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Tiger Beer for less than $2 per can

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We’ve always longed for the convenience of Amazon, and boy, were we excited when we heard about the launch of Amazon Prime Now in Singapore last year. No surprises that online shopping is convenient, but when there’s 2-hour delivery? Now that’s how it should be in 2018. And here’s a major plus point: some of the items found on Amazon Prime Now are cheaper than their supermarket counterparts.

Whether you’re out of toilet paper or craving an ice-cold beer, here are 6 useful things you probably didn’t know you could get straight from Amazon Prime Now.


1. Meiji Fresh Milk


Meiji Milk for breakfast

Image credit: @shanefoodarchive

A carton of milk undeniably falls under fridge staple status, especially when you’re adding it to your coffee or cereal. UHT milks are good and all, but nothing beats a glass of fresh, cold milk. But, one problem: their tight expiration dates and speedy tendency to spoil.

Since Amazon Prime Now delivers fresh milk straight to your doorstep, you can just get your Meiji Fresh Milk ($2.48 for 946ml, $5.70 for 2L) whenever you need it. Don’t hastily buy your milk because you’re already out grocery shopping; get it online only when you need it so you wouldn’t have to throw out a half-empty carton.


2. Fujifilm Instax Film


Frozen Fujifilm Instax Film

Frozen-themed Fujifilm Instax Film. Image credit: @bartolomeging

Some claim that polaroids hold more sentiment than a regular Insta-snap. Perhaps mildly irritated sentiments like “my face is cropped out” and “you blinked!”, but memorable sentiments nonetheless. We might prefer snapping spontaneous photos, but no one wants to be in the middle of a special moment only to find out that you’re out of film.

Designs like Frozen for your Fujifilm Instax camera

Image credit: Amazon Prime Now

Of course Amazon Prime Now carries a range of Fujifilm Instax Film, but we’re more impressed that there’s a whole lotta themes: from designs ranging from Frozen ($17.90) to Beauty and the Beast ($17.90). Cool effects like Mini Stained Glass Film ($15) and Monochrome ($16.90) are also making their rounds.


3. Philips Light Bulb


All the light bulbs you can buy on Amazon Prime

Much like the old joke goes – how many people does it take to change a light bulb, ha ha – we can say that it simply takes one when you’ve got Amazon Prime Now. Simply unscrew the blown bulb to find the model type and wattage, and order a new one from the comfort of your couch. 

Also, don’t stand precariously on the edge of a sofa or dining chair – or gasp, dining table. Invest in a ladder. It’s $39.90 for a 3-step ladder, and when you order it from Amazon Prime Now, you won’t even have to lug it home with you.


4. Fresh fruit like blueberries and bananas


Fresh fruit like blueberries from Amazon Prime

Image credit: @isabeleats

Fresh fruit might not be your first thought when it comes to online shopping, but on Amazon Prime Now, blueberries go at $3.50 for 125g. This is a massive steal because they’re usually $6 per punnet at physical supermarkets, and are still pricier there even when on sale.

If you’re not up for blueberries, Amazon Prime Now also offers a whole bunch of other fruits – like bananas, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, and grapes. Basically, there’s a selection similar to the fruit section of any regular supermarket, minus the hassle of queuing and carrying.


5. Kleenex Toilet Paper


Toilet paper from Amazon Prime

Image credit:

Toilet paper is the ultimate necessity but it’s also a huge pain to buy – especially during peak-grocery shopping hours when it’s super crowded. Fork out $6.95 for 10 rolls of Kleenex Clean Care or $13.45 for 20 rolls on Amazon Prime Now – that works out to less that $0.70 per roll.


6. Tiger Beer


An ice-cold Tiger Beer from Amazon Prime

Image credit: @_dlmy

In any type of potluck situation, we’ll be the first ones to volunteer some chips and dip since they’re the lightest and easiest to carry. Heck, we’ll even chuck in some Greek Tzatiki dips[a], as long as we’re not in charge of drinks. No matter what type of shindig, all party-goers out there know that drinks are the worst.

Cut your guests some slack and cover the drinks. Since Amazon Prime Now delivers alcohol, you can easily buy a stash of 30 Tiger Beer Cans for just $58.50. If there’s no time to chill them first, there’s an ice-cold pack of 10 Cans for $22.10.


Get a $10 discount on Amazon Prime Now with DBS/POSB cards


Use your DBS/POSB cards for promos and discounts

Image credit: DBS

Here’s a promo for all you DBS/POSB Cardmembers out there: get $10 off your Amazon Prime Now order from now till 31 March 2018. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new* or existing^ shopper – you can use it on whatever you need. You’ll need an Amazon Prime membership to place orders on the Prime Now app. After all, there’s a 30-day free trial so you have every reason to give it a try.

After the free trial, an Amazon Prime Now membership is priced at $2.99/month (U.P. $8.99/month), and perks include access to Prime Video, the Amazon video streaming service, and Twitch Prime their popular social video community for gamers.

New shoppers – Promo Code: ‘NEWDBS10’ with min. spend of $40 on first order*
Existing shoppers – Promo Code: ‘DBS10’ with min. spend of $80^
*Limited to first 10,000 redemptions
^Limited to first 4,000 redemptions, valid once for each shopper
Valid till 31 March 2018 or when fully redeemed

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