9 White Sneakers From The New STAR 360 Flagship Store That Will Go With Any Outfit

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White sneakers from STAR 360


STAR 360

In a post-Stan Smith world, white sneakers have taken over the sidewalks. After all, white sneakers pair well with everything in the closet: monochromes, neutral tones, and even a dapper suit!

Their versatility makes them a must-have in any wardrobe, especially if you’re gunning for that hypebeast aesthetic that’s all the rage now. To get in the action, head to STAR 360’s flagship store at Suntec City West Wing (near Convention Center) and take your pick from over 100 models from brands like Nike, PUMA, and adidas. We’ve sussed out 9 sneakers so that choosing your solemate will be yeezy as 1, 2, 3.


- For Him -


1. adidas Deerupt Runner


STAR 360 - adidas Deerupt Runner close up

Those on Team #fitspo will be familiar with the pain of lugging around a pair of workout shoes and a pair of “going out” shoes every time you’ve made plans post-exercise. To eliminate this mafan-ness, get the adidas Deerupt Runner ($170) which is covered in ultra-flexible mesh, so you’ll have added cushioning when you run on a track or for the bus.

STAR 360 - adidas Deerupt Runner full outfit

Since the shoes are versatile, you can pair them with athletic wear like shorts and a basic tee, and still look presentable enough for a lepak session.


2. Spingle Move SPM-105


STAR 360 - Spingle Move SPM-105

Sure, stylish shoes are pleasing to the eyes but comfy shoes? Those are pleasing to my feet aka the ones doing the heavy work. To get that perfect match of style and comfort, spring for the made-in-Japan Spingle Move SPM-105 ($289) which is exclusive to STAR 360.

The shoes are handmade wholly from calf leather which is famous for its durability, and softness. So you could get a mileage of up to 5 years with just this one pair, making it a great investment.

STAR 360 - Spingle Move SPM-105 close up

But let’s talk about now. Since these shoes are more smart-casual, complete the look with long pants that have an earth-tone, and a white dress shirt to make the kicks stand out even more.


3. adidas Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit


STAR 360 - adidas Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit

The mark of a hypebeast is a pair of shoes with thick outsoles to give the beast his swagger. If you’re looking to stand out from the pride, get the adidas Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit ($170) which has a tyre-inspired outsole - a design unique to adidas. For those who have trouble tying their laces fast, these shoes will cut their prep time by half as they have a soft-knitted upper which makes them stretchable enough to just slip your feet in.

STAR 360 - adidas Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit outfit

Of course, to put the hype in the beast, be sure to complete your ensemble with a pair of joggers, with stripes running down the side, and a hoodie. 


4. Patrick Puger


STAR 360 - Patrick Puger closeup

A lil bit of monochrome never hurt anyone but if you’d like to add some contrast to your white shoes without going full My Chemical Romance, the Patrick Puger ($249) - which is exclusive to STAR 360 - balances just the right amount of blacks and grays.

STAR 360 - Patrick Puger with outfit

This juxtaposition of colours makes it perfect for adding some sophistication to your streetwear. So you can refine the classic tee and jeans combo by topping it off with a long coat. These made-in-Japan shoes also have extra cushioning, so you can strut the streets in comfort.


5. PUMA Match 74 Aran FM


STAR 360 - PUMA Match 74 Aran FM

If you’re a traditionalist who prefers classic, pared-down sneakers, the PUMA Match 74 Aran FM ($170) will be right up your alley. The shoes have a clean silhouette which makes them perfect for casual, everyday use. 

STAR 360 - PUMA Match 74 Aran FM closeup

The shoe’s design incorporates elements of classic tennis shoes like the small holes on the side and a stripped cable knit tongue, reminiscent of tennis wristbands.


- For Her -


6. Patrick Punch Pop 17


STAR 360 - Patrick Punch Pop 17 closeup

We all have 2 sides to our personalities - a fact that’s hard to bring forth in our clothing as we either dress one way or another. If you’re someone who has a cheeky side beneath the innocent exterior, the Patrick Punch Pop 17 ($269) - designed by STAR 360 - is perfect for letting that duality shine through.

An embroidery of someone winking tops the toe cap which adds a ton of personality to these conservative shoes.

STAR 360 - Patrick Punch Pop 17

To reflect that in your outfit, incorporate multiple layers in unique ways. For example, you could wrap your flannel shirt around your waist, and top it off with a cap and cardigan to instantly achieve an edgier look.


7. adidas Prophere


STAR 360 - adidas Prophere closeup

If you’re constantly spamming IG with #gameoftones posts, the adidas Prophere ($180) will give you additional ammo for the next 2 months. As you marvel at the shoe, you’ll notice intricate details like the embossed embroidery, and the pops of colour in the fabric which create a mélange effect.

STAR 360 - adidas ProphereTo give this beauty the attention it deserves, top off your outfit with a dark bomber jacket.


8. PUMA Basket Heart Patent


STAR 360 - PUMA Basket Heart Patent closeup

Glossy shoes always add pizzazz to a boring outfit but it’s hard to find one that isn’t a ballerina pump or oxford. Well, if you’re up for a fresh new look, the PUMA Basket Heart Patent ($139) will achieve just that with its glossy finish and hugeee lace.

STAR 360 - PUMA Basket Heart Patent

But you don’t need to dress loudly to match up to these loud shoes. Just wear a plain white tee with joggers, and you’ll effortlessly achieve the hypebae look.

Pro tip: Wear red joggers to match the red aglets of the shoe.


9. Nike Air Max Thea


STAR 360 - Nike Air Max Thea closeup

Fun fact: ladies’ shoes are a lot narrower than men's shoes. While this helps their shoes achieve a stylish, contoured look, it usually comes at the expense of comfort as there’s no space left for cushioning. Well, Nike Air Max Thea ($159) solves that problem by having a foam sole with Air Max technology, making the shoes heavily-cushioned but still light.

STAR 360 - Nike Air Max Thea

To get the most out of this cushioning, use Thea as the base for your athleisure outfit as you swap out your joggers for jeans after spin class.


Get your kicks at STAR 360's new flagship store at Suntec City


STAR 360 flagship store

It’s always hard to choose where to buy your shoes from. Buy it a brand’s outlet, and you're limited by the same style and cutting. Buy it from a multi-brand retailer, and you’re limited by the number of models for each brand.

STAR 360 flagship store interior

At STAR 360’s newest flagship store in Suntec City, West Wing (near Convention Center), you can find over 100 shoe models from over 10 brands like PUMA, Patrick, and Birkenstock, so you don’t have to worry about a dearth of options here. And you’re shopping for a whole new look, top to bottom, the store also sells tees, bags, and caps from the likes of Herschel and Volcom.

STAR 360 flagship store opening event

To know more about STAR 360’s new store, head to their opening event on Saturday, 14th April 2018 where loads of deals await you like:

  • Free shoe customisation by top sneaker customiser, Mark Ong and his Sabotage team, for any footwear purchase made that day 
  • 15% storewide from 1PM to 5PM

Find out more about STAR 360 here!

This post was brought to you by STAR 360.

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