoy savings on SONY gadgets & GetGo car rentals

Getting in shape, adopting a more active lifestyle, and just living more healthily tends to make a person feel like a million bucks. To further inspire you to live your best life, Purple Perks also has tech and lifestyle benefits for members to take advantage of.

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - Sony Earpiece
Image credit: SONY

What’s a workout without your Beast Mode playlist to spur you on, right? Feel the bass thump alongside your elevating heart rate with SONY’s highly-rated audio gear. You’ll get to save an additional 10% off your SONY headphones or earphones purchase on the Sony Online Store, on top of any existing discounts. 

Anytime Fitness Purple Perks - GetGo
Image credit: GetGo

Be it zipping to and fro your gym sesh or heading around town, a GetGo car rental comes in handy to beat the train and bus crowds. If you’ve yet to hop on the bandwagon, you’ll be pleased to know that the Purple Perks deals include $15 off your first GetGo booking. Users, both new and existing, can also get 10% off their GetGo Time Charge

Gym membership with lots of benefits – Anytime Fitness Purple Perks

A gym membership is an investment. But when it comes to your body, your health, and in turn, your quality of life, it’s clearly an investment you’ve got to make. With Anytime Fitness’ Purple Perks, the decision becomes easily justified. After all, the exclusive deals and savings all add up.

Besides the benefits we’ve mentioned, other Purple Perks include free healthy meals from Bamboo Bowls, discounted plant-based ice cream from Kind Kones, and 20% off Thips – AKA tempeh chips.

Anytime Fitness Gym Outlets In Singapore
Image credit: Anytime Fitness

Like your gains, the list of Purple Perks is just gonna grow. Make sure to sign up for an Anytime Fitness membership early to stay ahead of the pack, and be the first to kope new deals as they come in. As they inch closer to a whopping 100 outlets islandwide, it won’t be difficult for aspiring fitspos to find an Anytime Fitness gym in Singapore.

Find out more about Anytime Fitness’ Purple Perks

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Cover image adapted from: GetGo, @amazingrazesg & @fitmonkie.official via Instagram